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The cheesy chat up lines thread!

Guest Trimmy

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Guest Trimmy

So who on TWO uses them? Whats your faveourite while on the pull? What do ye girls think of them?


My current fave is this:


*walk up to girl*


"how much does a polar bear weigh?"





"Enough to break the ice I'm [insert name here]"

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Guest dpddave

Chessey chat up lines never work!!!


Although i do quite like this one...walk up a girl and say "i may not be the best looking man in here,but baby im the only one talking to you"


*prepare to be slapped though,you have been warned!!

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Guest Laffy

The best three i have heard and the really sad one i tried and failed miserably with.


Ok ones that have been said to me.


1.Your name must be Gillette? the best a man can get (sorry i love this one).


2.Have you got 10p to phone home and let them know you wont be coming home tonight.


3. Are you tired you've been running round and round in my dreams all night.


This is one my mate told me along time ago, i tried it and failed so badly its funny.


me:Hey, I like your outfit


me:...appart from your arms

guy:my arms? whats wrong with my arms?

me:Im not in them


a really old one that apparently works NOT! I was 16 when i used it and never used a chatline again. I do have to say I went out with the guy who said number one to me for 5 years. It was really funny but corny.

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Guest Anime Otaku
One time I was out and the girl I ended up talking to complained of sore feet so I told her she could sit on my lap if she liked, and she did. :) Probably only works for people in wheelchairs though. Pity she already had a man :(
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Gotta love a cheesy chat up line,even though they never work. Only ever had one used on me, it was the "Did your father take the stars from the sky and put them in your eyes" line. I laughed, and couldn't stop even after the guy slunk away. Cheesy lines just dont work...
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Guest FreeSpirit

-I hope you know CPR, because you take my breath away


-If I said you had a beautiful body, would you hold it against me?


-I'm no Fred Flintstone, but I can make your Bedrock!


-Hello, I'm a thief, and I'm here to steal your heart



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Guest ahsatan

I once got "Did it hurt, when you fell from Heaven?"


I'm not sure what they guy's image of angels was, but I was dressed head to toe in black, and looking rather "Gothic" as I was at my local rock pub at the time. He'd have been better off asking if I bumped my head on the way up.

Anyway, no it didn't and would never have worked. :)

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how do you fancy half shares in a *******?


Always makes me laugh anyway.


One that did work for me was when I saw 3 girls stood near the bar, so I went and got the barman to give me three shots of water. I handed the girls the water and told them that I was skint, but if they could pretend it was vodka we could have a chat and sort out going for a real drink the next week.


Ok, so I only managed the fat ugly slaggy one. But there you go.

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