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RAW Discussion Thread- July 7, 2008 from New Orleans, LA (#789)


What Did You Think of This Week's WWE RAW?  

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  1. 1. What Did You Think of This Week's WWE RAW?

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Credit: WWE.com

After seeing the WWE Championship move to SmackDown, and failing to bring a World Championship back to RAW at Night of Champions, Monday nights once again have a World Title. CM Punk cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase to challenge and defeat Edge, bringing the World Heavyweight Championship to RAW and even going on to defend it in the same night against JBL. Though RAW suffered a dearth of World Titles for a period, there is no lack of former World Champions, eager to end the Straightedge Superstar’s title reign, including John Cena, Batista and JBL. Which of these men will step forward in search of gold, and will Punk be able to hold them off?


Though RAW is no longer lacking a World Title, there is a conspicuous absence on the program in the form of Mr. McMahon. The WWE Chairman was injured at the end of the June 23 RAW when the set collapsed and he was buried underneath a ton of lighting equipment. His son, Shane McMahon addressed the WWE Universe on Monday, but opted to keep his father’s condition a private matter. Are Mr. McMahon’s injuries worse than originally thought? And how will RAW function in the vacuum left by the incapacitated Chairman?


Proving that his Night of Champions win over Chris Jericho was no fluke, new Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston successfully defended his title in a rematch against Y2J. With the Jamaican Superstar being such a new member of the RAW roster, will he be able to maintain the gold around his waist?


A bitter Jericho blamed his Night of Champions loss on Shawn Michaels for interfering in the match, and even challenged HBK to a match at The Great American Bash in just three weeks, asking the injured Superstar to have an answer on RAW next week. We’ve seen explosive interactions between HBK and Y2J in recent weeks — what will their confrontation on next week’s RAW have in store?


One of RAW’s most exciting draftees was Rey Mysterio, who had been on SmackDown for his entire WWE career. On Monday, the Master of the 619 was interrupted by Santino Marella as he was greeting the RAW audience. The Italian Superstar belittled the Ultimate Underdog, prompting Mysterio to attack Marella and break out the 619. Santino Marella has shown that he isn’t one to let an insult go, and Rey Mysterio has never been known to back down from a fight — how will the Italian Superstar retaliate against the former World Champion?


For the answers to these questions and more, make sure to watch RAW on Monday nights at 9/8 CT only on the USA Network.


Venue: New Orleans Arena in New Orleans, LA


Confirmed Matches/Events


Shawn Michaels To Answer Chris Jericho's GAB Challenge


Build-Up To The Great American Bash

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Guest bigmatt

I also cannot wait to hear more of Ted DiBiase's theme.


Is that sarcasm? Cause I really like it but everyone else seems to not.

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Ahaha, Punk nearly got McMahon'ed by the lighting. That makes me happy. Snitsky does not :(


Nice opener though. Vickie got loads of heel heat, Punk got a good reaction, Cena and Batista got great reactions, and we have a pretty damn decent main event for the end of the show. PLUS, Cena and Batista gave Punk the rub and they even brought up the "doing what Edge did, back to him", which gets top marks from me.

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Guest BlackEyed

It's been an ok raw so far.

I rolled my eyes at JBL Is Poopy, could've done without that, but never mind!

What was the whole lighting thing about?....I wonder....


And about time Snitsky got some kind of push, it would make it more believeable that he actually main events some house shows

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Guest Dave7g

"JBL is poopy" - That's edgy.


"Raw is poopy" - I've had enough. So much for last weeks great show, this is just awful shite.

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Meh, that was a bleh match. And not Punk's fault - wrestling isn't Snitsky's strong point, the crowd didn't care, and that GTS was awful. This is why I hate that move; I knew the bigger guys would have difficulty taking it.


Still, did it's job. And hooray, Shawn coming next.


The show hasn't been as snappy as last week, but it's done it's job pretty well thus far. Kept the top stars busy, continued making Punk look like a main eventer, capitalised on Cena's latest surge of crowd support, brought Mysterio back, elevated Cryme Tyme to stable status with CTC, and given the divas some new blood. Nothing has been remotely bad on this show at all. A typically old school build not as much towards the PPV as just easing in the general new direction of the brand, which is perfectly fine.

Edited by DraVen
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Guest Ruderz
The stupid live stream was so crappy quality, i'd rather watch McMahons Million Dollar Mania again than try to watch RAW live.
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Guest Black Knight
This feud between Shawn Michaels and Chris Jericho is really heating up fast. For some reason I am begining to think that Chris Jericho is jealous of Shawn Michaels and his accomplishments.
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