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‘We’ll make PS3 Home look prehistoric’

Guest Clarkey

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Guest Clarkey
CEO of Virgin’s games on demand service talks up new virtual world

The boss of Virgin’s new digital download site A World Of My Own (AWOMO) believes that the venture can outclass Sony’s much-lauded PS3 Home project. Users were invited to register for the Beta of the site this week.


And now AWOMO creator Games Domain International has told MCV that the download speed of the site will put next-gen consoles to shame – and that it can reach half a million subscribers this year.


“We want a minimum of 30,000 subscribers for the Beta and we’re already well on track,” GDI CEO Roger Walkden told MCV. “We’re looking at comfortably getting that figure up to six figures – even half a million – by the end of the year. There are 400 million gamers worldwide that we can attract, so we have good reason to be confident."


“We have had a few emails from people who have already registered and are impressed that we seem to have pulled off a ‘me too’ model of PS3 Home for PC. But they will have to wait and see how good this will get. In terms of download speed, Home is very much what we have got used to in the 21st Century. AWOMO will make that look prehistoric.”


Walkden promised that AWOMO was planning “four or five major PR and marketing promotions” in the next few weeks, which will take awareness of the venture outside of the specialist press.


Pretty bold statement. Heres the site in question: awomo Don't really have much more to add really; I've signed up to the free beta myself (well applied or whatever it entails from the form filling on the site), but I'm not expecting as big a deal as is being made out from this article.

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Guest Clarkey

Home is basically the Sony version of Second Life, with their PS3 online features comprised (online gaming, showing off ingame achievements etc.)


Alot of sites have a nice preview of it, heres IGN's

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Guest Chriscare
Ironic that they say that they'll make Sony's look prehistoric, when there's already looks prehistoric from the fact that its PC only. Online gaming on consoles seems to be the way the market is headed
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