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Guest edd

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Guitar Hero 2(360)

Crackdown(well waiting for Halo beta)

Rainbow 6 Vegas(i would place higher than my mum)

Fight Night (360)

Half Life 2 (XBox 1)


ICO(PS2, probably best game design ever. its like its real but its not)



dont know how im going to finish them

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TMNT on the 360. Man, I played for about an hour and a half last night and am pretty much halfway through. I didn't pay for, mind. If I had I may be a little miffed. It's actually pretty good simple fun.


Gears of War is still a firm favourite. I also have a ton of new games awaiting my attention, including COD3, 99 Nights, Enchanted Arms, Tuner Challenge, Spiderman 3 and Marvel.

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Guest ahsatan

I've gone back to Hitman Blood Money, one more level and I get my achievement points for doing it on Professional. :D

Still playing Gears Of War, great for online multiplayer.

Tiger Woods is getting a regular airing too.

Worms HD on the arcade in another one.


I mostly play one single player game at a time, and the multiplayers.

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Guest Ravenmark

Battering Viva Pinata at the moment, won't rest until I get all the acheivements.


Other than that, playing Twilight Princess for a second run through and smooth moves.

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Sims 2 + All Packs (PC)

Infernal (PC)

God Of War 2 (PS2)

Shadow Of The Colossus (PS2)

Deus Ex (PC Online)

Metal Gear Solid 2 VR Missions Im at 84% (PS2)

Burnout Dominator (PS2)

Zelda (Gamecube)

Mario Sunshine (Gamecube)


I'm playing a few differant ones as u can see, Im awaiting my PS3 but that wont be here till XMas lol. I also regularly play Smackdown VS RAW 2007, and have recently just completely finished the following:



Burnout Revenge

Soul Calibur 2

Tekken 5

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Guest dpddave
final fantasy 12 - ive been thinking about buying another manager game,but the whethers being so nice.....and i dont fancy sitting in all summer. manager sims are evil!!
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Guest Kanenite
Final Fantasy 12, i've been playing parts of it and it seems good so far. I'll play a few hours today after revision.
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Guest MojoPogo
Finished Hitman. All 1000 gamerpoints added to my score. :D


Tash, you are an achievement eating legend. I salute you! *slips and falls on his arse* :xyx

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No Mercy TNA v RoH edition for the Project64 Emulator thanks to Jack and Kurtmarks help in allowing me to track it down.


Also X-Wing v TIE Fighter (Demo) and X-Wing Alliance, my favourite Star Wars games of all time.


I could get a DL or find a full copy of XWvTIE anywhere until Becki got one on eBay for the bargin price of £3.00 including P&P so I'm just awaiting that.

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I'm playing Meet the Robinsons on the 360. Now, I would have never thought about buying this, but I've gotta say it is indeed pretty good. A little bit like a Zelda-lite kinda deal. It looks OK, it plays OK and I like it. Go Me!
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