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Talk Wrestling Online Community Newsletter 163 - Feb 25th 07 - Fame or Shame?


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Talk Wrestling Online Community Newsletter

Issue 163 – February 25th 2007




The Editorial



Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome to 163rd Talk Wrestling Online Community Newsletter!


As you can see the Murdoch graphic has been replaced with a hip new John Cena banner which looks sexy as hell, if I may say so myself. This is one of a few changes that have taken place for this issue, the second being the appointment of Darkstar, erm, again. As well as delegating the fortnightly awards, he shall now also sift through the forums and delightfully twist your comments. This is of course "Quote, Unquote" / The Week That Was / Cage of Death / Whatever It's All The Same.


In recent months this has been a somewhat troublesome piece, regularly changing host and sometimes being left out of the newsletter altogether. With Darkstar taking over the reigns from Fletch, I hope to ensure that it becomes a steady feature once more.


With that said, Naitch, Omar Days, Inno and Stephen Ashfield all grace us with their funky presence, but due to PC related problems, Movie Mayhem takes a miss. :(


Oh yes, and Kam's spotlight victim this time around is one of the TWO originals: Hardcore Holly!







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Talk Wrestling Online Awards





Its that time again folks, time to see whos kissed Darkstars ass the mos....ummm, been the member of the fortnight. Well, three weeks. Has it been three weeks? My head hurts. Why does it hurt, I wasnt drinking last night? Why am I rambling on? Does anybody vodaphone read this, or do they scan to the winners? Maybe I should put in a random word to see if anyone picks up on it.


And the winners are:


Member of the last...umm, however long its been, is the wonderful and lovely BRM. The Burnley native has had a great few weeks on the boards, adding to almost every sub forum. High time you were noticed mate. Congratulations.


Wrestling Thread of The Fortnight goes to not one, not two, but three threads. Yes thats right THREE whole threads. Although two of them started as one thread, so it probably does count. And the thrid is almost the same as the first, so really only one thing won. Ummm, yeah.


1) Ric Flair or Hulk Hogan? Which was better as World Champion? by The Franchise

2) What makes a CLEAN Job in Pro Wrestling? *Split from Hogan/Flair.

3) Hogan Blasts Vince, Austin and Others by Nemesis Enforcer.


The non wrestling thread award was a no hairer, I mean, no brainer for me. Oops, Shes at it again by Nemesis Enforcer. Come on, how often do you get to see someone having a breakdown in public? The story of young Britters is a very good example of the downsides to fame and fortune. Remember kids, this could be you when you become famous. Still want to do it?




Quote, Unquote





So, who's been saying silly things recently?


I know theres a fair few Scottish members here at TWO...: Kam explaining why the number of people donating to the forum isn't as high as liked. Or maybe talking about drinks related death. Its something amusingly stereotypical anyhow.


HA! El Sav! I've no doubt he actually has no teeth, is bald and fat: Don't we all Wyndorf?


Yes, I often think of you as a testical: I should be nicer to MastersGonad really, he is watching some ROH on my say so.


and we WILL be walking the dinosaur Saturday night: This is why Fletch isn't allowed near the drugs cabinet, he thinks he's Fred Flintstone and DraVen is Barney Rubble. It wouldn't be too bad but old Fletch also thinks Inno is Wilma.


Any of the Closet Lesbians on Loose Women: Mr Perfect describing his ideal woman. Maybe.


Loose Women, Samuel Preston and Chantelle, Bill O'Reilly, Ann Coulter, The Daily Mail, Chris Martin, Bob Geldof, Jade Goody, George Bush Jr.: Ok, given Draven's reponse then it's probably not ideal women. Probably.


I'm defending Britney Spears, what have I become!: A lawyer Walshy?




Member Spotlight








Forum Username: Hardcore Holly


Age: 21


Sex: Male


Location: Straight outta chumpton, past the block





How long have you been a wrestling fan? 10 years.


How did you first come across it? Cant remember.


What kept you coming back to watch more? I love to see somebody get their ass whooped.


Who is your current favourite wrestler and why? Hardcore Holly, I’ve liked him since I saw him in 1999 being the special ref for a Big Show v Kane match.


Who is your all-time favourite wrestler and why? Hardcore Holly & Stone Cold because they dont take no crap from nobody WHAT?!


What promotions do/did you watch (and enjoy)? WWE and TNA sometimes.


Which promotion is your favourite and why? WWE because its always been the best and always will.


RAW or SmackDown!? Raw.


How much wrestling (hours) do you watch on average per week? 6 hours.


Ever been to a live event? If so, which ones and where? Nope, will have to go soon.


What's your opinion on:


* Cruiserweights - I enjoy their matches thats about all I can say.


* Women's wrestling - A disaster.


* Vince's fascination with big men - Works well SOMETIMES.


How far would you travel for a wrestling show? 40 miles.


What is your favourite match of all time, and why? HHH v Cactus Jack street fight Royal Rumble, for me this was WWE at its peek and I thought this match was brilliant.


Are you proud to be a wrestling fan? Damn right.





What was the first thing you did this morning? Got a glass of water when I woke up.


Whats the last thing you ate? Sausage rolls & beans.


Whats the first CD you bought? One of the fatboy slims albums back in 1997.


What are you listening to right now? Pantera.


Who is the last person that called you? My friend Pinky.


What would you change about yourself? Not be as shy as I am trying to pull chicks.


Do you have any tattoos or piercings? Had eyebrow pierced, just have my ear pierced now though.



* Given anyone a bath? Ewwww no.


* Smoked? Yes – disgusting.


* Been drunk? Yep was last night and will be tonight also.


* Made yourself throw up? Unfortunately yes when I looked at myself in the mirror.


* Skinny dipped? Nope.


* Made yourself cry to get out of trouble? Probably when I was a youngster.


* Cried when someone died? Yes.


* Lied? Yes, I’m lying right now.


* Fallen for your best friend? Hmmmmm nope.


* Been rejected? Yes :(


* Rejected someone? Yes :)


* Done something you regret? Yes.




*You touched? Giving my mate a drunken hug at his 21st birthday party.


* You IMed? Eh??


* You yelled at? My brother, he had Kurt Angles music on repeat for ages :evil





* Makes you smile? My younger brother, my dog Barney and my mates.


* Gives you a funny feeling when you see him or her? My mates mum :wub





* I am: immature, easy to talk to, and best of all for all you ladies easy to pull!!


* I want: a million pounds please :thumbsup


* I have: No boxers on at the minute :eek


* I hear: People mouthing at each other outside


* I hate: George Jacob Kingsnorth


* I fear: and loathe Las Vegas


* I search for: hot chicks 24/7





Omar Days




Hello people of TWO and welcome to yet another edition of Kick Off with me Mr. OMAR DAYS. After a 3 week holiday from the Newsletter I’m here to rock your world again. Now with today being a cup final and all, I’ve decided that I should have the Column dedicated to -


The League Cup


Rich in… Well not so rich in history, founded in 1961 the League Cup only allows in 92 teams (The Premiership, Championship and League 1 & 2teams) unlike the FA cup which has some 674. Also unlike the FA Cup, the semi-finals are played over two legs. And for the winner a UEFA cup spot is yours if you have not already qualified for it (Chelsea and Arsenal will both probably get Champions League places and in the event of that, a new spot opens for another team in the league)


Since 1982, the League Cup has been named after its sponsor. We have had such wonderful names like the Milk Cup, Littlewoods Challenge Cup, Rumblelows Cup, Coca Cola Cup, Worthington Cup and now the Carling Cup. (So either Arsenal or Chelsea will win the Milk Cup :p) In 1961 to 1966 the finals were played over two legs. In the first finals Rotherham played Aston Villa. Rotherham beat Villa 2 - 0, but in the second leg Villa came back and won 3 - 0 thus winning 3-2 on aggregate. If I was a Rotherham fan I’d be sick as a dog! Since 1967 the finals have been just one match. In tradition to the finals, the Semi-Finals remained Two Leg ties.


My Team Tottenham didn’t win the cup until 1971 were they downed Aston Villa. (We won it again in 73 too!) Much like today the bigger teams didn’t feel it was so necessary to field such a strong side, so natural they rarely progressed far and to be honest a rest was good for them consider they have European games as well on top of the Fa Cup and League. From 1981 for 4 years straight Liverpool got to the finals and each time they won! (Well technically they played six matches, they had replays in them days too (Replays was always held somewhere that wasn’t Wembley))


Since 2001 each final has been held at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff and today will be the last time it’ll be held there. (HOPEFULLY, They said that last year!) The Millennium Stadium had a special curse on Cup finals. I mean if a team changed in a certain locker room they would never win. (Spurs had that damn dressing room in 2002!) This theory was only ended when Manchester United were drawn that room and went on to the win the Cup 4-0 over Wigan just last year.


As far as the teams who have the most luck in the competition Liverpool rank the highest with 7 wins in the cup just in front of the first winner of the League cup Aston Villa. Today’s Teams shape up as Chelsea 3- 2 Arsenal in winning the cup.


And speaking of today's teams, I have a short preview for what I think;


Chelsea - The Special One doesn’t like losing and he especially hates losing cup games. Chelsea haven’t been in the finals since there thriller V Liverpool in 2005. Chelsea will field a strong side but will be without there main man John Terry. If Henry starts then I think Chelsea will find it hard to stop him without JT. If The Drog~ is playing then I’d reckon a goal if not two or more for him and maybe one for Fat Frank too.


Arsenal - After coming out of a hard fought tie with Spurs :D Arsenal will most probably field a young side like they have all the competition, if not then it’s a slap in the face of the players who worked there asses for it! I reckon Lehmann and Henry will both start as it is a cup final after all.

I prediction a Chelsea win!


[by the time you read this the game will probably have happened, but hey I’m a guy!]

Fancy a trip down Memory lane -


In the 1999 edition of the League Cup, Tottenham Hotspurs faced Leicester City. After 91 minutes of hard action neither team could manager to score a winner until Allan Neilson came up and poked a goal in for the spurs. Since then we have yet to win a thing! (Peace cup doesn’t count!)


Interesting Fact:


Chelsea have only been in 4 finals as to Arsenal’s 5!


Q & A With... RAY


Club You Support: Liverpool FC.


Most Hated Club(s): None really, but as a rule I'll go for Chelsea.


Most Hated Player: I don't hate any player, but I've never been a Drogba fan.


Favorite Player at the moment: Craig Bellamy, regardless of his off field antics.


Favorite Player of all time: Steven Gerrard.


Favorite Game of all time: It's a tie between three. Liverpool's Champions League final win, FA Cup win (vs West Ham), or the 3 - 1 win against Olympiakos.


If you could make one transfer what would it be?: Michael Owen. Come home son!


How would you improve the Beautiful game?: Sew Mourinho's gob shut.



So Ladies and Sav’s I wish you all the success in the future, ah screw it! See you in two weeks humanoids.


What were you excepting a picture?




Oh go on then:




Inno's BIIIG Question



Inno's BIIIIIIG Question!



Well, hello. It's newsletter time - which means it's also time for the BIIIIIIG Question! Today I'm just being randomly obscure for no reason. Really. For whatever reasons, I wanted to know:


"Go get the first book you can find. What's the last full sentence at the bottom of page 47?"




"Possibly more than the automobile' date=' the handgun is synonymous with America" - The Zombie Surivial Guide by Max Brooks[/quote']


Those wacky Americans and their tanks and their guns and their zombies...


'Leon' date=' can you hear me? We're leaving the station.'[/quote']


First, don't call me Leon. It's not my name. Second, I'm going nowhere. It's cold outside and I don't have a scarf.


"The situation concerning the ancient Egyptians is more complicated' date=' and it requires a considerable amout of detective work."[/quote']


Indeed it does. This seems to be a job... for BATMAN.


The first book I have picked up is, "In the Pit with Piper - Rowdy Roddy Piper"


The last sentence on page 47 is;


"I'm now lying there with my shorts down and my ass exposed for all to see"


Gold old Piper, get well soon sir!:D


There's an image you'll have etched in your mind for the rest of the evening...


No doubt motives which lead men to accept the regimen of military life will not always be the nobelest ones.


Sounds like the latest quote from Mad Vlad's Big Book of Mentalism, alright.






A Blast From The Past





In honour of the first inductee to the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2007 I’m going to review a few matches from the man of the hour himself, Mr. Soul, Mr. Charisma, Mr. Dusty Rhodes. In reality it isn’t so much a Hall of Fame as, for the most part, a group of guys a.) Vince likes 2.) who kiss Vince’s ass and e.) they might be using to plug a DVD. If it was up to me the Hall of Fame would be the absolute elite of professional wrestling and there’d be maybe 20-30 wrestlers on it. Andre, Hogan, Flair, Austin, they’re all certainties and I think Dusty Rhodes is a legitimate entrant too. Wasn’t the greatest wrestler of all time but he didn’t have to be. He was a big, tubby, less than attractive, birth marked redneck with a lisp but he was one of the top performers in history and arguably THE most charismatic wrestler of them all. These matches will span a near 30 year period of one heck of a career. Heres to 265lbs of blue eyed soul and electrified funk that captivated a country and continent. I’m counting the minutes until your induction speech big guy.


AWA, 06/10/73. 2/3 Falls. The Texas Outlaws vs. Don Muraco Muraco/Billy Robinson Robinson.


Hell of a lineup for a tag match there. Outlaws were bad to the bone, rugged heels who beat you up and then rode their mule into the local bar, drank it dry and picked fights with some mighty unlucky locals. Muraco is a babyface rookie here. The guy would go on to become one of the top heels in wrestling and remains one of the all time great heels no one ever talks about. If there was ever any doubt about his greatness, I present to the court Exhibit A, 2 words, 8 letters: Fuji Vice. Billy Robinson I’ve kinda rediscovered after getting the AWA DVD. After seeing him on that I dug out a match he had with Dory Funk in All Japan I had on tape but forgot about and the guy was awesome. Saps like Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin play technical wrestler characters on TV and people foolishly buy into them being any good, Billy Robinson lives the technical wrestling and wipes his rugged English ass with those Playstation playing punks. Lance Storm? I don’t even know if Billy Robinson is alive or dead but he’d be spinning in his grave if he heard that Lance Storm is put on a pedestal and worshipped as a technical Messiah. Robinson looks like an East London gangster here and definitely not the sort of man you’d want to skip in a queue. Speaking of badass, when God was handing out badassery, Dick Murdoch bitchslapped Him and took it all for himself. Hard living, hard drinking, hard hitting, hard boiled. Take some Jack Daniels, some chewing tobacco, add some perfect soupbones, a pinch of Brainbuster and a redneck, put it in a big, bad mother of a pot, stir it with the limbs of a fallen victim and you get the Captain. This was back when wrestlers looked like people that could beat you up rather than the underwear modelling Frat Boys around today. Walk into a bar, who do you avoid making eye contact with for fear of them taking your life, someone who looks like Randy Orton or Mark Jindrak or someone who looks like Dick F’n Murdoch who flosses his teeth with the Mark Jindraks of the world? I could beat up Randy Orton and I hug trees, write poetry and skip through meadows and stuff. Dick Murdoch would tear out my heart, feed it to Dusty and then probably sleep with my grieving mother at the Wake.


There are more people in the ring than there are fans in the studio by the way, although the old, now sadly missed stable of wrestling fans, the motherfunkin’ geriatrics are out in force. Shed a tear because you just don’t get 78 year old women calling the heels ‘no good sons of bitches’, flipping their valet the bird and screaming at the ref that the heel was holding the Goddamn ropes. We now have a bunch of Battlestar Galactica loving smartasses making ‘witty’ chants about selling the arm correctly. Little kids and old people, they’re the greatest fans of em’ all I tells ya. Bruiser Brody would punch the suckers in the stands in the face and they’d wear the bruise like a badge of honour to show their friends. Today in the overly PC, lawsuit happy world, a heel looks at a fan funny, lawsuits are threatened, people are outraged and some idiot starts a thread on a wrestling forum which goes on for 27 pages with more idiots condemning said heel for being…well a heel. Me personally, I want more stories about Bob Holly being all surly and stuff with some ass in the front row acting a tough guy because he thinks he’s protected by being in the front row. Let me hear a story about Fit F’n Finlay punching some schmuck in the throat and I’ll die a happy man. Robinson schools Murdoch to start until some nefarious heel tactics from Big Dust. ‘Muraco waited for him, he outsmarted him, that’s not too hard to do to Rhodes’. Well he said, don’t shoot the messenger. Muraco as the babyface, Rhodes as the heel is really twisting my melon man. Heels cut off Robinson and then Muraco with more shady shenanigans. More ass kicking like Muraco spilled their beer until Muraco makes Rhodes submit with an Octopus Stretch (these were simpler times. It takes 387 HEADROPS~! and a million finishers to get a fall these days) for the first fall.


Muraco catches Murdoch in the Octopus but Dusty soon puts an end to that nonsense. Heels kick Robinson’s ass before cutting Muraco off again. Murdoch with those nifty punches before sending him into the first row and then out again. Refs distracted by Murdoch and Robinson having a manly man contest and Dusty tales advantage by introducing Muraco’s head to the ring post. Ring post doesn’t like Muraco’s head very much and dumps him on the first date. Outlaws win the 2nd fall by countout because they’re no good pieces of crap. By any means necessary. Muraco remains out of it while the Outlaws badmouth him, his tag partner, his mother, his first girlfriend, all his immediate family and all his Hawaiian ancestors.


Robinson fights the 3rd fall by himself because dammit, he’s all man. Robinson takes both to school and not the nice kind where they teach you Maths and stuff. Only Maths Robinson knows is soupbones + holds = mountains of pain. Murdoch goes for the motherfudgin’ Brainbuster of Eternal Damnation but Robinson reverses it into a Backbreaker for the decisive 3rd fall. Outlaws are of course less than happy. Murdoch Brainbusters him on the floor, Rhodes drops a knee on him from the apron. Somebody call the hospital, tell them to clear a few beds.


NWA Tag Titles, Clash of the Champions II, 08/06/88. Dusty Rhodes/Sting vs. Tully Blanchard/Arn Anderson ©


Sting had just begun his ascent up the ranks as the hot new babyface in the NWA, fresh off becoming somewhat of a star overnight following his 45 minute time limit draw with Ric Flair 3 months earlier. Dusty being Dusty, he of course latched onto the up and coming babyface star, leeching off his heat. See TA, Magnum and Express, Rock N’ Roll for further examples. Arn and Tully are the best Goddamn tag team of the late 80s and would sign for the WWF later in the year, the story being that Vince was a huge fan of both and felt they added credibility to his promotion. Most people went to the WWF from the smaller promotions and were tweaked somewhat (Jim Duggan became a moron, the hardcore, bloody Sheepherders become The Bushwackers being two of many examples) but Arn and Tully were themselves, busting brains and taking names of all those sons of bitches in Cartoon Land. The esteemed James J. Dillon, one of my own personal favourites is the manager of the Champs. YOUR playa current playa Smackdown playa General playa Manager playa Theodore playa R. playa Long playa is playa referee playa playa.


Arn takes a breather on the floor following a less than successful start with the Man they call Sting. They sure do talk a lot. JJ gives him some advice. ‘Gouge his eyes, fishhook him, pull his hair, kick him in the nuts, grab his tights, put your feet on the ropes and then take a tire iron to his skull’ would be my guess. Arn misses a left hand and decks the ring post on the outside severely crippling the ring post in the process. Sting goes after the left arm like it was a Bible. Tully in but Sting strikes down upon him with great vengeance and furious anger and tags Da Mehcan Dweam to a big pop. Arn and Tully bump around for Dusty like it was 1985 or 1986 or 1987…the more things change and all that. Dusty puts Tully in his crappy Figure 4 but nefarious heel tactics puts an end to that and NOW we go to Horsemen school. Dusty rather stupidly manages to choke himself on the hand of the esteemed James J. Dillon who is busy minding his own business. Tully tries to Vertical Suplex Dusty. He’d have had more success Suplexing a house. Dusty tags Sting and the power of Christ compels him. Beatdowns dished out like loaves of bread to the hungry. The Stinger Splash still rocks my world. Such a simple move and yet still one of my favourites. Double A DD motherforkin’ T on the floor kills Sting dead. The esteemed James J. Dillon ever the gentleman helps Sting back into the ring and helps pay for his imminent funeral. Eventually Sting gets the hot tag and Dusty whoops some dastardly heel ass, dishing out Elbows. Sting meanwhile asks himself ‘What would Jesus do?’ Well he wouldn’t throw the ref out of the way doofus. Never was the sharpest sandwich in the toolbox that Stinger. Windham runs in and Claws the crap out of Dusty who of course bleeds. Dusty bleeds washing his face in the morning so nothing new there. Naitcha Boy shows up and stomps the hell out of Sting and the match is a big ass no contest.


WCW Greed, 18/03/01. Kiss My Ass match. Dusty Rhodes/Dustin Rhodes vs. Ric Flair/Jeff Jarrett.


Sniff, the final ever WCW PPV. This is in Jacksonville, Florida aka Dusty Country so he’s over like rover here. Flair was at the absolute low point of his career here, in the worst shape of his life so he is sporting a rather nifty Hawaiian shirt. Road Warrior Animal, the recently revealed mystery man (and man was that ever underwhelming at the time) is in the aisle but Lil’ Naitch sends him back to the dressing room. Story of the match is basically a nostalgia trip as the fans are all rabid to see Dusty and Flair go at it like it was 1986 again. Jarrett and Dustin start the match, Dustin kicks his ass until he misses that horrible ‘I’ll go to the top rope, jump off, going for…something, you lift your leg and I’ll jump face first into it’ spot that I hate so much. Flair in, he kicks Dustin’s ass until Dustin flips him off, tags Big Daddy and NOW we party hardy. Fans pop big of course. Flair vs. Dusty, slightly older, slightly balder, slightly tubbier, slightly more damaged livers, Flair in a Hawaiian shirt, Dusty in black because it’s slimming but dammit, it’s still Dusty vs. Flair. Flair bumps, Dusty wags his heavenly derriere in Flair’s face, Flair bumps some more and all is right with the world. Crowd noticeably quietens when Dusty tags in Dustin. I like Dustin Rhodes, the guy was always a good wrestler, he was one of the most naturally talented rookies of the last 20 years, the Goldust character was remarkably good and he pulled it off better than anyone could have, he was the Monday Night Raw MVP in 2002 but lets face it, his father is DUSTY FRIGGIN’ RHODES. He casts a big shadow (in more ways than one). Not many 2nd generation wrestlers step out of the shadow of their fathers. For every Bret Hart, there’s an Erik Watts, for every Rock, there’s a David Flair, truly the pinup child of 2nd generation mediocrity. Ok his chemistry with Crowbar and Daffney was one of the highlights of later WCW and he did go balls deep in the crap hatch of both Stacy Keibler and Torrie Wilson (back before she looked like the leathery, orange offspring of Hulk Hogan and George Hamilton) but come on, he’s David Flair and his dad is…well, you know. Dustin sets Jarrett up for the Move Formerly Known As Shattered Dreams but Flair soon ends that with a Greco Roman Low Blow made famous by Hackenschmidt back in 1902 and the heels cut off Dustin while Flair hip thrusts the fans, impregnating every man, woman and beast in the arena in the process. Dustin makes the hot tag to Dustin who whoops some ass and goes funky like a gorilla. All four men in, Jarrett Lowblows Dusty in his giant, virile lovespuds. Heels go for stereo Figure 4 Leglocks but they’re shoved into each other and Dustin finishes Flair with the ugliest Small Package in history. Jarrett gets a Dusty Stinkface post match. Some guys have all the luck.


The next night on Nitro, Dusty would bring out an ass and in a clever piece of thinking, just because wrestling fans are clearly knuckle dragging, drooling idiots who wouldn’t get the joke, it had the words ‘Dusty’s Ass’ written on it’s rear end. Former 3 time NWA World Heavyweight Champion Dusty Rhodes would make Nature Boy Ric F’n Flair kiss the ass of the ass. It was truly the pinnacle of both legends’ illustrious careers.




The Main Event

Stephen Ashfield




A Hall of Fame or Shame?

By Steve Ashfield Writer of the Year 2006


Hey I won it so I’ll flaunt it! We’re just weeks away from Wrestlemania 23 but as someone who has a great interest in the history of professional wrestling I’d like to take a look this week at the WWE Hall of Fame, though I can think of a better title. Just why is this the Hall of Shame?


So far Dusty Rhodes has been announced as the first inductee at the event that takes place on Wrestlemania eve. That should be a great speech though I wouldn’t sit too near the front as you might get a bit wet. Dusty can look back at his long career, try not to mention too much about his work as a booker and not give Vince McMahon (who for this event can truly say ‘hair today gone tomorrow’) a dirty look as he recalls his time in the company when polka dots and having to tag with Sapphire were the best he was given. Apparently Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler are also due to be inducted, the latter I can understand but what does JR have to say about all the times he’s been given the chop by Vince?


This really is the Hall of Shame and until Bruno Sammartino, Bob Backlund and Randy Savage are inducted, that’s exactly what it will remain. How can you have a Hall of Fame that includes George Steele and Greg Valentine but not former WWF Champions such as those I’ve mentioned? Sammartino and Backlund held the WWF Title between them for nearly 17 years but there’s no chance of them being in this years list of inductees.


Get a Christmas card from Vince or at least be in his good books and then you have a chance but there’s long ongoing problems between Sammartino and McMahon and with Backlund in TNA at the moment, forget about him getting his rightful place in the Hall of Fame.


This isn’t a Hall that acknowledges real talent and remembers those who have helped make the company what it is today. Randy Savage was a great champion and some people could understand what he said while commentating, The Ultimate Warrior may have been a bit crap in the ring but how much merchandise revenue has he made for Vince over the years?


Then of course there’s the tag division. Last years ceremony saw the induction of The Blackjacks, Bret Hart got inducted too (only after long negotiations with Vince) but the Hart Foundation wasn’t. Isn’t it time that The British Bulldogs were given their place in the Hall of Fame? How many more books does Vince have to read that say how big an influence The Dynamite Kid was to the wrestlers of today, have a chat with Chris Benoit, Vince. The British Bulldog went on to become a success in the singles ranks too. With his son, Harry Smith in the company now it seems a perfect time to honour this team, or perhaps they’ll go for the Bushwhackers instead, I wouldn’t be surprised. These kind of awards shouldn’t be determined by who Vince is in a good mood with or who he thinks he can make a few dollars from by putting out a DVD, most of which will include action from companies he helped destroy.


So if the stars who should be in the Hall aren’t going to end up there, who is likely to be inducted aside from those already named? Again you have to think of DVD sales and the fact a Mr Perfect DVD is on the horizon means the late Curt Hennig must stand a chance of being inducted this year.


Ted Dibiase is another possibility especially after his recent involvement with the company, Jake Roberts would be but Vince couldn’t face the huge drinks bill and the fact the acceptance speech would either be incomprehensible or just churn out the same stuff he says to everyone while reeking of beer (yes I still remember that afternoon in Andover and I’m still waiting for permission to print the interview Jake).


If the company is going to honour one of their former managers and wrestlers, then I’d go for Mr Fuji (a posthumous award for Yokozuna wouldn’t come amiss you know).


Each Hall of Fame ceremony has one really big name and I can’t see why this year that couldn’t be Stone Cold Steve Austin. His in-ring days are virtually over, he made the company millions and he’s got a film coming out. The Rock doesn’t really seem to care too much about wrestling at the moment and Ric Flair is probably a couple of years away from being honoured even though he should have been one of the first names in there. Howard Finkel would be a popular choice after all the years he’s been in the company and someone like Ron Simmons would also be popular.


At the end of the day though this is just another money making exercise for Vince McMahon. It just doesn’t mean what it should and that’s honouring the best in the profession. Come to think of it, why doesn’t he look at inducting someone like Johnny Saint or Kendo Nagasaki, he makes enough money out of the UK so why not honour some of our best stars?


Well, that’s all for this week, I’ll have another look at this subject in the weeks ahead when more names have been confirmed. In the meantime keep an eye out for the launch is imminent and it’s something not to be missed.




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Final Thoughts



Thanks for joining us folks, be sure to come again next fortnight, Movie Mayhem shall be return then. :xyx


Take care...



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Just some comments about the Hall of Fame piece. Both Sammartino and Backlund have been approached about going into the HoF, and both have so far declined. I'm pretty sure Warrior has been approached as well, but I'm not 100% on that.


Another thing that I wish people would understand is that Vince can't induct all the big names in the first few years. If he did, there would be no reason to bother with the later inductions because there would be no-one of any real value attending/being inducted.


You have one, maybe two huge names, and some of the lesser guys to pad it out. That makes more sense than overloading the first few years.


Apart from that, a good newsletter this time out.

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Another thing that I wish people would understand is that Vince can't induct all the big names in the first few years. If he did, there would be no reason to bother with the later inductions because there would be no-one of any real value attending/being inducted.


I get that, but what I don't understadn is why we need to put 12 random guys in there every year. The Hall of Fame should be pretigious and elitist. Only inducting a few people per year, if that. But then I guess Vince couldn't milk a whole half our televised ceremony out of that, could he?

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I get that, but what I don't understadn is why we need to put 12 random guys in there every year. The Hall of Fame should be pretigious and elitist. Only inducting a few people per year, if that. But then I guess Vince couldn't milk a whole half our televised ceremony out of that, could he?


Exactly. Plus, it just balances things out. No, the HoF isn't a huge prestigious event with half the people who are in there, but wrestling isn't real anyway. The HoF is as much for cosmetics as it is for paying respect.

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I get that, but what I don't understadn is why we need to put 12 random guys in there every year. The Hall of Fame should be pretigious and elitist. Only inducting a few people per year, if that. But then I guess Vince couldn't milk a whole half our televised ceremony out of that, could he?


Not being televised this year though. Some might have you think it's because the crowd haven't "behaved" in recent years (and also recent weeks with the TNA chants) and therefore they're worried.


It's a shame, I love watching the ceremony.

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Guest The Great Ahmar
Decent read, although on Omar's article about the Carling Cup. Isnt it the FA Cup where you get a UEFA Cup spot, not the Carling Cup.


What Clarkey said :D

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Guest steve100
There's plenty of top level wrestlers Vince can put into the Hall of Fame especially as they don't have to be wrestlers who made their name solely in the WWE, take Dusty Rhodes, all his best matches were outside the company. Still too much of Vince putting people in the Hall of Fame with DVD sales on his mind, definitely the case with Mr Perfect.
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