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RAW Discussion Thread- March 31, 2008 from Orlando, FL (#775)


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Credit: WWE.com

At WrestleMania XXIV, Randy Orton shocked the world by pinning John Cena and retaining his coveted WWE Championship at the Citrus Bowl.


Now that Orton has proven his dominance against not one, but two of RAW’s most powerful and skilled Superstars, who could possibly step forth to oppose him? And how will Triple H and Cena react after having been foiled in their attempts to recapture the WWE Championship? We'll find out as RAW rolls across town to Orlando's Amway Arena.


Unfortunately, Orton’s win wasn’t the only disappointment for WWE fans last night. After a legendary 36-year career, the "Nature Boy" Ric Flair was defeated by Shawn Michaels, and given a standing ovation by the 74,365 at the Citrus Bowl.


How will The Showstopper deal with the emotions involved in ending the career of his friend and 16-time World Champion? Will he be present as Flair returns to RAW tonight for his farewell address to our fans worldwide?


Intercontinental Champion Chris Jericho was two rungs away from claiming the Money in the Bank briefcase at WrestleMania before slipping, and CM Punk outraced him to the case to win the match. Y2J faces the new “Mr. Money in the Bank” tonight on RAW in a non-title match, looking to even the score with the Straightedge Superstar.


And after Maria was on the losing end of the BunnyMania Lumberjack Match at WrestleMania, the latest Playboy cover girl will look to put an end to the meddling of her former beau, Santino Marella, by facing him in the ring tonight.


To find out the answers to these questions and more, tune into Monday Night RAW at 9/8 CT on the USA Network.



Venue: Amway Arena in Orlando, FL

Confirmed Matches/Events


Superstars From All Three Brands In Building


Ric Flair's Farewell Address



Chris Jericho Vs. CM Punk


Intergender Match:

Maria Vs. Santino Marella

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Guest Laffy
We have learned that their are plans for a Ric Flair retirement ceremony on tonight's edition of Raw.


According to one source both JJ Dillon and Tully Blanchard are backstage and since Arn Anderson and Barry Windham work as road agents for WWE it is likely we will see a reunion of the original Four Horsemen tonight.

credit wrestlezone.


The four horseman baby i was not going to stay up for this but now i have to. Flair, AA my life is complete. Yeah, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.

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If this happens, then damn this could be a good night.


If Arn Anderson spinebusters somebody into the middle of nineteen-tickety two, then damn I'm up for it.


But I wasn't planning on staying up for Raw, but for the 4 Horsemen? Diamons are forever...

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Guest Laffy
I had no intention of staying up at the moment i can not go longer than 2 mins without caughing but for the horseman i can mkae an exception.
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Tsk, tsk, tsk Wrestlezone people... Barry Windham wasn't part of the original Four Horsemen.


I had a feeling they would give Ric a send of on RAW tonight, and if there is a Horseman reunion (the theme tune alone would be worth it), then I'm all for it.


How great would it be if they got all the surviving Horsemen (even Mongo and Roma) to show up?

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Guest Kanenite
Ah man this sounds so awesome, i'm glad they're doing something big for Flair. Now just to find a link somewhere as my dad doesn't have Sky Sports!
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I'd rather we never mentioned Paul Roma was once a Horsemen, plus the fact two are dead, one's insane (Sid), one's in TNA and Mongo's well crap, means lets hope it's just classic members.


I'd love to see the likes of Steamboat, Dusty, Funk, Harley Race etc there too but well beggars can't be choosers.

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Guest The Beltster

After the bashing Roma gave Flair and Arn on the Horsemen DVD, and vice versa, I cant see him getting an invite.


I'd like to see Kevin Nash turn up in his Arn Anderson attire and ruin the event personally.

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Guest Drake

WTF! Matt Hardy on RAW? Somebody kick that mother****er's head. In Randy we trust.


Damn those Divas. Santino was just voicing everyones opinion and look what he gets. Poor guy.

Edited by Drake
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Guest John Hancock
That made up for the Flair's lacluster exit at 'Mania. That was awesome, I had a little bit of a tear in my eye when the Horseman music hit. Great, great, great, great, great, great RAW. The crowd was hot as hell, which was awesome. I can't think of a single bad moment.
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I was hoping to hell they wouldn't turn it into an angle, although when Trips came out I was expecting kick-wham-pedigree and a heel turn. Thankfully, common sense and dignity prevailed.


So awesome to see all those names from the past, little bit surprised that The Dweem didn't get out to the ring, though. I guess he had to be elsewhere and the video tribute had to do.


As a wrestling fan through the years, Ric Flair was a huge part of that. A little piece of that wrestling fan - hell, a HUGE piece - just died. Wrestling ain't gonna be the same knowing that The Man - however out of sorts and how many steps he lost - ain't gonna be there no more.


Thank you Ric.


You know, bar maybe dropping in every now and then on Raw if it's on, and the annual watching of WrestleMania... I think I'm done with wrestling.

Edited by Inno
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