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Just a thread to compile all the news coming out of X06, which for those that did not know is MS's own trade show/conference/show and tell of their wares, so in other words the 360. Gossip is hot based around what will be announced, some hinting it is Res Evil 5 as an exclusive, but thats been dampened by other sources so that will be interesting. But more interesting is this leak from CVG, stolen from TeamXbox:


Killer Instinct, Halo 3 playable, a new black Xbox 360 and HD-DVD launch details leaked online...


With X06 only hours away, one internet post at Teamxbox.com claims to have scooped a leaked X06 press release.


Most notable are claims that Killer Instinct 3 from Rare will be playable on the show floor, a new black Xbox 360 will be announced and a £119.99 price-point for the HD-DVD add-on (launching on December 1) are set to stun the Spanish event tonight.


According to the post, Bungie's shooter three-quel is also due for an X06 appearance; in video-form on the show floor and playable (!) for those lucky scamps behind closed doors. Apparently we can expect new multiplayer info, including 50-64-player online matches, and full 1080p support.


Meanwhile, Rare's got a new Killer Instinct game that supposedly supports four-player tag matches and will be playable at the event.


Further more, the supposed-press release also suggests that Microsoft will unveil a new black Xbox 360, along with updated core and premium bundles.


Only hours away now until it kicks off (about 6pm). I have to say that the leaked pictures of the black 360 (do a google search) look very swish, and I might have to save my cash and get a black one next year. I will also be bold now and predict that the new Premium bundle will include PGR3 as standard.


Killer Instinct 3 though, theres been talk for an age (mainly due to Rare taking an age :xyx), but looks like it actually is for real this time. Can't wait, and hope it is as exciting news wise as the Wii press conference last Friday.

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Live from X06


7:13: Montage time. Doom split screen Lumines Live. UMK 3. Totem Ball. Defender. Assault Heroes from VU games. Sensible Soccer listed as early 07. Doom is available tonight for download.


Yeah, I could play DOOM on my PC, my SNES, my PS1, my N64........but as of tonight, I'll be playing it on Xbox LIVE baby!!!!

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Gamespot, Eurogamer and IGN has live ongoing reports from the briefing Dave, so just have a scoot around.


Doom is indeed awesome news, and here's some other tidbits thus far in (I'll edit it as interesting stuff comes up for those not following it):


- Banjo Kazooie is getting a sequel, and was unveiled in a short teaser, with the message "Banjo's Back!".


- Predicted that there will be 160 hi-def games in total by Christmas (well I was a ickle bit impressed)


- Gears of War was giving a showing and those attending X06 are getting a drop in and play of the Co-Op multiplayer, so should be some feedback on it this week. Scheduled for release on 17th November and 12th Stateside.


- Blue Dragon got another showing, and according to Peter Moore there was a two and a half hour queue to see the game at the TGS.


- GTA is being released on 16th October '07 stateside, and 17th October in Europe date. The team at Rockstar will also release two more episodes of the game online within months of release, with hours of entirely new gameplay, exclusive to the 360.


- Assassin's Creed's updated (Since E3) live demo was showing, with them placing particular emphasis on the crowd dynamics, and how they react to how you play (do you wish to be spotted and such). Horse riding, how you can dynamically break the scenary, etc all shown, the video should be good.


- Lost Oddysey was shown and confirmed for Europe and America.


- They've just shown Lost Planet and are moving onto Splinter Cell....and it is announced that the next Splinter Cell after Splinter Cell: Double Agent will be exclusive to XBox and Windows.


- The HD - DVD drive will cost £129 and is being released mid-november in the UK, France, Germany and the USA, with over 50 titles said to be available by Christmas. . The media remote and King Kong will be bundled with it.


- Live Anywhere is being detailed, which apparantly has "A simple to use interface that's consistent across platforms", basically PC and Console gamers can play online together. Live Anywhere will kick off with Shadowrun's release early '07. Marvel Universe Online will also use Live Anywhere when it is released, and is made by the folks who made City of Heroes.


- Peter Jackson is onstage. He talks of how interested in telling stories that can be steered with technology, as a new way of telling stories that doesn't involve film. He says had so many ideas for stories where now, instead of making a film, you interact directly. He states that technology has got to the point where movies and games can blend. Fran Walsh will help to create these entertainment forms alongside, and he says they just need to come up with a name for it first! He has set up a new company, Wingnut Interactive and they'll be working on a new Halo series - as well as an all new series of their own.


- Ensemble Studios unveil their new title, Halo Wars. (Does what it says on the tin)

And thats the lot.

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Didn't really warrant its own thread, so as its Microsoft related I've posted it here:



Buena Vista Games is to acquire UK development team Climax Racing, becoming the publishers third internal studio alongside Avalanche Software and Propaganda Games.


Climax Racing, known for its best-selling franchises MotoGP and ATV Offroad Fury, will work on what the publisher describes as triple-A racing titles for the next-generation of games consoles.


"The acquisition of Climax Racing aligns perfectly with our strategic and geographic goals by allowing us to both reach into new genres and new markets for creative talent," said Graham Hopper, senior vice president and general manager, Buena Vista Games.



"Adding Climax Racing to our creative family will provide an additional catalyst for our continued growth in the video games market," he added.


Tony Beckwith, co-founder of the development studio, will take on the role of vice president and general manager of Climax Racing, as it continues under the direction of the Disney-affiliated publisher.


"The Walt Disney Company holds one of the largest and most exciting portfolio of intellectual property in the world, and through BVG, we look forward to having access to the company's deep resources in the video games space to continue creating remarkable interactive entertainment," said Beckwith.


"This promises to be a mutually beneficial relationship and we believe that together we will make outstanding games for the next generation and beyond," he concluded.


Herbie Rally, Lion King Grand Prix, and Seven Dwarfs Karting here we come.

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Guest Clarkey
Pro Evolution Soccer producer Shingo Takatsuka has revealed that Microsoft has sent him two new Xbox 360 controllers to test with PES6.


Speaking to CVG, Konami's Shingo 'Seabass' Takatsuka has made the startling revelation that two new controllers have been developed for the Xbox 360. Apparently Microsoft sent Seabass the two new controllers and he is currently testing then with his team in the office.


He was sent the controllers so that the team could test re-mapped button configs for Pro Evolution Soccer. Exactly how the new controllers differ from the current Xbox 360 controller is unknown, but a trigger-less design, ala the DualShock is a possibility, and would explain why Seabass is in possession of the new controllers - after all, the DualShock is the best way to play Pro Evolution Soccer.


Again as it didn't really warrant its own thread I posted it here. Interesting Seabass has his mitts on two new controllers, and as the article says if it means we get something similar to the DualShock for Pro Evo it's great news. Although I did like the controller S for Pro Evo in its own way.

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Yeah I like Controllers S as well because of the engine and physics. I hope its actually true because i hate using the D Pad when playing Smackdown vs Raw 2007 because its more precise than the analogue stick.


This would also help with arcade games

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