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Got this yesterday, didn't play it as much as I'd of liked to due a heavy drinking session from 7 til 1, but I digress.


So my thoughts thus far. Firstly the menu's are extremly simple and lacking any real character. I think this game is more about the skating really so far than the actual crazy ass stuff theyve done in the past. I've played every Tony Hawk game since they started, and initially they were all about the skating and no sub plots and such, hell THPS3 even had cKy in it. Then they started the bigger levels, crazy stuff and such, and it actually worked, I think THUG and THUG 2 were thus far the pinnacles of the series, although I don't think anything will ever come close to playing THUG2 on a 2 hour train journey. I was disappointed with American Wasteland, it seemed to lack so much, and was averagley easy.



The Create a Skater is awful, lets be blunt about that. It's easily the worst CAS thats ever been in a game, made up for slightly by the fact you can have the white version of my Bam v3 trainers, minus the heartagrams.


The graphics are phenomenal, I'll be blunt about that. Being the uber cKy fan I am, of course the first thing I did was free skate and check out Bam and Vallely. I was shcoked to see Mike V with hair though lol. Bam looks awesome though. Suprised he's not wearing any Adio stuff though bar his trainers, given theyre heavily featured in the game and theyre one of his sponsors.


The overall roster of skaters is disappointing to a former skater and fan like myself, I think its stale, because bar one or two, its the same skaters ever year. I'm not complaining at being able to play as The Hawk, The Brazilian master Bob Burnquist or what not, and while Travis Barker is a nice addition, I think it'd be nice to have a little refresh on who's in the game, but then would the casual fan care? I mean who'd know who 'Hockey Temper' Kerry Getz or Mike Maldonado is? The main skater I wanna see is Brandon Novak aka Novacaine aka Nudie Novak aka Dream Seller :P


The career mode is a nice new feature, gotta get up the ranking to be in the Project 8. Hopefully it's got some more longeivity to it than American Wasteland, which I played for a day and completed more than half of.


Other than that, not that many new features bar the awkward Spot Challenges, and I say that because a lot of the time you don't know what your target is, key point being the mailbox Natas Spin in the Suburbia section, and the Nail The Trick spots, which is a nice feature, but it doesn't work all that well if youre a novice, I've yet to nail one with smacking my foot off the trucks, its damned near impossible.


Anyone else's thought, I know Wyndys got the game :P

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I have this game. It is awesome....


Seriously, If it wasn't for multiplayer, Smackdown would never come out of it's box again. Both games are the 10,000th sequel in their respected series' but the Hawk doesn't just do "Yeah, it's ok" NO! The Hawk grabs you by the testicles and screams in your face "I AM THE BEST GAME EVER!". And who the hell am I to argue?

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I must admit, Hawk's new game is so much better than American Wasteland, bar the awful Create A Skater which I honestly believe is the worst one ever, even worse than THAW which wasnt great in itself. Bring back the old THUG create a skater.


Wyndy, what you think of the new Nail the Trick feature, pulled off any hard moves yet?

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Awww man, Nail the Trick can be such a bugger. I have got the hang of it now, mind. I can only manage 3 tricks (off a standard height) for sure and 4 if I'm feeling lucky. Adding a spin bumps the points up a bit, but then it's even harder to add more tricks.


I'm still not quite sure about pulling tricks whilst your board is upside down, though. That's pretty tough. most of the mission Nail the Trick's I've managed to get PRO, and I've even got SICK on a couple, for which I say; MEGA!


It's awful easy to build up a good combo, only to get a little greedy and decide to pull off a Nail the Trick and fall on your ass.

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Yeah I've done that a couple times. I still haven't gotten a SICK rating yet, I was close with the Nail The Trick on the cable car in the main part of the city, but I was about 15 feet off, which sucked.


The main challenge I struggled with was the Pool one for Jason lee in Suburbia, when you have to keep three seperate crowds entertained, until i realise to uber up in one pool, move to another, do the same and so on :)


Nearly nailed one Nail The Trick with pushing the trucks with my feet but I released the sticks, which is so easy to do and landed on my ass.

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Guest Anime Otaku
I've got it too, I'm at the 110 rank so far. I don't mind the CAS and I like that they have toned down the Jackass elements. Only the Bail challenges have it now which I prefer. I'm loving the NTT too and find it to be pretty easy once you get used to it, also in the bail challenges try doing an Ollie near the line and going into NTT which seems to get you some real speed and distance up.
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Guest Anime Otaku

You get Stokens for hitting a 1000 point combo or move near people, for the first part you need 10.

Then you go back to where you meet him and do a demo where you have 5 minutes to hit a bunch of goals which is really hard for some of them as I have only done it once.

THEN he says the pros have left early so you need to do a demo keeping 3 crowds at least interested which I have never done yet. There is one crowd on either side of the top steps (spine transfer over them for a gap) and one way at the bottom of the steps on the road. So far I've never done the third bit which is probably the last one.

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Guest ahsatan


And then i beat Tash Lots online



It was my first time, I was nervous! :lol





Edit: And it is easy, Anime, even I've done it! :P

Edited by ahsatan
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