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Guest Matthew J Stark

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Guest Chriscare
I have been, i was really getting into it, it was bloody hillarious. The fact that i've seen a few at different training places thinking they know it all was highly amusing too.
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Guest Mr Dorbish

I have browsed the UKFF for years and it was once a fine forum but these days it is the pits, terribly maintained by it’s powers that be along with some equally terrible posters who have gone on to drive a good portion of its once good community away. I feel the UKFF is beyond saving, but I have yet to pay them a visit and give them a dose of Dorbish!


Ahmed Al-Raji Dorbish

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Guest UltimoTG

It'll be back up this week once Moorish takes a rest from real life.


The hysteria's hilariously over the top in some places.

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Guest Jayfunk
Oh please, I odnt agree with Dan or Spuyd being on the list. Both are far better than Brookside (who yeah is good). lets be fair, its only really a jokey thread. By and large.


debatable brookside is the main reason why people watch all stars

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