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Guest The Great Ahmar

Well this works like this! It is pretty much like the TWO Music Club and now the TWO Film club, but we don't swap files as that is Illegal and against TWO Rules! :xyx So it works mainly like this! You sign up, and Each week, we take it in turns to choose what PPV we have to try and find/Watch and then review it!


Now I know it isn't all that easy to just find a PPV as it is easy to find a Film or song, so if you don't have a pretty good video library of WWF/E, WCW, ECW or TNA then this probably isn't for you! If you've already seen the event simplily review it!


I know on sometimes you probably have no chance in seeing it, so you'll have to skip that week, but make sure to inform us first! So You have until, Sunday to sign up! Come on it will be fun :lol


In order to kepp this under control, I have limited it to 15 memebers! so at the moment 2 places are left!


So far in the PPV Club:


Slim Jim




The Rog

The Man Beast






Provisional: Jimmy Redman

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I have a stupid amount of crap! If this means an excuse to watch some of them again, count me in. As long as they aren't ppvs from 2005, because that was a shocking year.
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May I recommend as a humourous drop in and a fine way to sort the men from the boys - King of the Ring 95', it would give a fine example of what some of us enjoy and what the other 99% think is shite!


It would be the PERFECT way for everyone to start off, and I havent watched this show since 1995, I am very interested in what I would think of it now!

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Guest Jimmy Redman

Dave, I'd say nominate it when its your turn.


I'm undecided as to whether I can do this. I have a resonable amount of PPV's from the past couple of years, but not much else.


Could I possibly sign up, but be provisional, to see if I can participate to a reasonable extent?

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