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Damn it... this is one of THESE films. Just an absolute classic. I remember the first time I saw it... a good three years ago, I was lying in bed and was channel hopping when the crazy old man who narrates was talking right at the beginning. It caught my attention through the cheesy delivery and unusual tongue-in-cheek dialogue. I continued to watch and knew there was love as soon as good ol' Tim Curry stepped out in that fantastic get-up (of course the Time-Warp had me hooked but that song deserves a thread to itself). Damn it by the end, at maybe three in the morning, I was stunned, shocked and generally amazed by the sheer brilliance I had just been honoured with. My life, never to be the same again, changed for the better. Indeed, I can't highly enough reccommend this classic piece of work ! !



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Guest Bluestiger99
Me and a group of friends went to a local semi-production as well and dressed up. Not to mention bringing the rice, squirt guns, and all the other fun props.
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Well, considering it's my favourite film EVER, I love it! All the characters are fantastic-Susan Sarandon is ever so sweet as Janet and looks so young! My favourite part is Hot Patootie, gives me goose bumps!!!


A great page is http://www.rockyhorror.com/participation which is on the official site, and has all the participation things and even detils on the tours of the stage show(bear in mind,these links are mainly for US tours)-which one day, I WILL go to, and I'm dressing as Magenta!!!

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There is a cinema near me which has played this film every Saturday for the last 20 years. I have seen it about 47 times.


I have never seen it in the cinema but would love to. I know a lot of places showed it on the 20th (or was it the 25th, I don't quite remember) anniversary of the film though.

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Guest Ro_y Disco
now Im damned sure thsi is a populer film on the forums! Tim Curry as atransvestite from Transexual, Transelvania...you have to love it.


Anyone else?


When Eddie said he didnt like his teddy you knew he was a no good kid....


It's a great film, although I probably don't love it as much as the people who have already posted! It's both camp and cheesy- but not in the fact that they tried to make a good film and failed, but that was how it was meant to be, and you can really appreciate the effort they put in to achieve that.


The best song is Time Warp (obviously), followed by Dammit Janet- which is just hilarious to watch on screen and just as entertaining a song on my MP3.

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Guest Jimmy Redman
I saw it for the first time well over a year ago at my friends' house, and to be honest it freaked me out. Then I saw it a few more times and grew to love it. So, i love it.
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