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Star Wars: Knights of the Republic III Confirmed???

Guest SuperKick Kid

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Guest SuperKick Kid
Wondering what that BioWare/Lucasarts project was going to be? Oh, come on. Like you couldn't guess. During EA's analyst report earlier today, it was seemingly revealed that in addition to working on more Mass Effect, Dragon Age and a "New MMO", BioWare are also handling a new Knights of the Old Republic title. Which means that, if accurate, it's not their upcoming MMO. So, a new, straight-up RPG, then? Probably. If this is indeed correct (and we're checking with EA), your excitement glands can't possibly repel joy of this magnitude.




Please God let it be true!!

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Guest Clarkey
KOTOR III concept art captured?

Images unearthed on artist's website in hidden folder reported to be from Knights of the Old Republic III


A batch of images rumoured to be for Knights of the Old Republic III has popped up on JZConcepts.com, website of LucasArts' concept artist, James Zhang. Question is, are the images from his pitch for the project or the real thing?


Zhang lists Knights of the Old Republic II as a previously completed project and his client list includes heavyweight firms such as LucasFilm, Miramax, Sony Online Entertainment, Vivendi Universal and Epic Games.


We'll probably never know if the images are from KOTOR III, unless LucasArts puts us all out of our misery and confirms the title's development.


Images here.

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Hopefully theres gonna be a KOTOR 3 the first 2 were awesome...apart from the fact that when you selected a conversation choice you dont actually HEAR your guy saying it
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Guest Al Stevens

I think if they do a kotor 3 then they would do the Mass Effect idea which is you select something and he says roughly that.


If i was publishing it i would use the graphics of the new nex gen Star Wars game (which looks amazing) and then give it the Mass Effect style of game play

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Guest Ruderz
I also think you should be able to pick between two storylines - Sith or Jedi - Dark - Light - Evil - Good.. you get the idea i think that would be good having two play throught 2 of the storylines
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