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WWE No Mercy 2008 Discussion Thread- October 5, 2008 from Portland, OR (#11)


What Did You Think of No Mercy?  

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  1. 1. What Did You Think of No Mercy?

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The 11'th Annual WWE No Mercy will come to you, live on pay-per-view, on October 5, 2008 from the Rose Garden in Portland, OR.


"All Nightmare Long" by Metallica off of their new album "Death Magnetic" is the official No Mercy 2008 Theme Song.




Confirmed Matches/Events


World Heavyweight Championship: Ladder Match:

Chris Jericho © Vs. Shawn Michaels


WWE Championship:

Triple H © Vs. Jeff Hardy


ECW Championship:

Matt Hardy © Vs. Mark Henry


Big Show Vs. The Undertaker


Kane Vs. Rey Mysterio


#1 Contender's Match for the World Heavyweight Title:

Batista Vs. JBL


Women's Championship:

Beth Phoenix © Vs. Candice Michelle

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Jericho: It ends at No Mercy




Published: 28 Sep 2008


CHRIS JERICHO insists his breathtaking feud with Shawn Michaels WILL finish on Sunday — but he has warned fans not to expect a classic bout.


The two have been battling for months, providing plenty of memorable moments and magical matches along the way.


They will meet for one last time, in a ladder match, for Jericho’s world title at No Mercy on October 5.


Reflecting on the feud and where he goes next, Jericho told SunSport: "This angle has been going on for seven months and it's been amazing.


"I know not every angle will be like that, it's a once-in-a-career type thing.


"But it doesn't mean I'm just going to pack up and go home after Sunday.


"I just have to start working with the next guy and go on from there.


"It's like making a new record as a musician. Just because you make (legendary AC/DC album) Back In Black doesn't mean you stop making records.


"Some of them will be good and some won’t be but you'll never have that Back In Black again.


"And this could be my Back In Black."


Speaking at THQ’s Smackdown v Raw 2009 Superstar Challenge event, Jericho added: "I would never say any match is going to be match of the year.


"That puts way too much hype and expectation on what we're going to do at No Mercy.


"I think it's going to be a great ending to one of the best feuds, one of the best angles, of all time — that I can guarantee.


"Whether it will be match of the year, match of the decade, match of the century or even match of the night, that’s not as important to me as putting a real nice exclamation point on the end of this story that we've created.2


Jericho has spent most of his wrestling career as a fan favourite but has recently transformed himself into the WWE's most hated bad guy.


And he again let us in to a few of his secrets.


Jericho confessed: "It was very easy for me. I turned the tables on everybody. I changed the way I looked, my attitude and who I am.


"Fans didn't want that, they're stuck in the past. They still want the old funny, wacky Y2J character — but he's gone.


"A lot of people are mad at me about that — and that's the idea.


"I took a chance in reinventing myself but that’s what the best performers with longevity in any industry do."


A major part of the success of Jericho’s feud with Michaels is they scripted it much of it themselves, rather than rely on WWE’s writers to feed them lines.


And it has led to some sound advice from Jericho to those young guys coming up through the WWE’s ranks who want to do the same.


He told us: "You don’t just sit down and say ‘I want control of the entire situation’.


"That comes with years of experience and years of ideas.


"Nobody ever gives me a piece of paper and tells me to say what’s on it. That is not how it works.


"The best characters are extensions of your own personality — and nobody knows what I would say in the ring better than I do.


"Sometimes they’ll give ideas of what they want me to say and I have to make it mine."


Jericho added: "The angle with Shawn did have a lot of input from us two veterans.


"We weren’t just throwing ideas against the wall, we had a plan.


"And that’s one of the reasons why the angle has been so memorable.


"It wasn’t just manufactured in an office. It came from our experiences and our lives."


You can see Chris Jericho v Shawn Michaels at No Mercy live on Sky Box Office at 1am on Sunday October 5/Monday October 6.



Source: The Sun


Put it in Spoilers because it's a MEGA Spoiler!

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Guest Black Knight

No Mercy looks like it's going to be a good ppv and I'm not sure if I want to order it or not. There are a few good matches on the card and some aren't too good, as usual.


World Heavyweight Title:

Chris Jericho © vs. Shawn Michaels


When the match was first annouced, I had my doubts but now I see that the feud between Shawn Michaels and Chris Jericho is slowly ending. I wouldn't mind seeing Shawn Michaels with the World Title again but Jericho should keep it for a few more months.


WWE Championship:

Triple H © vs. Jeff Hardy


I want Jeff Hardy to win but I doubt Triple H will be dropping the title any time soon. This match could go either way but I think Triple H will retain the WWE Championship.


Grudge Match:

The Undertaker vs The Big Show


Ah, this match should be interesting, Undertaker should win though. I wouldn't mind seeing the feud continue for a few weeks.


#1 Contender's Match:

John Bradshaw Layfield vs Batista


I'm getting real tired of seeing JBL in WWE period, he adds nothing to the wrestling business but he is a great heel. I hope Batista wins!


I'll post the rest of my predictions when I come back home tonight.

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I'm getting real tired of seeing JBL in WWE period, he adds nothing to the wrestling business but he is a great heel.
Isn't saying he adds nothing to the business, but is a great heel, a contradiction in terms?
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Guest Jimmy Redman

Predictions, just for the hell of it.


Jericho v Michaels

Triple H v Hardy

Hardy v Henry

Batista v JBL

Undertaker v Show

Kane v Mysterio

Beth v Candice


Undertaker is the only one I'm really not sure about.

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Guest Nemesis Enforcer

Looking forwards to the PPV tonight, card is looking pretty good and I am not sure on the way some of the matches wil be ending which is always nice


You sure about that Scotty? because my Sky Planner say it is on 1am to 4am like normal

Edited by Nemesis Enforcer
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Guest Rampage

Dont see why it would be 2am? aint heard of any time changes or America's time being different.


Show looks decent, ladder match should be good, i hope Hardy wins but he wont, too predictable.

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Guest Nemesis Enforcer

I am looking at Channel 743 on Sky and it clearly says at 1am WWE No Mercy LIVE


Also according to the Sky website Raw tomorrow is on at its usual 2am which would be 3am if tonights PPV was on at 2am not 1am as our clocks don't change for a while yet to correct the difference


The Sky Box Office 3 for 2 promotion covers the following events:


WWE No Mercy (Sunday night, October 5 2008 at 1am)


WWE Survivor Series (Sunday night, November 23 2008 at 1am)


WWE Armageddon (Sunday night, December 14 2008 at 1am)


Total price for all three events is £29.90 (ROI €43.90)


3 for 2 offer closes Saturday October 11 2008.

Credit: http://www.skysports.com/story/0,19528,14204_4121798,00.html Edited by Nemesis Enforcer
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Guest Al Stevens
I've ordered the PPV for tonight because I got a late start at uni tomorrow :) but I am really looking forward to seeing the ladder match (more so out of interest and if they would actually do it) the Rey match and will they make him de-mask (more than likely they wont, however it would be a change for sure) the Triple H jeff hardy match as well.
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Guest Nemesis Enforcer
The US have already had DLS, so their clocks went forward an hour.
No they haven't, you are confusing them with Australia Scotty :lol


The US change their clocks the second Sunday in March to Daylight Savings Time and change back to Standard Time the first Sunday in November so they are still on the same time as us for this PPV hence it being on at 1am and Sky have got the time wrong on that part of their website


Just watching the No Mercy Preview on Box Office and they are saying it starts at 1am :)

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