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Guest Al Stevens

Right here is some news regarding the next thing for 24.


The movie is set a few months before Series 7 is going to be released and this time we have 24 on tour. This time jack bauer is brought to fictional african nation of Sangala and meets up with an old friend played by Robert Carlyle.


Also there is another new president, it has Jon Voight and Tony Todd playing villians in it this is actually going to be a full progulge to Series 7 which is suppose to be released after it.


However the word off the machine head forums (where i found the actual link) is the link which i have got was leaked by someone working in fox. So there isn't the normal brilliant voice over skills as we are use to.


However there is no word when this is going to be broadcasted over to the UK shores



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Guest Al Stevens
This looks kinda meh to me,I thought it was suppose to be set in London?


I think the reason why it hasn't been done in london is because they already had the story for this, so this is going to help set up the seventh series. However the big screen version is planned to fit in between 7 and 8 i think which was the one which was aiming to get done in london



Also i heard that this is where they bring tony back as well


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Guest Al Stevens
Yeah I saw that trailer for when

Tony comes back

,that did look awesome.


So this is just a one off TV movie kind of thing is it,with the main movie to follow the next season?


Thats what i am thinking, i mean i heard that they was going to do the normal set up story (like they did for series 6 with Chole and Jack was talking after he was "Dead") which was this story they had part of the script done and then with the writers strike and Keithers jail term they decided to do this and use this as a practice for the big feature.


I cant wait to see

The old Soul patch as aint it cool news called him

back though

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Guest Al Stevens
Not to my knowlage, i just had a look on the 24 site and it says "24 to return in 2009" so say that is released in jan then we might be lucky to get it in feb/ march and then i think in september series 7 hits america so we would be looking a month or two after (because sky one is good to use lot like that :D)
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Sky were only a week behind for the last series, don't think that there will be anything over a 2 week delay for the tv movie or the next series.



EDIT- The trailer does say "This Fall" this could be alot closer than i'd of expected.

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An update from The Sunonline,


TOUGH-GUY Jack Bauer will blast back on to the small-screen in a two-hour TV movie.

The star of 24 has had a year-off after the writers’ strike meant the seventh series of the real-time drama was postponed.


Now agent Jack, actor Kiefer Sutherland, is back this November in a special adventure called 24: Exile.


A show executive said: “Jack is a soul in turmoil.”

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