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The ROH Super Thread 2007/2008

Guest The Great Ahmar

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Guest The Great Ahmar

Most other boards seem to have them, plus it'll save someone having to make a new thread for results of the shows and we can post all ROH related news, views and reviews here. So let me kick it off:


ROH Newswire 12th September:


September 12th: We have major news for this Saturday's PPV taping in Chicago. The biggest grudge World Title Match in ROH history has been signed. ROH World Champion Takeshi Morishima will put the belt on the line against former World Champion Bryan Danielson THIS SATURDAY in Chicago. You can now save almost 30% on tickets until tomorrow morning at ROHwrestling.com. As documented in the latest ROH Video Wire, Bryan Danielson suffered a serious eye injury against Morishima during their 8/25 bout in Manhattan and needed emergency surgery. Danielson's doctor told him yesterday that he is recovering quickly and that he will probably be able to wrestle this weekend. Danielson will have one more check up tomorrow just to make sure. However, Danielson said he is feeling great and he wants Morishima back in the ring. Danielson said cannot wait to get Morishima in the ring. Danielson says that Morishima took his vision from him so he will get revenge by ending Morishima's over six month ROH World Title reign. Danielson proved his toughness last year when he wrestled for months with a severely injured shoulder. ROH officials are 100% confident that Danielson is ready to go for this Saturday's epic rematch. We will have more on this bout and another update on Danielson after his latest visit to the doctor in tomorrow's ROHwrestling.com Newswire. It simply doesn't get any bigger than this.


September 12th: There are still no plans for Danielson to compete in Detroit this Friday to give him an additional night of rest.


September 12th: The first teaser for the "Driven" PPV is up at http://www.ROHvideos.com and at rohvideos.com. Check it out now to see a preview of the match of the year candidate Bryan Danielson vs. Nigel McGuinness bout. Driven will debut on TVN and DISH on 9/21 and iNDEMAND on 9/28. Check your local listings for times and price.


September 12th: The Triple Savings Sale continues until tomorrow morning at http://www.ROHwrestling.com giving you 20% off your entire order, 10% off ROH live event tickets to all shows and buy 3, get 1 free on FIP DVDs. The best part is that you can combine these sales to save even more like almost 30% on ROH live event tickets and 20% on the buy 3, get 1 FIP DVD sale. The latest ROH DVDs are red hot. "A Night At The Roxbury" just received glowing reviews from the staff of PWTorch.com where it received scores of 7.5, 7.5 and 8.5. Check out this card now to see Takeshi Morishima vs. Jay Briscoe, a wild bout pitting Mark Briscoe vs. Kevin Steen, Mike Quackenbush vs. Claudio Castagnoli vs. Chris Hero vs. Nigel McGuinness, Bryan Danielson vs. Jimmy Rave, El Generico vs. Matt Sydal, No Remorse Corps vs. The Resilience & Delirious plus much more!!! "I give this show gets a big thumbs up and a high recommendation."- Torch Columnist Sean Radican.


September 12th: ROH is ready to tape its third PPV this Saturday in Chicago. There is nothing like seeing the history live. The first half of the show will be the PPV taping. The second half will feature matches for the live crowd and DVD audience. Save almost 30% on tickets until TOMORROW MORNING at ROHwrestling.com. Here are the details of this Saturday's event:


Frontier Fieldhouse

September 15, 2007- 8:00 pm belltime (PPV Taping)

9807 Sayre Ave.

Chicago Ridge, IL 60415


Tickets are available at http://www.rohwrestling.com, http://www.tickets.com or by calling (215) 781-2500.


World Title Match

Takeshi Morishima (if still champion) vs. Bryan Danielson


World Tag Team Title Ladder Match

Jay & Mark Briscoe (if still champions) defend vs. Kevin Steen & El Generico


The Feud Ends In Chicago- Final Meeting

Matt Sydal vs. Delirious


SHIMMER Dream Tag Match

Daizee Haze & Amazing Kong vs. SHIMMER Champion Sara Del Rey & Lacey


Singles Challenge Series

No Remorse Corps of Roderick Strong, Davey Richards & Rocky Romero vs. The Resilience of Austin Aries, Erick Stevens & Matt Cross in three singles matches that will be determined on the night of the show.


Plus more with:

-Nigel McGuinness

-Naomichi Marufuji

-Jack Evans

-Brent Albright & BJ Whitmer with Shane Hagadorn

-Claudio Castagnoli

-Chris Hero with Larry Sweeney, Tank Toland & Bobby Dempsey

-Jimmy Jacobs

-Members of The YRR including Chasyn Rance & Kenny King

-Irish Airborne

-Plus more!!!


If the first ever Ladder match in ROH that features the Briscoes, El Generico and Kevin Steen of all people wasn't enough Danielson V Shima II. This Show/PPV taping will seriously kick ass!

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Guest The Great Ahmar
Is this the PPV Porject 161 is supposed to be revealing itself?


I think so at least, all the hints are suggesting they will like "The second city" and the Chicago skyline. The 161 being the 161th ROH show which will be the PPV taping plus they want the Briscoes who are blowing off their awesome feud with Steen and Generico. Also on their latest blog it goes:


No more clues. Tune in back here this Thursday night for an unveiling of sorts; a matinee, if you will. Project 161 will reveal exactly who we are, and what we’re here for. Until next time…fight the good fight
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Guest John Hancock

I've been really into this angle since it started. it's been really well, '*** I;ve got NO idea who it is.


I've heard everything from Murder City Machine Gun to Second City Saints (Colt and Steel) to Jimmay Rave to BJ Whitmer. I really can't wait to see who it is.


Even if it's someone stupid, we already know we'll get a match and feud with the Briscoes in it.

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Guest The Great Ahmar
Any idea's at all who it might be?


Me personally I though it was Adam Pearce, BJ Whitmer and Jimmy Rave. Because all 3 got squash by Shima on a PPV taping and where PO'ed with society and all that.


Now I think it'll be Pearce fronting it as the mouth piece which will be freaking awesome as he is the best talker in the business and more promo's like the one of the first PPV and I'd be happy. BJ Whitmer purely because he has nothing else to do, turned hell and has a new hair cut dammit! Tyler Black and Jimmy Jacobs fronting the tag team of the group, their both emo and Black has reported been wearing more and more weird messages on his tights, plus DIFH in ROH will rule.

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Guest John Hancock
Any idea's at all who it might be?


No idea really. The origional favs were Rave and Whitmer, but Rave seems to have genuinly left, unless it's the single greatest work ever.


Shelley seems to be the favourite right now, but I really can't see that happening.

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Guest John Hancock
Me personally I though it was Adam Pearce, BJ Whitmer and Jimmy Rave. Because all 3 got squash by Shima on a PPV taping and where PO'ed with society and all that.


Now I think it'll be Pearce fronting it as the mouth piece which will be freaking awesome as he is the best talker in the business and more promo's like the one of the first PPV and I'd be happy. BJ Whitmer purely because he has nothing else to do, turned hell and has a new hair cut dammit! Tyler Black and Jimmy Jacobs fronting the tag team of the group, their both emo and Black has reported been wearing more and more weird messages on his tights, plus DIFH in ROH will rule.


That would really good. Pearce really is just gold on the mic, and Jacobs is a personal guilty pleasure of mine.


Doin' It For Her and Lacey's Angels in the same stable, along with Pearce would make me roll into a little ball of joy, much like a field mouse.

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Guest The Great Ahmar

Thought I might as well give a brief run down of the ROH Live In Tokyo show, as it's one of the new DVDs out and I thought some people might be interested in getting it what ever way they do.


Rocky Romero & Davey Richards V Jack Evans & Kotaro Suzuki.


My dislike for Rocky Romero and Jack Evans was in question in this match. Suzuki is a good Tag Wrestler, plus he has one hell of worker in Ricky Marvin as his usual partner so he always shines. I mark for Davey Richards. Anyway the match, starts off after the whole NRC jump Delirious who was welcoming the Tokyo crowd to ROH in his unique way. The match built very way, it went pretty long and the crowd where really into it and quite loud which isn't always usual for a Japanese crowd. Some really good spots to the outside and off the top rope. Rocky Romero gave Jack Evans three stiff kicks up side the head and got the three count. Good match, the US crowd would have loved this. ***1/2


Shuhei Taniguchi vs. Akihiko Ito


Two NOAH young lions being given some in-ring time here. In an uneventful match, Taniguchi won with a German Suplex with a difference, he literally pulled up his opponent and Germaned him, not like the usual 'receiver jumps to help the giver' German Suplex. Put this match in front of a US crowd and they'd crap all over it with "Boring" chants. While yes it wasn't the most exciting match it was a basic, solid match. Both men look very decent in the ring. **


Jimmy Rave vs. BJ Whitmer


Kinda Meh really, they sort of just went through the motions of a regular match. Rave won when he hit the pedigree out of nowhere, the crowd wasn't into it at all either. The reason it wasn't so great was probably because they don't want to the over shadow the next match or BJ Whitmer is incapable of having a good match that's not against Jimmy Jacobs. *1/4


Bryan Danielson vs. Go Shiozaki


If this match was woman it'd probably be Jennifer Aniston or someone. Danielson came out supporting a old-school robe...BADASS! Go chopped the holy hell out of Danielson, not Roddy Strong levels of chopping but really, really stiff chops. Danielson worked on Go's arm after this. Go would sell the arm like a champ and Danielson egged him on to chop him, Go would try his best but it didn't effect Danielson Go would go straight back to selling the arm, meanwhile Danielson just laughed off his weak chops...BADASS! They took it to the floor, Danielson knocked Go into the crowd and did his kickass dive into the crowd totally...BADASS! They came back into the ring and just went for it. Both men traded, clotheslines, forearms, suplexs, top rope suplex's, submissions and it was great to watch, Go went for his moonsault (He really is the next Kobashi!) but missed. Danielson went for the elbows to the side of the head but Go wouldn't give up nor get knocked out, Danielson locked in the Cattle Mutilation, but Go made it to the ropes, he then backslided Danielson for the 2 count but Danielson locked in the Cattle Mutilation again and finally got Go to Tap...BADASS MATCH! Seriously, was kick ass in very way. I wish Go would be a regular in ROH like Mori, KENTA and such are and were. I can't pimp this enough you've got to see it! ****3/4 Would I rate this higher than Briscoes V MCMG? Not quite, Would I rate this higher than the Backlash Main Event? Just, Would I rate this higher than KENTA & Ishimori vs. Marufuji & Ibushi? Just. So it's my 2nd favourite of the year so far.


Fight Without Honor - Roderick Strong V Delirious


I was disappointed with this match, I felt it went way to long and didn't feature enough Hardcoreness to warrant the Fight Without Honor stipulation. The crowd where into it and then sat on their hands with there mouths taped up pretty much throughout the match. The finish to kinda came out of nowhere, well to me it did as I was really bored of the match. Delirious gets the 3 with a Cross armed, sit out powerbomb. Delirious steals members of the crowd's hat and chews on it after the match. **1/2


Jay Briscoe, Mark Briscoe & Marufuji Naomichi vs. Matt Sydal, Ricky Marvin and Atsushi Aoki


It was a cross breed of ROH fast paced, high-flying style of match mixed with a Random NOAH 6 man. Still was a great match, awesome spot where Briscoes and Marufuji did a triple corner kick to Aoki (who was a last minute replacement for KENTA) Some more great double team moves on Aoki who was like the main guy getting his ass handed to him during the match. He made the hot tag and all hell broke loose, some great action during this part of the match. The finish saw Murafuji give a totally badass kick to Matt Sydal for the 3. ***1/2


ROH World Title - Takshi Morishima V Nigel McGuiness


Intense, stiff and all that you'd except from this match. Both men went fall out for 20 minutes, McGuiness went for the jawbreaker lariat early on but Mori blocked it, it added to the finish later on as it was hyped as the finishing move of Nigel. Nigel did some high flying with a dive onto Shima on the outside from the top rope, plus hit the Tower of London from the top rope onto the apron (Mori blocked it and made it look poopy) Shima was boo'ed like the big bad wolf in a Little Red hiding hood play. Nigel get all intense and went for the lariat's and stuff but Mori wouldn't go down, Nigel finally hit the jawbreaker lariat and the crowd thought this is it, new champ! But Morishima kicked out, got pissed, lariated the snot out of Nigel and gave him a shockingly dangerous backdrop that made me wonder how the hell Nigel could up! Great Main Event, ***3/4


Overall, if you have a chance to get this show please do it. You don't have to like Japanese wrestling to enjoy it. I'd give it a 7/10 overall.

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Guest John Hancock

I need that Shiozaki - Danielson match in my life.


I love the random NOAH "three heels, three faces, you've got yourselves a match" thing. It's always a nice way to showcase a lot of different styles at once.

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Guest John Hancock
If it's Rave as well I'll wet my pants. His aprupt leave from the company may have been a work all along.


If it is, ROH have REALLY raised the bar when it comes to angles.



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Guest The Great Ahmar
isnt rave under contract to ROH?


He was on the TNA PPV and the iMPACT tapings. I don't know if he has signed a proper contract or is just working under a few dates/trial contract. But if he and ROH work us and TNA then boy, that's just plain greatness!

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Guest The Great Ahmar

This is just some of the e-mails people have gotten from 161~


Subject: 161


Put the puzzle together. We have given you the parts. The first order has been issued.


Spread the word. The big reveal will be Thursday night. Project161.com


dawn is upon us


Do you know the lyrics to Spider-Pig.


"Can he swing from a web?"


Tonight the questions will be answered.


The time is upon us.


The reveal is here.




Spread the message to those who believe in the cause.


Roses are red


Violets are blue


Mark is a toothless redneck


And Jay will be too.


"this weekend"

"Be protected, cover up"

"over your face"

"on your face

"Ski Masks."

"and bandannas"
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Guest John Hancock

"Mark is a toothless redneck and Jay will be too. "


Endlessly awesome.


And I'm not going to be here to learn the next part! Damn you Jewish new year!

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I think you may have to register to download these but they are here if you want to download them you just have to enter three letters and wait 45 secs to download the files


ROH: A Fight At The Roxbury


1. Brent Albright vs. BJ Whitmer

http://www.megaupload.com/?d=NNOXWMR8 - 43Mb

2. Bryan Danielson vs. Jimmy Rave

http://www.megaupload.com/?d=8FI6Z6GN - 55Mb

3. Mark Briscoe vs. Kevin Steen

http://www.megaupload.com/?d=HFKNVJA7 - 41Mb

4. Nigel McGuinness vs. Claudio Castagnoli vs. Chris Hero vs. Mike Quackenbush

http://www.megaupload.com/?d=NP3T6VXT - 72Mb

5. Eddie Edwards vs. Pelle Primeau

http://www.megaupload.com/?d=BQENYM2G - 35Mb

6. Matt Sydal vs. El Generico

http://www.megaupload.com/?d=D97TVA5S - 51Mb

http://www.megaupload.com/?d=D97TVA5S - 11Mb

7. Delirous, Matt Cross, & Erick Stevens vs. Roderick Strong, Davey Richards, & Rocky Romero (Six Man Tag Team War)

http://www.megaupload.com/?d=GTIDXR5B - 77Mb

8. Takeshi Morishima vs. Jay Briscoe (ROH World Title Match)

http://www.megaupload.com/?d=S7QCUYA8 - 58Mb


CM Punk v Samoa Joe Trilogy ROH

Joe vs Punk Ihttp://www.megaupload.com/?d=353YVL5H

Joe vs Punk II - http://www.megaupload.com/?d=28TQGB84

Joe vs Punk III -http://www.megaupload.com/?d=36929AE5

Edited by Laffy
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Guest The Great Ahmar
September 13th: ROH is ready for "Motor City Madness 2007" TOMORROW NIGHT (Friday) at the Michigan State Fairgrounds "Michigan Mart" on 1120 W. State Fair Ave. in Detroit, MI with a zip code of 48203. Belltime is 8pm and there will be tickets available at the door. This will be ROH's last show of the year in Detroit. It will be a tough night for ROH World Champion Takeshi Morishima. He will not even know who he will defend the belt against when he steps into Detroit for his first match in the Motor City. There will be a Four Corner Survival in the first half of the show pitting Roderick Strong vs. Delirious vs. Kevin Steen vs. Erick Stevens and the winner will get a World Title shot in the second half of the show. Morishima is sure to have a tough night in Detroit!!! Don't miss the Detroit debuts of Morishima and Naomichi Marufuji. Get your tickets at the door.


September 13th: ROH will tape PPV #3 this Saturday at the Frontier Fieldhouse on 9807 Sayre Ave. in Chicago Ridge, IL with a zip code of 60415. Please note that belltime is now 8pm. There will be tickets available at the door. Bryan Danielson saw his doctor again this morning and is ready for his match against Takeshi Morishima in Chicago. This one will be epic. Morishima cost Danielson his eyesight. Now Danielson is coming for revenge. It doesn't get any bigger than this!!! Please note that the entire first half of the show will be ROH's 3rd PPV and it will be filmed live to tape. The second half will feature matches for the live audience including Matt Sydal's final ROH match as he takes on Delirious for the last time. Experience a ROH PPV taping live!!!


September 13th: Check the main page of ROHwrestling.com for two new articles. One article takes an in depth look at the issue between Bryan Danielson and Takeshi Morishima. The other article discusses the first ever Ladder War in Chicago pitting The Briscoes vs. Kevin Steen & El Generico. If you are thinking about going to the Chicago show or already attending this event make sure to read these articles.


September 13th: The buy 3, get 1 free sale on all ROH DVDs will be in effect at the live shows in Detroit and Chicago. This huge sale is also available now at http://www.ROHwrestling.com so you can save big on all the hottest ROH releases. Just released is the entire two night "Race To The Top Tournament" with 16 competitors including Jack Evans, Matt Sydal, Claudio Castagnoli, El Generico, Kevin Steen, Brent Albright, Matt Cross, Erick Stevens, Chris Hero and others. If you are a fan of tournaments FIP has just released the "Battle Of The Belts" eight man tourney to determine the first Florida Heritage Champion with Roderick Strong, Shingo, Jay Briscoe, Mark Briscoe, Erick Stevens, Larry Sweeney, Delirious and Jimmy Rave. Also out now is Guest Booker with ROH's own Gabe Sapolsky. Check out these releases this weekend at ROHwrestling.com or at the live events.


September 13th: We are about one week away from the debut of "Driven" on pay-per-view on TVN and DISH Network. See the Bryan Danielson vs. Nigel McGuinness match that everyone is raving about!!! You can see two free previews of this PPV now at ROHvideos.com.


September 13th: Tickets go on sale this Monday for the 10/19 event in Las Vegas. You must be 21 or over to attend this show. In huge news, ROH officials have decided that "Survival Of The Fittest 2007" will take place in LV!!! We'll have much more news including a talent list on Monday right here in the ROHwrestling.com Newswire.


I think it's kind of stupid having the PPV taped first, surely the crowd would be hyped up for a match if they had to wait till the end of it?

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