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Pro Evoloution Soccer 2000 Tournament II

Guest Rebekah

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Guest Rebekah

Same rules as the first one, but with more teams. 16 in total


You pick a team, and i will simulate the games on my copy of Pro Evo on Playstation 3


It will be straight knockout and the teams will be paired randomly.


I'll start the Tournament tomorrow if all 16 have entered.


King Reno - Tottenham Hotspur

Ray - Liverpool

Rudie - Rangers

JimmyPaddy - Real Madrid

Drake - Barcelona

TGO - Man United

Sparrow - Man City

Big Slow - Athletico Madrid

Al Stevens - Aston Villa

Evil Monkey - AC Milan

Hardcore Holly - Fiorentina

AJ kennedy - Chelsea

Craig Van Dam - Inter Milan

ScottyCubed - Newcastle

The Bisch - Roma

Rebekah - Blackburn Rovers


It was taking too long so i added myself

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Guest Rebekah

The draw


Chelsea vs Fiorentina

Blackburn vs Aston Villa

Roma vs AC Milan

Atletico Madrid vs Inter Milan

Man United vs Newcastle

Barcelona vs Rangers

Real Madrid vs Liverpool

Tottenham vs Man City

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Guest Al Stevens

This might be an intresting first round for me


Also Manchester united, congratulations on making it into the second round :P

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