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***TWO PPV Prediction League V - Backlash 2006*** [With Prize!]

Guest MrFill

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Guest MrFill

What are the rules?


Go to the Prediction Page, and log in using your TWO USERNAME AND PASSWORD. From there, choose your predictions from the drop down list provided, and submit them. If you've changed your password since you first created your Predictions account, then you'll have to remember your old password.


I've lost my password, what should I do?


Send a PM to me (MrFill) and I'll reply with will your password, or change it to whatever you request.


What are the changes?


Nothing major changed for 2006, just that we're adding more "miscelleanous" questions.


Remember, the Who and Who works like this:

You will get 1 point for every person who is correct.

You will lose 1 point for every person you choose over the number of people in the result.

e.g. La Resistance vs Edge & Chris Benoit at Taboo Tuesday 2004:

If you selected Rob Conway and Chris Benoit, +2 points.

If you selected Rob Conway and Edge, +1 point for Conway.

If you selected Sylvan Grenier and Edge, 0 points.

If you selected Rob Conway, Sylvan Grenier and Edge, +1 point for Conway, -1 point for 1 too many people chosen, therefore 0 points.

If it's a 6 man match and you choose all 6 people, then you can end up losing 2 points for this, so do so at your own peril.


Also, you get one account for the predictions. There will be NO merging, so for the best chance of victory, use the same account. If you change your TWO password, your Prediction password will NOT CHANGE. If you decide to change your username, then your predictions total will be "split" between the 2 usernames, so do this at your own choice, because they WILL NOT be combined. Get that? They WILL NOT be comined.


I logged in with the wrong username


When you go into the Predictions system it tells you at the top of the page who you are logged in as - if it's wrong then there's a Logout link.


What events will it cover?


All the scheduled WWE events this year, plus any WWE PPV events that are announced.


Is there a prize?


You're damn right there is skippy, and Mr. Fill, 2004's winner, took home a copy of the ECW Rise and Fall DVD. The winner gets to pick their prize from the Prizes page.


As Fill himself says:

I was surprised as I wasn't expecting to win anything, but the prize was fantastic, and it was sorted really quickly - Kam is teh Man!

The 2005 winner was The Wolverine, here's what he had to say:

And where's the mention of the champion (who incidentally is MUCH sexier than Chris2K)? I'm just going to have to come back and beat you losers ... again :)


I will miss (PPV) because I am on holiday. Can I get someone else to choose for me?


No. It's your own fault for missing a PPV. How incredibly insulting of you to go on holiday.


What do the scores on the leaderboard mean?


The points total is how many points you have accumulated over the prediction season. The 'PPV' count is how many PPVs you have predicted. The percentage is the overall percentage of correct predictions you have made.


I win! I had the highest percentage of correct predictions!


That's nice for you, now please, shut up and go away.


I have a problem with the counting of my total, as I believe I wasn't given points I should have been.


Ask - if something is wrong with the scoring, then I'll have to check on the results as it could be effecting everybody.


P.S. You shouldn't have got them anyway.


I have a problem with the counting of my total, as I believe I was given points I shouldn't have been.


Don't be so damned honest, but if you really want, I can remove points just from you. OK, so I won't, but it sounds good.


Should I announce my participation and successful predictions input?


NO! Nobody needs to know that, so please save this thread for problems and after-show comments.


I have an idea for an additional question, what should I do?


As long as you think of it before Saturday Morning, just put it in this thread - if it's a good enough question, it'll be added.


Thank you for running the predictions MrFill, you are a true inspiration to myself and a hero amongst men.


I just created the system, OK, so it took LOTS of work, years of upgrades, and hours of back-breaking pain, but we like it. Chris2K deserves some of the credit for starting it at TWO.


One final thing - good luck :).


The Prediction Page

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Guest MrFill

New questions added - some "other" ones which aren't related to the actual matches.


Remember, go update your predictions if you've not seen the "Other" questions. :)

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Guest SuperKick Kid

I'm surpirsed this hasnt been suggested. How about, Will DX be reformed?


or something along the line of DX reforming.

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If HHH comes out to "Bow Down to the King" to start with, and then it switches to "The Game", would that count as "Other"?
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Guest MrFill
If HHH comes out to "Bow Down to the King" to start with' date=' and then it switches to "The Game", would that count as "Other"?[/quote']

You'll notice that the question has checkboxes, so you can select both.


BUT, remember that if he only comes down to one, you'll lose a point for over-selecting. But, if he does come down to both, then you'll get the extra point that most people won't get. :)

how about adding 'Will Matt Striker interfere in Carlito's match?' and or Haas in RVD-Shelton?

Good ideas. I'll be adding them. :)

How many extras?! :lol

As many as people want to come up with - pretty much. I'll gague when it should be enough.

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Guest MrFill

And the last lot of questions have been added - I think that's quite enough now. :)


So, get predicting people - I won't bother with the list yet as I'll be the only person with the right number of predictions.

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