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Xbox 360 help!

Guest The Great Ahmar

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Guest The Great Ahmar

Well on Friday I'm off to Game (with My Mum, Cause she is paying) to buy the XBox 360 20gb pack! It is my Christmas present, I have a few questions to ask, so if anyone can help me I'll be very grateful!


1) This seems so stupid, but my Brother and Cousin keep saying that if I ain't got a HDTV then it won't work, is this true?


2) Ho would I go about connecting the 360 to the Interent? (I know about the memebrships and all that, but the connection is the thing?)


3) What are the curretn best games out? Also what good games are soon to be released?


4) Is it worth buying a Wireless controler?


5) Can you buy games with a "Points" System?


6) Will WWE Smackdown V Raw 2007 have the same features as the PS2 version? ( I know that Fifa has less teams on the 360!)


and finally


7) IS it worth buying something to change the cover of the 360?


I'm not in on all the gaming info and all that so help would be great! Cheers

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1. No

2.Someone techy can explain

3. PGR3, Dead Rising, Call of Duty 2....thats just off the top of my head, im tired.

4. Wireless is funky, doesnt really change much though.

5. Yep, like arcade games and stuff

6. Don't know

7. Not worth it. Leave it the way it is, in its lovely form

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Guest Al Stevens

When my mate had his Xbox on live before he had a router and an etheral cable connected to his PC and then to is Xbox.


However the cool thing is if you want to pay 60 odd quid there is a wireless adapter you can get

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1) No. The 360 will pretty much work on any telly that has a scart socket. Yes, it looks a thousand time better on an HDTV and some people have had problems with reading the text in some games.


2) The easiest way is to connect the ethernet cable that is supplied to the ethernet port in the back of your PC. If you haven't got a spare, you may have to buy another one and slide it into the back of your PC. It's pretty simple and they only go for a fiver. If you wanna shell out £60, you can get yourself a 360 wireless adapter. You would obviously need a wireless network at home already.


3) Saints Row, Dead Rising, Call of Duty 2, Fight Night......there are loads, really. Depends on what kind of game you like.


4) If you're getting the premium pack with the 20gb hard-drive, then you'll get one with the console. Only the budget pack comes with a wired joypad. I would recommend getting a 'Plug and Play' kit if you are getting the premium pack. It's about £15, but will pay for itself in a month.


5) You can buy Microsoft points, I think they're about 70p for 100 points. Most of the Arcade games are betwen 400 and 800 points, but some go for 1200.


6) As far as I know, yes. In fact I think the LIVE features eclipse those of the PS2.


7) Nope. The cover is fine as it is. Plus they sometimes give them out free when you pre-order games. I know there's been COD2, Ghost Recon and The Outfit ones.

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Guest Anime Otaku

Do NOT get the core pack, you need the HDD to use the net I think and then it costs more than if you get the premium pack also the wireless controllers are worth the money as with the rechargeable packs they get about 20 hours of play time.


I'd definatly recommend getting the wireless adapter too if you have a wieless net connection as you get free patches for games as well as things like map packs, new cars for racers and things some of which are free but others you pay for.


As for the covers I got one called Hot Rod which I like more than the plain white but thats mainly because its a good match for my PC tower which is black.

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Note that Dead Rising looks bad on a non-HD screen - it can squish up and the text is almost unreadable.


It WILL look better on a HD TV, but you don't need HD to work it.



Oh, and the biggest advantage of the wireless controllers is that nobody can walk past and kick the cables out, or get them wrapped around their legs while "animated" when playing.

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