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Tournament of Champions II


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Ah yes, it is back. I know that the first Tournament of Champions just ended less than a week ago, but I have too much spare time. I promise that this one will be better. I am giving this Tournament of Champions the moniker of "Tournament of Champions: Unleashed". The reason is that pretty much all the rules from the last Tournament are out the window. The rules for this one are fairly simple. You can pick absolutely any wrestler you want, it doesn't matter what promotion they are from. They could be from WWE, TNA, WCW, ECW, OVW, FCW, NWA, AWA, it doesn't matter. All that matters is that they are a current and/or former World Champion. By the way that I worded it, you can probably tell that I won't be the ones choosing the participants. The members of TWO will. All I want is for any TWO member to post a current and/or former World Champion and they will be added to the tournament. I will take the first 15 wrestlers that are requested and put them in the tournament. Also, I didn't mention it in the last tournament, but the winner of the last Tournament of Champions will automatically be entered into the tournament, so therefore, Ric Flair will be the first to be placed in the tournament as the defending Ultimate World Champion. So to review, here are the rules for the Second Tournament of Champions:


-TWO Members Will Choose The Participants (no matter if they are joking or not).

-Only one pick per member.

-They must be current and/or former World Champions.

-They can be from any promotion from anytime (past or present, that is).

-I will only accept the first 31 requested wrestlers.

-Members who put in their requests can retract them anytime before the round involving their request is posted. If they retract their request, they must pick another one.

-The winner of the previous tournament, Ric Flair, will be automatically put into the tournament.



Tournament of Champions: Unleashed

1: Ric Flair

2: Jamie Noble

3: Eddie Guerrero

4: Bret Hart

5: Bryan Danielson

6: Shawn Michaels

7: Chris Benoit

8: Triple H

9: Mike Awesome (eliminated in Opening Round I)

10: The Rock

11: Hulk Hogan

12: AJ Styles

13: Tazz

14: Vince Russo

15: David Arquette

16: Samoa Joe (eliminated in Opening Round II)

17: Chris Jericho

18: Gus Sonnenberg

19: Whipper Billy Watson

20: Ali Baba

21: Randy Savage

22: JBL

23: Christian Cage

24: Seamus O' Shaughnessy

25: Gary Steele

26: Dick Shikat

27: The Undertaker

28: George Hackenschmidt

29: Bronko Nakurski

30: Riki Choshu




Retractions not pending, here are the brackets:



Opening Round I:

AJ Styles def. Mike Awesome with 13 of the 23 votes to advance.


Opening Round II:

Tazz def. Samoa Joe with 19 of the 26 votes to advance.


Opening Round III:

The Rock Vs. Bret Hart


Opening Round IV:

Jamie Noble Vs. Vince Russo


Opening Round V:

Ric Flair © Vs. Eddie Guerrero


Opening Round VI:

Hulk Hogan Vs. Chris Benoit


Opening Round VII:

David Arquette Vs. Bryan Danielson


Opening Round VIII:

Triple H Vs. Gus Sonnenberg


Opening Round IX:

Ali Baba Vs. Shawn Michaels


Opening Round X:

Chris Jericho Vs. Whipper Billy Watson


Opening Round XI:

Randy Savage Vs. Christian Cage


Opening Round XII:

JBL Vs. Dick Shikat


Opening Round XIII:

George Hackenschmidt Vs. Seamus O' Shaughnessy


Opening Round XIV:

The Undertaker Vs. Bronku Nakurski


Opening Round XV:

Riki Choshu Vs. ????



Secondary Round 1:

AJ Styles Vs. Tazz


Secondary Round 2:

The Rock/Bret Hart Vs. Jamie Noble/Vince Russo

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I think you should make it 32 Champions that way it will be longer and therefore more cool.


Also, I pick former ROH World Champion, James Gibson AKA Jamie Noble.

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What's the point Flair is just gonna win again. But if your going ahead with it anyway,i'll pick him.


Flairs got automatic entry, i will pick Taz, old school Taz or just Tazz with a double Z

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