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RAW Discussion Thread- January 14, 2008 from Mobile, AL (#764)


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Credit: WWE.com

When RAW travels south to Mobile, AL tonight, Jeff Hardy will have family on his mind. Last week, Hardy proved that his Royal Rumble challenger, Randy Orton, may have gotten under his skin when he assaulted his brother, Matt, but he didn’t get inside his head. The “Rainbow-haired Warrior” defeated Umaga in a Steel Cage Match as the WWE Champion looked on. What other dirty tricks does Orton have up his sleeve for his opponent? What will Hardy do to get back at the man who went after his brother?


While Hardy faces the match of a lifetime against Orton at Royal Rumble, every match these days carries monumental importance for Ric Flair. Per order of Mr. McMahon, the “Nature Boy” will be forced to retire the next time he loses a match. The legendary 16-time World Champion has shown amazing resolve with victories over Orton, Umaga and Triple H and is set to face MVP in a Career Threatening Match at Royal Rumble.


But will “Naitch” even make it to the Rumble? Tonight, he will be in a Career Threatening Match against RAW GM William Regal – the same man who caused The Game’s disqualification and enabled Flair to gain a victory and extend his career two weeks ago. Will Regal, whose actions cost Triple H his Rumble spot, bring a smile to the Chairman’s face again by ending the Nature Boy’s career?


Speaking of the Royal Rumble Match, two-time winner Shawn Michaels will be in a Royal Rumble Qualifying Match tonight. Will HBK, who was one of the last two men standing last year before being eliminated by The Undertaker, return to the Rumble and perhaps another opportunity at the gold in the main event at WrestleMania XXIV?


One Superstar who is getting another opportunity – at a grand entrance, that is – is JBL. The former WWE Champion’s spectacular debut on RAW two weeks ago was ruined by Chris Jericho, and JBL made Y2J pay with a brutal attack with a TV cable.


Tonight, on the heels of that brutality, JBL will make his “second coming” to RAW. What will the self-proclaimed “wresting god” have to say about his recent actions against Jericho?


Finally, Triple H brutalized William Regal last week in a First Blood Match for helping to put him out of the Royal Rumble. The Game got a measure of revenge, but he is still out of the Rumble. What options, if any, are left for The Cerebral Assassin?


Find out the answers to these questions and more on RAW, live on USA at 9/8 CT.


RAW will be live from the Mobile Civic Center in Mobile, AL.


Confirmed Matches/Events


Win Or Retire #4:

Ric Flair Vs. William Regal


JBL To Make His "Second Coming" To RAW


Royal Rumble Qualifying Match featuring Shawn Michaels

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How can you interfere in your own match? Surely that's just competing.


Yeah, that's what I thought when I read the preview. I guess they mean that JBL wasn't the legal man in the contest. Granted, they are very back-and-forth with the rules for Handicap Matches, much like Triple Threat Matches. They can't stay on one rule. Sometimes they are tornado style, sometimes not.

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The preview is just a recap of last weeks Raw and doesnt really tell much about what to expect next Monday.


I expect several Rumble qualifying matches.

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Guest Jimmy Redman

Ahaha, I love the idea of JBL's 'Second Coming', for a second I had visions of a fancy Save.Us-ripoff video package and complete JBL mocking. Should be good.


I personally think MVP should interfere in Flair's match on Raw.

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Kids, what HHH just did is the result of roid rage. Don't be like HHH. Don't hit things with a sledgehammer and set pyro off. Just don't do it.
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Guest Al Stevens

No he needs to have countless concussions to the point he cannot remember before he goes and kills his wife.


Maybe he saw a plane crash which crashed into a school of bunnies, that would put any man in a bad mood :lol

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Guest John Hancock

Maybe he saw a plane crash which crashed into a school of bunnies, that would put any man in a bad mood :lol


He'd be alive, but, man, would he be angry!


In other news...


Midgets? Really Vinnie Mac? REALLY!? On RAW next week, The Elephant Man VS The Amazing Bearded Damsel and Team Field Negro VS Team House Negro.


It's not 1882 any Vince, just stop it.

Edited by John Hancock
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