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RAW Discussion Thread- August 11, 2008 from Richmond, VA (#794)


What Did You Think of RAW #794?  

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  1. 1. What Did You Think of RAW #794?

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Credit: WWE.com

Since coming to RAW in the 2008 WWE Draft, Kane has been on a mission of devastation, affecting those in and outside the ring all while making cryptic references to “he” and whether "he" is alive or dead. The Big Red Monster has kept a burlap sack clutched to his side throughout, the contents of which remain shrouded in mystery.


On RAW, new General Manager Mike Adamle decided that the sack has remained enigmatic for long enough, and in an attempt to give the WWE Universe what they want, has promised to make Kane disclose the contents of the bag on next week’s RAW. Will Kane simply allow the GM to look in his fiercely guarded bag? And what could the Big Red Monster be hiding?


Ever since World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk won the title, JBL has decried the Straightedge Superstar as a “paper champion,” who won gold on a fluke. On Monday, the self-made millionaire pinned Punk in a 2-on-1 Handicap Match to face the World Heavyweight Champion at SummerSlam. Then, as first-seen on WWE Mobile on AT&T, JBL went on to challenge Punk to a contest he knows the Straightedge Superstar "CAN'T win." What is this mystery challenge, and will the World Heavyweight Champion be able to prevail?


While preparing to face each other at the Biggest Blockbuster of the Summer, will Cena & Batista be able to retain their gold? Can these rivals possibly coexist? We'll find out this Monday, as the former champions exercise their rematch clause to face Cena & Batista once again, attempting to regain the World Tag Team Championship.


Another match set for SummerSlam will see John Cena and Batista face off one-on-one for the first time ever. On Monday night though, the two Superstars had to join forces as they faced World Tag Team Champions Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase. In spite of some infighting, and neither of these dominant competitors wanting to give an inch, Cena & Batista defeated Rhodes & DiBiase to become the new World Tag Team Champions. While preparing to face each other at the Biggest Blockbuster of the Summer, will Cena & Batista be able to retain their gold? Can these rivals possibly coexist?


On RAW, Shawn Michaels participated in his first interview since being severely injured at the hands of Chris Jericho during their match at The Great American Bash. HBK verified that he was suffering from a detached retina, and that his future as a WWE Superstar was in question. With one more medical evaluation to go, Michaels will be present at SummerSlam to share the results with the WWE Universe. What will Michaels’ doctors determine? Will we see HBK in action again?


For the answers to these questions and more, be sure to tune into Monday Night RAW at 9/8 CT only on the USA Network.

Venue: Richmond Coliseum in Richmond, VA (Mickie James' Hometown)


Confirmed Matches/Events


Mike Adamle To Confront Kane


World Tag Team Championship:

John Cena & Batista © Vs. Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase


JBL To Hold A Mystery Challenge Against CM Punk

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Beer drinking contest, maybe?


That never occurred to me, but it's a very big possibility. Either a Beer Drinking Contest or Give Up Your World Title To JBL Contest. The second one would be a little bit more clever. They obviously won't do drugs on air and I doubt they'll smoke on the air either. In any case, it should be entertaining.

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Guest bigmatt
WWE.com are reporting that there will be a Tag Title re-match on Raw.So redropping the titles before some sort of a face-off/brawl will be a big possibility.
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Guest Nemesis Enforcer
Anyone else thinking that the burlap contains the mask?
Its not a burlap sack its a swag bag... Kane uses it to keep all the stuff he steals from other wrestlers! :lol


Its been speculated from the moment the bag appeared that it contained Kane's mask, WWE could pull a sverve with so much speculation that it is the mask and make it something else, but the mask seems like the logical option


As for the the tag titles re-match if Batista and Cena drop them back now then it makes last weeks title change even more pointless as they could have just done a turn then with Batista or Cena refusing a tag and walking away or even getting involved and taking the other out for Simply Priceless to retain

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First time I've seen Punk really get into something on the mic in years it seems.


Jesus wept, I knew he was the best damn talker on RAW.


..well Jericho is a given for best talker so ignore him.


Cena/Tista is genuinely boring the pants off me. Who gives a toss?


Hopefully the tag titles go back on Rhodes/Dibiase.


So it's Rey's mask? I have no idea whether this is awesome or ****ing awful; I'm so dumbfounded!

Edited by JC
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Guest Dave7g
Pretty bland show. Cena gets even more annoying on the mic every week, he's a cheeseball. The two so called biggest faces in the company could scarcely get a cheer all night.
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Guest The Beltster

Another pretty decent show. Cena sucks worse than anybody on the mic, including bumbling, fumbling Batista. Load of crap. The fans dont give a sh*t about the WWE's so-called 'biggest marquee match'. Funny that. Batista is continuing to get the booking of that of the bigger name star.


Beth walking right through Kelly Kelly to back her up into the corner at the start of their match was cool beans, and Santino was almost God-like on commentary.


"I'm gonna put you back in the kitchen where you belong!"


Santino celebrating like he won an Olympic gold medal is hillarious. "I WIN, YOU LOSE!!!" :lol


Adamle was great backstage with Kane.


Ohhhh, loads more people watched SD! than the X-Games! Thats incredible...no, wait...nobody gives a sh*t!


Cody Rhodes' lisp is so off-putting. He sounds like a goon. DiBiase outshone him as usual.


The Highlanders are a combined weight of 17 stone huh? Well thats my weight alone, maybe WWE needs to learn about that a little bit. Cryme Tyme looked ok this week, improving a little bit.


MASSIVE pop for Punk, much louder than both Cena and Batista. Punk is naturally good on the mic, he just doesnt seem like the World champion though still. JBL was hot on the mic as he always is when he wants to be. Trying to force Punk to drink was kinda cool too as its pushing him to do something he doesnt want to do, which is as heel a tactic as you can get. Great segment hyping the World title match.


Jericho vs Kane was ok, a nothing match though really.


Adamle is great on the mic, IMO. I think he is credible as a guy who is in charge. The segment with Kane was pretty damn decent, if not a little long winded with an unexpected twist which is never a bad thing.


Regal isnt over at all in a wrestling role and his ring gear looks terrible. Rubbish match.


Main event was fun if not a little obvious. Putting the tags back on DiBiase and Rhodes was a great move, Cena taking the pinfall loss might lean towards him going over Batista at SummerSlam, but I'm still hedging my bets that Batista will win and go on to take the title from Punk at Survivors or the Rumble and drop it to Cena in the rematch at Mania.

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Batista: I can understand why certain people over the age of 15 will wanna see me beat you(Cena) senseless.


Haha, why does Batista try to be "smarky" and then own himself?

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Guest Citizen Kane
Cena/Tista is genuinely boring the pants off me. Who gives a toss?

The two so called biggest faces in the company could scarcely get a cheer all night.

The fans dont give a sh*t about the WWE's so-called 'biggest marquee match'. Funny that.


Am I the only one who doesn't see this? I mean as far as I can recall, every time they've got near each other in the last few weeks the crowd have gone crazy. Maybe it's just me then, but I thought that brawl at the end had the best reaction of the show, the people really wanted to see them get it on. And that pose thing at the end last week with the belts came off really well, and the crowd there got louder and louder each time they did it.


Then again, I'm quite looking foward to the match and I'm a fan of both guys so maybe I'm biased, but this came off as pretty significant, slightly EPIC even, whilst JBL/Punk came off as just.....bleh.


The Kane and Santino stuff was pretty good though.

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No your not the only one. They both got a huge pop. Besides they are two of the bigger guys in the WWE and for once it would be a pretty fair fight. Cena can hold his own the same with Batista.
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Guest bigmatt
Decent show,had some bad points and some good points.Santino/Mickie James and Beth/Kelly Kelly,was all a great piece.With Santino good on commentary funny all the way through the Mickie stuff and Beth came off looking dominant again.It was a really great segment throughout.I also liked Punk/JBL.I thought it was a great segment with both coming off better then they went in and God JBL can talk and Punk held his own.The Kane stuff was pretty decent,a swerve but one with potential,how all swerves should go.The opening stuff wasn't great and the match still isn't there for me.It has been rushed and just doesn't feel special,which regardless of your opinions of the two guys,it is still a massive match and doesn't feel special.I wish they would have gave it more build.Decent tag match main event.Glad the tag belts are back on Rhodes and DiBiase.I do like them main eventing and I thought their promo was good stuff.Havent seen the Jericho/Kane or Regal/Noble matches yet and gave the other tag match a miss.Decent show overall but again not quite there,could have been more.
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Guest BlackEyed
Haha some guy in the crowd shouted Slipknot as Kane was opening the bag.:lol


And how sexy is Kane's mechanical laugh?


Do you mean, maniacal?

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