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November 24th - £150

Guest Andrew

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So just been doing a few rounds on the Internet and came across this from Gamesradar.com.


Wii will be released in the UK by 24 November and will carry a £149 price tag, according to reports by trade publication MCV.


The article, which appeared this morning at http://www.mcvuk.com, states an estimated timeframe for the arrival of the diddy machine, while also giving a fairly definitive statement of what the price of Nintendo's motion-sensitive console will be. MCV gives no clue as to whether the date and price revelations are based on anything more than its own unsubstantiated guesswork, though.


Nintendo has already announced a Wii event will take place on 15 September - next Friday - in London, where it is expected to finally reveal specific Wii launch details.


At the time of writing Nintendo was unavailable for comment, but we'll be hounding them for a response to this breaking news, so keep your eyes on GamesRadar.


Then in a seperate article....


The Wii console will not support DVD playback when it launches later this year, according to Nintendo's official site. This comes despite DVD playback previously being listed as a feature of the new console. But, in all fairness, does anybody care?


At the predicted price of £149, Wii is likely to be the perfect accompaniment to your other games console which, of course, has DVD playback as standard. And with standalone entry-level DVD players now shifting for less than 30 notes, picking up a player and a Wii console would cost you less than half the amount of shelling out for a PS3 next March.


So it looks like it's going to be November 24th and a price tag of £150 which is fantastic in my opinion. We will have to wait till this coming Friday before it's 100% official but wow. Great news. I shall be buying one.

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They're definitely not right," says Nintendo UK boss

Nintendo UK boss David Yarnton has told GamesIndustry.biz that reports the Wii will retail for GBP 149 and will be in shops shortly before November 24 are "definitely not right".

The claims, which appeared in an article by trade publication MCV, are "only speculation, and definitely not fact," according to Yarnton.

"They're not far off, but they're definitely not right," he told GI.biz.

As previously announced, Nintendo is holding a Wii press event in London next Friday, where it is set to reveal the official price point and launch date for the console.

"We will be announcing more details then," Yarnton confirmed.


Hmmmm........Perhaps this is just a ploy to promte the press conference?

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Guest Marshall Mac D

nah i aint paying out for a wii nor a ps3 im sticking with my 360 what does the job for me plus i seen the wii controls a remote and something else nah

as always the wii will get 3rd place

Edited by Paul
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Guest Anime Otaku
So by the sounds of it they are probably talking about a late November or early October relase then. Should be some pretty inventive games so long as it's easy enough to develop games for.
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I doubt it will cost £150 here. I mean a DS Lite is £100 and that has some of the worst graphics ever(well big games like king kong etc). The other thing is that things like games consoles get taxed a lot when they come over here and thus get a higher price.
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I doubt it will cost £150 here. I mean a DS Lite is £100 and that has some of the worst graphics ever(well big games like king kong etc).

I think the phrase "clearly insane" will have to become a good desription for you.


King Kong on the DS:



ET on the Atari 2600:



You did say "ever", and ET was a HUGE name game.

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