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RAW Discussion Thread- August 18, 2008 from Chicago, IL (#795)


What Did You Think of RAW #795?  

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  1. 1. What Did You Think of RAW #795?

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Credit: WWE.com

In a first time meeting between two of RAW’s biggest Superstars, Batista was able to prove himself the better man by defeating John Cena at SummerSlam. Now that Batista has won, will he refocus on winning the World Heavyweight Title? Also, how will Cena cope with being beaten by The Animal?


Ever since winning the World Heavyweight Title, CM Punk has had to hear JBL doubt his worth as champion, even after he had already successfully defended his gold against the self-proclaimed “wrestling god.” The Straightedge Superstar followed up an insulting drinking contest offer from JBL on RAW by besting him once again in the ring at SummerSlam to retain his championship. With RAW rolling into Punk's hometown of Chicago, will JBL give the Straightedge Champion credit where credit is due? And who will be next to step up to vie for CM Punk’s World Heavyweight Title?


Thanks to the incredible strength of Beth Phoenix, Santino Marella and The Glamazon won their Winners Take All Match making them the new Intercontinental and Women’s Champions. Now that “Glamarella” has proven their relationship to be a golden alliance, where it will lead to next? Will either of the former champions in Kofi Kingston and Mickie James come looking to take their titles back?


Also, last week on RAW, as per RAW GM Mike Adamle’s demands, Kane revealed that the burlap sack he carried around contained the mask of Rey Mysterio. Afterward, Kane just laughed in the face of Adamle before walking to the back. What did Kane mean by someone “scarred and tortured”? Has the Master of the 619 been victimized by the Big Red Monster?


For the answers to these questions and more, be sure to tune into Monday Night RAW at 9/8 CT only on the USA Network.



Venue: Allstate Arena in Chicago, IL (CM Punk's Hometown)


Confirmed Matches/Events


SummerSlam Fallout

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Guest Black Knight
World Championship Scramble? I like it! Well it would be better if it was longer than 20 minutes to be honest.
It do sound good. I was actually hoping that Mike Adamle was going to say Randy Orton or Chris Jericho. But with Orton injured and Jericho still feuding with Michaels, none of that will happen.
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Wow, very dark theme for Kane! That's great, reminds me of his old theme mixed with Mankinds old theme.


Another Huge pop for Punk in his hometown. This match should be good.


Good match, Punk used the 'Welcome To Chicago Mother****er' for the first in ages I think :D


Jericho goes over after interference.

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Guest Rebekah

Yeah Kane's new theme is great and the promo he delivered with the lights down to red was great.


The Jericho vs Punk match was good, the finish wasnt the best but still


The Divas Tag match was decent stuff.


Adamle originals get better by the week, now a good match for Unforgiven which is interesting to see, the World Championship Scramble. Personally i think it will deliver, haven't a clue who will win, frankly you can make a case for any man in there.

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I think RAW was a disappointment this week. Not a total one, but I was still unhappy with it. What I hated the most was the Handicap Match. The World Tag Team Champions jobbing to John Cena by having Cody Rhodes tap out to that abomination called the STF-U. It was just stupid and infuriating. I should know better than to expect them to actually make the titles worth something. It's one thing that Cena beat the tag team champions in a handicap match, but it's another that one of the champions tapped out. That makes Rhodes & DiBiase look extremely weak and worthless as champions. Just drop the tag team titles already, Vince, they are beyond worthless now.


On a happier note, the World Heavyweight Championship Scramble should be interesting, if nothing else. I expect CM Punk to retain, but just barely.


JBL just wailing on Noble was excellence. I know and support that JBL sucks as a wrestler, but at least he can do some hellacious clotheslines and lariats.


What is it with superstars seemingly always jobbing when their in their hometown? Punk should have got the win over Jericho, plain and simple. Jericho is not even involved in the title picture, why would he get a win over the champion? It doesn't make sense to me unless they plan to add Jericho to the championship match at Unforgiven, but it would've been announced that way if that was the case.


There's something to be said about RAW when the highlight of the night did not even make it on the air. Of course I'm talking about Santino Marella's acceptance speech. Even I loved it when Santino said he loved St. Louis and yelled "Go Cardinals!" Great stuff. You can see it on WWE.com, by the way.

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Guest Redneck Messiah
Santino and Beth's acceptance speech was awesome. It seems like every Santino segment I find myself laughing out loud which hardly ever happens anymore when watching wrestling. Santino's been hysterical in every way since he turned heel. Watching him basically french kiss the IC belt after getting it on Sunday and doing the St. Louis and "Go Cardinals" bit on RAW was hysterical. I honestly wish they'd give a half hour to Santino every week as I'd be highly entertained.
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Guest Jayfunk
Carlito brother was on Raw earlier.


you mean the talented one :) his brother wanted to be a wrestler so much more than carlito and was the better wrestler.

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Guest Shane O Mac

Pretty rubbish RAW I thought.


The Unforgiven main event sounds good though, would be better if it was longer, but I can see Punk loosing the title

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Guest SuperKick Kid

Guess who was backstage and had a Dark match at Raw:









In case you were wondering that is current GHC Heavyweight Champion and Former ROH Champion Takeshi Morishima

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Guest Da Showstoppa

Oh good, lets see how badly they screw with this guy.


Raw was okay, I thought Cena winning was a foregone conclusion and so it proved. Vince for the love of God - HE IS NOT HULK HOGAN and it isn't 1984!


Thought Michael Cole did great covering for big Dave's slip on the apron by suggesting it was a legacy of his knee injury from Summerslam.


Upset to see Burchill and Katie Lea jobbing again, I can't help but think if they were American it wouldn't happen so much.


Championship scramble sounds interesting, twenty minutes is too short though and I predict John Cena will win. (shocker)


Jericho is on top form, his new persona is captivating. Not sure about the trunks though.


And Kane's music kicks ass, much more threatening and reminiscent of his old one, I hope this means Kane will revert to how he was originally - destroying everyone without mercy.

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