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Angle/TNA Press Confrence


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Angle Press Conference Recap


Kurt Angle TNA-Spike TV Press Conference Report

By Dr. Keith Lipinski, host Dr. Keith Lipinski Show (http://www.drkeithshow.com, writer http://www.f4wonline.com)


Here's a general summary of the excellent 86 minute TNA conference call Kurt Angle had this afternoon. Call begin with ratings information and demographics begin the show.


Question: asks about Mania 19 against Brock attempting the Shooting Star Press

Kurt wasn't sure if Brock was coherent, Brock gave a response of "huh" and Kurt asked him if he was able to stand. "I helped to pick him up and told him what to do, his finish move." They turned a disaster into a success story. "It added to the match, in pro wrestling anything can happen." Kurt gives Brock credit for finishing the match and staying healthy.


Question: Everyone excited and concerned with him coming back, asks about how his health issues changed from the past

In the past Kurt wasn't given enough time to heel from his injuries, therefore he made an agreement with Dixie Carter of TNA Wrestling to only wrestle when he was 100%. Kurt mentions traveling a lot with his former employer. "I am the new name and face of TNA therefore I have responsibilities. I can't go less then 120% If I have a ten year career, great, if I have a five year career great."


Question: Kurt's frustrations with his former employer the WWE

Kurt wasn’t getting the proper medical care and not enough rest from his injuries in the WWE. "Basically I was being buried in the ground." Was promised time off but because of time and incidents with other athletes he never got him. Kurt speculates the WWE needed him more this year. "I gave my heart and soul to that company, and wasn't getting the respect I deserved." His neck has been injured five times. "I didn’t behave erratically, I wanted to tell them listen. I need to be home to rehabilitate my neck. I was very unhappy."


Question: MMA offers and the opportunity to face Brock Lesnar in Japan for K-1

"The Offer is there. I am interested in MMA." Every company come to Kurt with "retirement" kind of money. "Money is important but the timing is important as well. TNA has given me the room to spread my wings and get the time off to train, and do movies, and tv shows." Leaving the WWE, "I was no longer OWNED. I hated being told what to do or not to do. TNA gives consultation." Vince would tell Kurt "no, all your going to do is be a wrestler. I never wanted to be OWNED by anyone ever again. I have a boss, I listen to my boss, Dixie Carter." Puts over Carter for letter him do what he wants. On his relationship with the WWE "They own you, and there's nothing you can do or say to get out of your contract. You're strictly wrestling. I was his (Vince's) best wrestler."


Question: Is there added pressure and expectations to bring TNA to the next level

Admits there is new pressure with this new company growing rapidly, and with the new time slot on Spike TV and Kurt Angle coming in the network expects higher ratings. Kurt comments how great the athletes are in the TNA saying "they're five times better then WWE short list of guys main eventing. TNA is much better, every guy I could have a FIVE STAR MATCH with." Kurt Angle wanted to join TNA because "I saw a company in TNA that had so much room for growth that had the ability to be the top company in the next year or two" Kurt wants to make TNA the success it deserves to be. Vince McMahon has a lot of work ahead of him to stop TNA.


Question: Were you pushed out of the WWE like Bret Hart

They WWE attempted to sign him to a five year deal, as they needed him now more then ever. "Vince is trying to compete to himself, he wants to keep it that way, he doesn't want to push out his best wrestlers. So nervous about making money they wanted me (Kurt) there." Kurt wanted to meet with Vince and ask for his release. He wasn't fired from the WWE "those rumors are false." Vince wanted him to stay, but Kurt wasn't having fun anymore and saw a downward spiral in WWE, and he wasn't used properly as the top guy. "I asked for the meeting, I asked for my release, and Vince wanted it mutual to save face."


Question: Will Angle ever go to the WWE again

"I don't think I'll ever work for Vince McMahon again" Kurt said as you can hear his wife Karen saying something in the background. Kurt replies "My wife wouldn't let me work for Vince McMahon again." In TNA "Wrestling for Dixie carter wrestling can be fun again. They look at your for ideas. There are no politics in TNA." He talks about the room for growth in TNA for the company and himself. "I plan on sticking with this for 30 years" and talks about being a promoter, an agent/producer, writer, talent relations. Kurt talks about wanting to do movies and tv but notes "I can't leave wrestling, I have a passion for it. TNA is my home for good for the next 30 years. I'll grow with the company, as big as Kurt Angle has been in the past, he's going to get bigger." Kurt puts over himself as being generous he was in the WWE and how good he made the other athletes. He's not selfish and is going to enjoy this and sees being in TNA being FUN!


Question: Would you redo the neck fusion surgery again with Dr. Jho?

Kurt had a five level problem, and talks about levels of his neck and how week his neck was and flexibility. He says that neck fusion is "prehistoric" and says Dr. Jho is innovative and innovative surgery saved his career. He talks about getting hit over the head with a chair and how he'll never take a chair shot without putting his hands up ever again. "Other guys are hurting everyday because of the fusion surgery because of lack of flexibility in the neck." All five of Kurt's neck levels are damaged, but his flexibility is still good. "My neck was a disaster when I got there, its good enough now." His strength is back in his arms, and he doesn't regret his surgical operation.


Question: Someone compares coming in TNA to now coming to WCW

"I have a lot of respect for Kevin Nash and Scott Hall but they couldn't hold my jock strap in the ring."


Question: Pain Killer Issues

"I haven't taken pain killers in over 3 years." Also "I had one problem with pain pills where he did become dependent on them." Kurt talks about WWE schedule and had to take the pain pills to function including large handfuls to function. Kurt and his wife found a pain doctor a few days before a PPV match with John Cena (I believe No Way Out before Mania 21) Doctor said he needed to go to rehab. Kurt wanted to go cold turkey, doctor said he could possibly kill himself by going cold turkey. Kurt called Vince and wanted 3 months off to rehab, Vince wouldn't give him the time. "I don't want to hear it, you rehab to yourself by your road." Doctor thought that was impossible, however Kurt was able to do it, 3 days later he was going through withdrawal and thought he could get a heart attack vs. John Cena in their PPV match. To the WWE it was more important making John Cena look good then Kurt's overall health. This is when Kurt's relationship with Vince went sour. "I felt like I was no longer-no body cared about me, they cared about me making someone look good. I made him look better then he actually was to make him ready for WrestleMania. Then Jon Heidenriech had high blood pressure and Kurt needed to take his place and fly to Baltimore. The respect factor got lower and lower where Vince and I didn't talk anymore." Kurt looking back wishes he put his foot down with Vince about the time off. The reporter asks if Vince thought about the business before Kurt's health. "Without a doubt." Kurt then talks about his debut with the WWE "I took the lowest offer for Vince, I had offers for movies, to WCW, to wrestling to Japan, and MMA. Vince gave me an avenue for my talents; Vince threw me into he fire as world champion my first year in the company." He gives Patterson and Brisco credit for helping him and notes "I would never trade in my life for a career in wrestling." He also would love to wrestle Bret Hart


Question: How did you deal with the WWE travel schedule?

"My wife was always right 'don't trust the guys there or buy into the bogus BS between the top guys there and Vince McMahon'" The scheduled caused a lot of animosity between Kurt and his wife. They separated for a while. If Kurt was single, Kurt believes Vince would have used him more. "Before I knew it, I was single; I wasn't able to see my daughter, so I regret that. If you are going to be my boss you better respect my wife and my family and having time off." Kurt puts over Dixie again for giving him the time off and her family values. "Vince works 24/7 and is always gone." Kurt speculates Vince didn't spend more then 10 days a year with his family and Kurt didn't want to be like that. "Number one priority is god, then family, then job. And that’s the way its going to be right now."


Question: Who would be a good fit in TNA from WWE

Chris Benoit is an easy answer. Kurt would like to see him in TNA but he's out of the picture for five years. "If we can get him, we'd be over the top. He would be a great teacher and mentor for the guys in TNA. My job is to make sure they realize how good they are and capable they are. They don't know how good they are."


Question: Did the fans questions about your health stuatus after your TNA debut surprise you?

" I can't tell you what kind of response I got. When people thought it was Goldberg they were kinda excited but when it was me, it was WOW!" He has respect for the fans and the audience, he was happy to see they cared about my wellbeing and seeing him healthy. "From the bottom of my heart, I am 100% healthy; there are no issues and nothing to worry about now. I am focused on making TNA the top company in the world." He took the critizism to heart and listed to himself and god was telling him he hadn't hit the tip of the iceburg with his wrestling ability. "The WWE didn’t give me the abililty to carry the ball when they should of." His doctors thought there was no problem with him coming back. He had a full blown physical, blood test for medication, he's cleared to wrestle.


Question: WWE guys aware and concerned with TNA?

"Oh yes, they're innovative. The heavyweight division very popular and so is the x-division division. The cruiserweight division in WWE isn't squat. They put the word wrestling back into wrestling." Kurt doesn't like to say he's the best wrestler in this industry, but says TNA doesn't have enough time on tv. "If they get a 2 hour slot, the ratings will go up quicker and higher. With TNA, everyone is hungry, they want my spot and I encourage them. I'll open up the spot, I'll go behind you. I'm the kind of guy where I won't block anyone politically."


Question: On coming into TNA as the special enforcer for this weekends PPV match and scouting opponents

"I study films for hours and hours, my wife complains about the amount of tapes I watch. For one, me being involved in the main event, we get more viewers watching the PPV, as Bound For Glory is the biggest PPV of the year." He notes if the timing was right and he came in early, he could see himself in the main event. "There is so much talent (in TNA) we don't have time to show it all." Kurt doesn't want to take away from Jarrett and Stings tremendous main event match. He puts over the PPV card as "phenomenal" and he will be in action to some degree but "they are easing him into the main event mix. If they threw him in, they'd be despirate, they're not. Its an honor."


Question: WWE.com discussing confrontational meeting and Angle being an emotional wreck, the competitive streak being his demise.

Vince didn't think Angle would go anywhere else. He thought he would end up with the WWE. He was going to give Kurt another 5 year deal when he came back. "How would you be if you were treated like a dog for five years?" Kurt either wanted to work part time or be released. They started telling me I was acting erratic. "Was I acting erratic? Yes. Was it drugs? No." He did start crying, and thought there was no way to get out of the WWE. Vince had a change of heart after seeing this, and let him have his release. Kurt believes someone told Vince of the rumor that "30 million in pride for five years" and that lead to WWE.Com releasing the information about the release meeting.


Question: How did TNA get in the picture?

"I never talked to TNA until I got released; Vince never thought TNA was in the picture. " Kurt says "Spike TV is where its at. It’s the cool station, not to put down USA." Kurt did what he had do to do to get out of his WWE contract. Vince dropped and gave him the release. " It was so quick…Vince wanted me back for five years." Vince didn’t' want to be libel for Kurt if something happened but wanted him back ASAP, and their meeting was supposed to be confidential. The information was leaked because "the wrestling business knows well ahead of time what's going on." Vince had a feeling Kurt was doing something and needed to strike the iron while it was hot. Kurt was offended with Vince saying he fired him. He went to the meeting to get released. Vince did what he could to hurt Kurt's but Vince just drew attention to himself…


Question: UFC, who were they pitching you to fight, and Dana Whites comments about Kurt being an actor:

"Dana White is a great guy, like McMahon as they wanted him exclusively." He didn't want to be owned, no one would own Kurt Angles name again. TNA allowed him that opportunity. The long term exclusive deal with UFC was for ONE MATCH against someone who "doesn't belong in the octagon. He was on tough enough, he was trying to get rich off my name. I had a broken neck and couldn't feel my arms when I was in the ring with them. Dana White knew I would annilate this person." Dana wanted Kurt to represent the UFC, and Kurt couldn’t picture just sitting there doing nothing and not having any purpose. On UFC "Those guys are on the rise and part of Spike TV as well." Puder vs. Angle could have lead to the "biggest buy rate in UFC history" As far as Dana White "its always open."


Question: Would he work with Puder:

"Yes, if TNA signed him. But he doesn't have the athletic ability to be a pro wrestler. He's no where near the level of the guys in TNA. I don't know what he's doing now buy blabbing on the internet, I don't know I don't read the internet. If TNA signs him. I'll take him out in 40 seconds and that’s a guarantee. This is a Kurt Angle with full strength. I was 208 with 14 inch arms during the Tough Enough. Olympic Kurt Angle would beat the snot out of him."


Question: Who in TNA are you looking forward to looking with:

Angle is quick to answer Samoa Joe "I haven't seen a guy with his size and his athleticism to follow. Samoa Joe is further along; he's been undefeated for 18 months and is a monster. At one point I thought we shouldn't touch for a long time. The angle with the belt was that chance. Watch this Thursday night you will LOVE~! what happens in the segment." Kurt stresses from the ring entrance, to the physically, it was the perfect way to debut in TNA. "The two top guys in the business, Joe is going to be a huge name in the future, one will be inducted in the hall of the fame. It was more of a shoot then anything and it got my blood flowing, it got pretty serious towards the end."


Question: If Kurt was never happy in the WWE, then why did he resign?

He didn't have time to look at other options. "They didn’t' wait until the contract was up, they kept on pushing him to sign." His manager wanted him to hold out, WWE wanted it seven months early. They hounded him and he had it at home. Kurt tried to hold out by not having it notarized and kept it in his bag for two weeks, the final time the person came to Kurt in the locker room and said "GIVE ME THE CONACT" Kurt wasn't happy with it. He said it was fun run in the WWE, angles with Stephanie/Triple H and Stone Cold but it had "started getting old and in dead ends". They weren't using him as a champion. "I have a blessing from god it’s a gift and curse." Vince saw the diamond and the diamonds in the rough (keith note: no, not Elix Skipper and David Young) and had Kurt make wrestlers. Kurt didn’t have his run like Rock, Austin had. They never spread his wings and let him be Kurt Angle until the end. They told him to "be a dork, be hokey." Kurt wasn't political; "I tried to elevate wrestlers. I encouraged wrestlers to talk to Vince and take a step forward" Kurt wasn't insecure about his spot unlike other guys. Kurt suggests that’s the problem with the company today, the guys running it are wrestling. TNA gave him the greatest entrance in sports entertainment ever. Detailed his entrance in the WWE and how they gave him The Patriot's old music and how unorganized it was, unlike TNA. Puts over his new music and how it relates to him as its music wrestlers train to and is motivating. "It blows Rey and Triple H's entrance away."


Question: Who is the real Kurt Angle and who will we see in TNA?

You'll see it in TNA, towards the end of his WWE run you saw it. "I was always playing characters, WWE has a fetish with characters, we're all characters in one sense. I was a good actor so I could be mean nasty guy, or be the gullible funny guy. I didn't enjoy playing them, but people were laughing. I went to Vince one day and said 'let me be me.'" Kurt had ideas for merchandise but Vince wasn't responsive. In the top 10 wrestling matches the WWE had, Kurt suggests was probably in all ten of them. Dixie is letting Kurt be the real Kurt Angle. "I am a vicious person, I treat it like it is real. That’s the way I am when I go in there when I compete. I finally get to be me!" On the mouthguard, TNA will help him sell them. They can be used for non-gimmick purposes and thru his website he's worked with a company that can make a mold of your teeth and you can put whatever you want on it. "Mouthguards lower your concussion rate six times" and Kurt notes the five concussions he had while a member of the WWE.


Question: Eddie Guerrero's passing and WWE making money using his name in angles

"Eddie and I had a different situation, Eddie died with exhaustion." Kurt hopes the WWE takes care of Eddies family but having his named involved makes people remember Eddie. "every cent the WWE makes from any Eddie's related angles should go to Eddie's family."


Question: Was he upset with going to ECW?

Vince pictured ECW was going to be more real, the wrestling company of the WWE. "When I got over there-there was no one for me to work with. There was RVD, Sabu who uses chairs, and sandman and balls. Who am I going to work over here in a main event status?" Angle puts over RVD and Sabu as being fun to work with. He made Sabu work his first non-gimmicked match in a while and Sabu listened. WWE appointed Angle as an agent on the road to teach these wrestlers. A lot of them were getting upset because of Angle's time in the business compared to there's. Kurt "I have a gift, I can watch a match and tell you what you did right and wrong." He stopped being an agent after ECW guys complaints. He started the feud with Orton, but wondered why they started cross promoting anyway? "I tell a story in a wrestling match by wrestling. I wrestle in the ring, it's what I do best. The business has been turned apart (keith note: he might have used another word here) due to overexposure, and people getting hit with chairs five times and they should be dead." He wasn't the new face of ECW. On Van Damn, "Rob deserved the title, he needed the title." Kurt found out he wasn't on SummerSlam and wondered why he didn't have someone to work with. He was unhappy.


Question: what does TNA need to focus on to get to the next level and problems with the six sided ring.

Kurt doesn't think it will take to long as he stays in the middle and lets his opponents run around him. TNA needs to keep on doing what it is doing to get there. "I'm just part of the picture here. I saw TNA coming. I saw this team of guys rapidly growing and wanted to be part of something making history. When I got to the WWE they were at the top." TNA has tremendous athleticism. "They need to stay with the basics, we have the best writer in wrestling, Vince Russo, and the best wrestler and we have the best wrestlers in wrestling. I have told four wrestlers if they learn a few tricks of the trade they'll be better then me. TNA will make history with Kurt Angle and Spike TV." There's room for two companies to have success. "Vince will always have success because he's a sports entertainment. We're WRESTLING~! We're not a sports entertainment kinda thing, we're going back to the basics of telling stories in the matches and have great matches. They don't need to see sex in a bed; they need to see a great main event a half hour long when we do two hours god willing. They have it together. Compared to Vince they're (TNA as a corporate entity) primitive right now, they're going to have their own HQ like Vince, the amount of employees Vince has, they're all meshing together and there is no one butting heads." This could be the biggest thing in wrestling since the ratings war. Kurt thinks its an honor to be compared to Hogan switching from the WWE to WCW. "TNA is not a gimmick company; they're in it for the long hall. TNA runs for 30 years so will Kurt Angle. I pray to god we stay with Spike TV as their potential is unlimited. This is going to be a wrestling marketing machine."


I couldnt be bothered to read it all so i skimmed it and read the questions and part of the answer, i dunno if this upsets me or makes me happy....


"I don't think I'll ever work for Vince McMahon again"
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Guest Danny Styles

thaqt's not a WWE bashfest at all, unless you count him saying the X division is better than the cruserweight division as bashing


read the damn thing Perfect before you claim it's WWE bashing

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Oh Kurt, why must you lie. If you've not been on painkillers for three years, all the injuries you also mention during the interview would have probably meant you couldn't get up in the morning.


He's becoming scarily deluded.


EDIT: Oh god:


They need to stay with the basics, we have the best writer in wrestling, Vince Russo


It's worse than I thought.

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Guest SuperKick Kid

Kurt has a point on how they didnt let him be himself and they just had him be the characters.


However, the fans LOVED the dorky funny Kurt Angle.


I think we all did. That was his best part


Goofy Kurt > Serious Kurt

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Guest poland74

I haven't read the whole article but I find some of Kurts answers hard to believe. For example, WWE never gave him enough time to heal his injuries, well I thought it was common knowledge to most that Kurt always took the shortcuts to get back in the ring.


"WWE needs him more this year than ever before" So why let him go? And the absence of Kurt in recent weeks has effected WWE a great deal has it?


"He didn't get much time off" Wasn't he suspended for at least a month a few months ago? He didn;t have a Summerslam match or feud at that time, so he complains. I'm sure a wrestler of Kurts ability and history with Vince could negotiate a reduced schedule, like Undertaker, and like HBK was rumoured to be thinking of accepting.

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Guest Al Stevens

Sorry i just love the Title "Guarentee'd WWE bashfest" i havent laughted so much in ages.


For all those who dont want to scroll up to read it here's the bashing.


The Cruiserweight is nothing like the X division


I wont work with Vince Mcmahon again


Thats it fokes go back to reading other topics

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Cruiserweight Division...Weight Limits, X-Division.....No Limits (good lord i hate that catchphrase, its about no limits blaa blaa blaa shut up) its like comparing Man Utd. to 50Cent, the Steroids & Paid Killers must be going to Angle head.
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Mr.P, it's stupid how you put in the title of the thread "Guarentee'd WWE bash fest." and you didn't even read the whole thing, so how in the blue hell can you guarantee WWE bashing?


Seriously, the stupid Anti-TNA gimmick is stale as hell.


And on topic, it was a great interview from Kurt. Touched some interesting points.


I respect that he wants to be the "Real" Kurt, but Goofy Kurt pisses all over serious Kurt.

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I didnt read much as I'm busy, is there any place you can watch the video of this deal though?


Yeah, where's the video footage, can't find it anywhere!

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Guest Slim Jim

I read up to the bit that said "There are no politics in TNA".


Edit: It was a conference call, so there might be an audio file somewhere.

Edited by Slim Jim
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Guest Sparrow

During a very candid conference call with reporters, TNA Wrestling performer Kurt Angle said that he has not taken painkillers in three years.


According to a statement released by Spike TV, Angle later realized that he has only been clean for eighteen months; he stopped using after a match with John Cena in February 2005.


"Sorry for any confusion this causes, Kurt felt it important to set the record straight," said the statement from Spike TV.


:? Seems abit odd

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Guest Kanenite

I think the interview was good, it was an interesting read and touched on some subjects Kurt would never have been able to discuss while contracted to the WWE.


But I think it's quite obvious he's lieing in there on some parts, but that's Kurt Angle.

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Guest Daredevil
I think he's lying if WWE did ofter him another contract he will sign it or properly not who knows but I bet he will sign it because that's Kurt he has hunger for wrestling like us and other fans & wrestlers alike but he does needs to be careful thats what worries some folk.
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Guest WWEbelfastgal
I am surprised by some of the comments Kurt made. He states he was never allowed enough time away from the ring - yet he was the one who made the decision to have that neck surgery which only kept him out for a few months when he could have had the surgery which would have gave him the time to actually heal up. I also remember him stating on occasion that he loved to play different characters - be it goofy Kurt or serious Kurt, he liked to explore the different options and now he's critising it and also he says he was held back - he's held every title there's to hold in the WWE, what else does he want?? He just isn't the same Kurt, he came across as very big headed in my opinion - he wanted to be the top guy, yes he's the greatest pure wrestler the WWE have ever had but you can't always be the top guy in the WWE, other guys need their time in the spotlight and he wasn't happy with this from the way he spoke in the interview, I just can't think of him the same way anymore, I feel no respect for him anymore and that saddens me :(
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Guest Slim Jim
I am surprised by some of the comments Kurt made. He states he was never allowed enough time away from the ring - yet he was the one who made the decision to have that neck surgery which only kept him out for a few months when he could have had the surgery which would have gave him the time to actually heal up. I also remember him stating on occasion that he loved to play different characters - be it goofy Kurt or serious Kurt, he liked to explore the different options and now he's critising it and also he says he was held back - he's held every title there's to hold in the WWE, what else does he want?? He just isn't the same Kurt, he came across as very big headed in my opinion - he wanted to be the top guy, yes he's the greatest pure wrestler the WWE have ever had but you can't always be the top guy in the WWE, other guys need their time in the spotlight and he wasn't happy with this from the way he spoke in the interview, I just can't think of him the same way anymore, I feel no respect for him anymore and that saddens me :(


To be fair to him, the aim of that was to big up TNA rather than bash his former employer.

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I read up to the bit that said "There are no politics in TNA".


Edit: It was a conference call, so there might be an audio file somewhere.


There's one at wrestlingradionetwork.com - the "Wrestling Weekly" show.


They are indeed audio, and a lot of fun. TNA do one every month, hence I once got in on one with Jim Cornette and absolutely pantsed myself.

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Guest The Great Ahmar
Angle wasn't actually going to tell the truth was he! It was a TNA confrence I wouldn't except him to say "WWE treated so well, they had my best interests are heart all the time! One time after Wrestlemania 20 my Body was so beat up but I wanted to compete so bad, and they wouldn't let me, they offered me a angle as GM so when I was better I could come back still with some heat. The WWE where so Great!" TNA want him to bend the truth a little, but some of the crap he came out with is total BS. For the past 4 years I've heard storys about WWE tring to get him to take time off and take things Easy, It was his own fault!
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