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TWO F1 World Championship:8 [SEASON STARTING]

Fidel Cashflow

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Well, the new carset came out sooner than I expected, so here are the drives minus the pagentry.


And people, it's been long awaited, but for the first time... KNOCKOUT QUALIFYING has been programmed into the game! This just means, more than ever before, the more people that join in, the more fun to be had as a whole 'nother dynamic has been thrown into the mix.


Scuderia Ferrari

Adam Clarke

Leo Monreal


Vodafone McLaren-Mercedes

James Thake

Kris Young



Mickhail Mills

Cristino Roberto Ronaldo


Williams-Toyota F1

Neil Mc Namee

Steve McLaren


Red Bull Racing-Renault

Chris Eagles

Louise Duggan


Renault F1

Gio Mancini

The Fury (when you sign up you'll have to use a realistic name)


Scuderia Torro Rosso


Dean Glass


There are spots still open. ANYONE who wants to join just post so in this thread. It's a simple game that'll take 10 mins out of your life each day yet provide heaping sums of glee (/grief). For newcomers, post here before antyhing. I'll assign you a drive and then you can get to it.


Do it!



Players will need to be registered and logged in before they can enter the private game. When logged in, clicking the following URL will take you to the join game page:




Alternatively, you can select "private games" from the menu and enter the number "24802" into the box. The game password is "mikejones". Take care not to accidentally join a public game by mistake.

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Yeah peeps, can you just post here and wait for me to assign you a drive rather than just jumping in? Fury, sign up and join Toyota.


EDIT: Wait, who decided to fly in from left feild and join McLaren.


There is a roster in the first post for a reason, and I believe I asked people to just say they want in and just wait for me to handle things. Now this game is screwed. I'll have to delete it and make another so the OG's can get their spots.

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Guest Laffy

Sorry im in could not work out why i could not access the game from work *** i had not loaded the next game as did not know i had to.


Why does it keep chucking you out of the game if you have not donated have not got the money to donate till end of month also could a veteran please explain the controls and what i am suposed to be doing as there are no game instructions would be helpful!

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