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TWO F1 Batracer....again!

Fidel Cashflow

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I think it's time to strap back into some intense simulated automotive competition.


Any and everyone who wants in on this season, just post up in this thrizzead.



After a highly complex selection process which involved pieces of paper and a fan on "High", I present....THE GRID:



#1 and #2

Adam Clarke © and Leo Monreal




#3 and #4

James Thake and Kris Young




#5 and #6

Roberto Christiano Heard and Mickhail Mills




#7 and #8

Chris Eagles and Villo Famous



#9 and #10

Neil Mc Namee and Sid Barber




#11 and #12

Louise Duggan and [insert Inno's Game Name here]



#13 and #14

Joseph Helms and [insert ScottyB's name here]



Players will need to be registered and logged in before they can enter the private game. When logged in, clicking the following URL will take you to the join game page:




Alternatively, you can select "private games" from the menu and enter the number "29519" into the box. The game password is "mambonumberfive". Take care not to accidentally join a public game by mistake.


Also, remember, only go with the car you were assigned. Get in there!

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