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***Official SmackDown Discussion Thread - September 29th, 2006***

Guest FreeSpirit

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Guest FreeSpirit



SmackDown and CW deliver more action

September 29, 2006


Last week, SmackDown made its debut on the new CW Network in grand style. What’s in store this week on the show that’s changing Friday nights?


Historic Six-Man Tag Team Match

When WWE Champion John Cena made a special visit to SmackDown to thank General Manager Theodore Long for his contract offer, he never could have guessed that he would be involved in an epic Six Man Tag Match in just the second week of SmackDown’s run on CW. However, SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long decided to cash in on Cena’s “I owe you one” and history will in fact be made next week. For the first time ever on SmackDown, the WWE Champion, Cena, will step into the same ring as the World Heavyweight Champion, King Booker. Cena’s partners will be Batista and Bobby Lashley, while King Booker will have his Royal Knights Extraordinaire, Sir William Regal and Finlay, behind him. This match features more sub-plots than an episode of 24. The champions of RAW and SmackDown will do battle. King Booker will meet his opponent at No Mercy, No. 1 Contender Bobby Lashley, who has been an absolute wrecking machine of late. Batista and Finlay will square off before their No Mercy match-up as well, just two weeks removed from Finlay’s skull-bashing of The Animal, which Batista avenged by tossing Finlay into the stands last week. Who will make the biggest statement with just one week until No Mercy? Will there be even more surprises when the champ of RAW comes to meet the King of SmackDown?


Survey Says: Family Feud Rages On

Although they did battle last week, the family feud between Rey Mysterio and Chavo Guerrero is far from over. With Mysterio looking more focused than ever and seemingly having put the deception and betrayal of former friends Chavo and Vickie Guerrero behind him, he pummeled Chavo into the stands and on the cold concrete arena floor. The confrontation barely qualified as a match – Guerrero and Mysterio may as well have met in the parking lot and brawled bare-knuckle style. This will be the last time either man can make a statement heading into their match at No Mercy. Will Chavo regain his psychological edge? Is Rey Mysterio back and mentally healthy for real this time?


Redneck Debut in Oklahoma

We also learned last week that the redneck known as Jimmy Wang Yang will make is in-ring debut when SmackDown rolls into Tulsa, OK. Who will his opponent be? What sort of backwater stunts can we expect from the country bumpkin?


Streaks On The Line

Will The Miz continue his undefeated streak and move to 5-0? Will WWE Tag Team Champions Paul London and Brian Kendrick have yet another obstacle to overcome in their grueling reign?


Find out on SmackDown, Friday night at 11pm on Sky Sports 3.


I'm looking forward to seeing the WWE Champion and the World Heavyweight Champion on opposing sides in this huge 6 man tag match, Should be an interesting match.


Also excited to see Jimmy Wang Yang's SmackDown debut (yee-haw), and to see what other matches (if any) are made for No Mercy.

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......or 8/7C on the CW Network.


Conf. Matches/Events


The Debut of Jimmy Wang Yang


6-Man Tag:

The King's Court (King Booker, Finlay, & Sir William Regal) Vs. Batista, Lashley, & John Cena


"The Miz" In Action


What do they mean about it being Chavo & Rey's last chance to make a statement before No Mercy? Correct me if I'm wrong, but wouldn't that be next week?

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Guest big pappa pump

Got this of another forum. Enjoy.





Just got back from the show tonight in Tulsa, Ok. All I can say is wow. All in all it was the best wrestling event I've ever seen live. I took a few notes but most of this is from memory so bare with me.


Dark Match: Gregory Helms vs Scotty 2 Hotty

Decent opener, the crowd was very hot. Scotty goes for the worm, but gets caught with a shining wizard by Helms for the win.


JBL and Cole come out with JBL still playing the heel, throwing up Longhorn signals to get heat. And Smackdown starts.


Opening Segment showing what happened with the "Royal Court" attacking Cena on Raw. Immediatly Cena's music hits (no opening pyro!) and he comes out to 99.9% cheers. Cena talks about how tonight he has backup in the form of Lashley and Batista and will kick Booker's ass.


Match 1: Rey Mysterio vs Elijah Burke

Turkai (Sp?) was ringside the entire match. Pretty good match with Mysterio hitting the 619 and a huracanrana for the win. After the match Turkai stares down Mysterio then destroys him. Rey is left laying in the ring as Burke and Turkai go to the back.


Match 2: Pitbulls vs Idol & Stevens for Tag Team Title shot at No Mercy

Not much high flying in this one. Basically it was a brawl, with the Pitbulls working their new "stiff" style. Idol & Stevens get the win after Michelle McCool interfered and will face London and Kendrick at No Mercy.


Up next was a segment with Kennedy in the ring with memorial wreaths, he says Undertaker's legacy is unmatched and basically said he respects the Taker. Taker comes out to his wicked entrance and stares down Kennedy. Kennedy's mic sparks like it electricuted him thanks to Takers "magic". Kennedy cowers outside the ring for a while, then goes back in to get knocked back out by Taker. Taker posed in the ring with his purple light.


Match 3: The Miz vs Tatanka

Tatanka was way over, seeing as how we are in Oklahoma. Eventually Miz cheats to win. Tatanka agrues with ref and looks like he's gonna clock him by the entrance set.


Match 4: Chavo Guerrero vs Matt Hardy

Good match. Vicky does the heel manager schtick ringside. Greg Helms came down and distracts Hardy, allowing Vicky to get a low blow in on Hardy which gives Chavo the victory.


Match 5: Sylvan vs Jimmy Wang Yang

Good match. Jimmy Yang was incredibly over with the crowd. Some funny moments when the crowd was chanting USA for Yang. Yang hit some great high risk moves, but Sylvan ends up winning out of nowhere, crowd seemed confused as to why Yang lost.


Match 6: Lashley/Batista/Cena vs King Booker/Finlay/Regal

Great main event. Batista's pyro is insanely loud! The crowd was nuts the entire match. Not a person sat down. Cena had his arm all taped up (selling the Raw attack) and was isolated for most of the match. He eventually gets the hot tag and Lashley spears King Booker for the 1-2-3. The place explodes. Cena's posing in the ring and Edge appears out of nowhere and lays out Cena. Edge then left through the crowd.


Also when Edge was leaving a fan pelted him with a full large drink right in the face. Edge went crazy and tried to attack the fan. The fan tussled with Edge and security. No punches were thrown I think. The fan was ejected from the building.




Quick Results:


Rey Mysterio def. Elijah Burke

Idol & Stevens def. Pitbulls for Tag Team Title shot at No Mercy

The Miz def. Tatanka

Chavo Guerrero def. Matt Hardy

Sylvan def. Jimmy Wang Yang

Lashley/Batista/Cena def. King Booker/Finlay/Regal

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Sources close to Theodore Long have told WWE.com that SmackDown's General Manager plans to make a major announcement this afternoon at 3 p.m. on WWE.com. There is no word at this time as to what the General Manager has in mind. Check back this afternoon for Theodore Long's announcement.


That's 8pm for us. What the hell will this be?

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I have a superbly bizarre theory about what this announcement might be about, so just hear me out...


No Mercy is seriously lacking in credible matches, and Bobby Lashley in the main event i doubt will sell the PPV, so...


Teddy's announcement is that he turns the match into a fatal fourway, which includes both John Cena and Edge. Edge ends up winning the world title and is on his way to Smackdown


Seems highly unlikely, but a good way to add to the main event scene within the current storyline, considering


Raw spoiler



He'll probably lose inside the cage this Monday


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Edge and Cena in the match would make it 100 times more worth seeing, but if that does happen it reflects a very sorry state of affairs on Smackdown. Lashley vs Booker has absolutley no appeal to me.
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It was deleted because you knew full well that it would insight some kind of a response, so in effect; a mild form of baiting


Something that i'd rather not have in an official thread

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It was deleted because you knew full well that it would insight some kind of a response, so in effect; a mild form of baiting


Something that i'd rather not have in an official thread


Ok, but if that is the announcement then i will expect an apology :lol

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Ok, but if that is the announcement then i will expect an apology :lol


Why of course :P


But in light of recent announcements, that would not be a wise move

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