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Could This Promotion Idea Work?

Guest DarkMatchJobber

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Guest DarkMatchJobber

I had an idea as to how to make a promotion stand out from the competition and also revive tag team wrestling in America.


I would focus the company's attention on tag-team and 6 man tag wrestling and not have singles matches or belts.


The reason for this is there are too many so-called world titles in wrestling as it is and very few of them actually have any real prestige on a global scale.


What I am suggesting by building a company around tag-team wrestling is that it will spark a revival in the art of tag wrestling and possibly hold a loyal audience.


I'm not saying it would have to be an ROH style of serious competition with no storylines but generally a promotion where you wouldn't have teams being split up every five minutes and if they did the wrestlers would only return if they could find a new tag team partner.


For the 6 man tags I am thinking of how they book these in Japan and Mexico as lengthly plus exciting matches instead of just thrown together to further individual feuds.


Also a lot of wrestlers become used to being part of a tag team and end up getting lost in the shuffle when split up from their partner so a promotion which values tag teams having good,long runs might be good for job security/their careers.


Simply have one set of tag team belts but don't call them 'world titles' until the company has grown enough to be able to tour other countries and defend them on foreign soil.


Then have a set of belts for the 6 man tag scene and like the tag belts they would not have the 'world title' name attached until being defended on foreign soil on a semi-regular basis.


I realise this idea would probably not be viable and might seem a little too fantasy-like but to me if tag teams can become hugely popular like the Road Warriors,Steiners,Freebirds and Von Erichs did then there surely is potential for tag wrestling to draw on it's own?

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Guest MastersGonads
Tag teams have their place within a promotion....but a promotion based soely on them!? The audience would get bored quickly...
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Guest Jayfunk
It's an interesting thought but i couldn't see it happening. Unless it was a tournament-based promotion such as chick fight but they would have to run limited shows like once or twice a year and be based on DVD sales rather than a TV deal. Edited by TPIB
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You wouldn't need to start another promotion just turn ECW into the Tag Team Division. You already have a roster to work with, a fan base, and TV time.


Get rid of the dead wood on all three shows, transfer the single wrestlers from ECW to Raw or SD depending on where the need is greatest, take the tag teams from Raw and SD and transfer them to ECW.


Whoala there you have it.


Plus you wouldn't have to wait for a build up to have belts as you can us the existing ones. It would be a good place to try out new teams and see what works. If in the end it doesn't just put everyone back where they were

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Guest Nemesis Enforcer

I don't think it would work in getting tag wrestling popular again, to be honest there is one way to do that and thats in WWE. As sad as it is if you want something to become popular wrestling wide it has to be done by WWE as to the vast majority of wrestling fans they are wrestling.


Now saying that, a tag team only promotion would probably have an audiance, much like ROH does for its none flashy storyline ways and Shimmer for its all women but they are still only small time niche promotions


If WWE used the tag teams 'properly' like they did in the 80's and 90's then you would see a huge popularity rise in that type of match, if TNA did it you'd see a very mild boost in popularity but its WWE who drives what people like in wrestling these days more then any company has before or probably will again

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The answer is no, simply because there is a limited formula for matches.


Basic formula is Good guy start strong, bad guy cheats, beats up the small guy, small guy gets tag (finally) bigger guy cleans house, go to finish.


That for 30 mins would stink the place out, every wrestling match in a product needs to bring something to the table and a tag is something different away from the singles, not the focus.

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Guest DarkMatchJobber

This is how I would book the Tag Division


1) The Miz and John Morrison - heel

2) Motor City Machine Guns (Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley) - face

3) The Naturals (Chase Stevens and Andy Douglas) - face

4) America's Most Wanted (James Storm and Chris Harris) - face

5) Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch - heel

6) Team 3D (Brother Ray and Brother D-Von) - heel

7) LAX (Homicide and Hernandez) - face


I think this is a quality over quantity selection with each team good enough to represent the promotion as it's top tag team at any given time which means less pressure on one team to carry the company.


The 6 man tag would feature different combinations of teams most of the time so as to create fresh opportunities for younger/less experienced talent whose shortcomings might be best hidden in the 6 man environment.

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So we have seven Tag teams in your federation


We have the options of


Straight tag matches 7 X 6 = 42 possible combinations of matches

However, you have only 3 heel teams so that's actually 4 X 3 = 12 combinations of matches.

6 man tag also leaves only 12 combination of matches


How on earth do you expect to put out a weekly show based on so little variation, not only would tag match after tag match send the world and its dog to sleep, you would also get very samey pap too.


Look, though tag wrestling is woefully lacking It is and should only be considered a variation from the norm, there is little done in a tag match as 4 guys co-ordinating together is much, much harder than a one on one match.


Seriously, have you read what everyone else is saying here? Because it seems to me like you've not got the point that everyone is telling you.





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Guest DarkMatchJobber

Of course other teams could be added but my list was simply a start-up selection.


Like anything in wrestling if something is pushed hard enough and given enough financial muscle it can get over and be popular.


Also if the teams are talented and innovative enough the fans wouldn't be sent to sleep or bored with tag match after tag match.


Plus you are forgetting about the 6 man tag division which would help carry a fair chunk of each show.

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Guest Al Stevens

Just in case you have missed some of the other replies here I shale just recover what has been said before IT WILL NOT WORK!!!!!


These are the main reasons I can think of for myself (as a fan, not a smark mark or a net geek just a fan)


No Singles matches = Sorry i remember back when on RAW there was Tag Team main events for about 5 months none stop. It bored me to tears, not because of the people included in said matches, however it was the same old crap time after time.


Also people turn in to see people like Cena, Triple H, Undertaker Jeff Hardy, Samoa Joe, Kurt Angle, Sting ect. They dont turn in to see your basic tag team, you need to have big name people to show up and do some solo work to get the fans to sit back down and enjoy themself.


So to only have normal and six man tags would just send people to sleep and lose more money than anything.


No titles: This is perhaps the most retarded idea I have ever read and heard and yes I do follow some of TNA story lines :lol. Now lets look at it like this, you are a promotor and you have someone like Kurt Angle in your office, how can you say to someone of that status "Come and work for us, however I will only be paying you peenuts. Oh and also we as a company dont believe in titles" There is no doubt he would laugh at you and your company and go to work with someone else.


Ok another way to put it, it would be like manchester United entering a league where the reward of putting in close to 9 months work is nothing. Also another reason the fans will not be there is because they like hearing about title matches and speculating on who is going to become the new champion. You take that away and the most your company would draw is two people. It doesnt matter if you had the best wrestlers or production vaules if there is something which the fans cannot look forward to other than systematic matches and no changes in matches as well as a reward for people getting pushed, it will fail.

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Guest Jayfunk

It would depend on how the promotion is set up.


Here is my idea:


Ring Lords: Tournament style promotion:


Ring Lords I


Round One

1) The Miz and John Morrison vs. Motor City Machine Guns (Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley)

2) The Naturals (Chase Stevens and Andy Douglas) vs. America's Most Wanted (James Storm and Chris Harris)

3) Team 3D vs. The Briscos

4) LAX vs. The Age of the Fallen


Semi Final

1) MCMG vs. AMW

2) Team 3D vs. LAX



1) AMW vs LAX


I think this type of model could work especially if it's based on DVD sales and if they get it linked to companies such as Highspots, RF video or ROH video.


But it isn't something that can be done weekly, monthly or bi-monthly. It could work quarterly but only if there are only two tournaments and two normal shows, but I think it would work best once or twice a year.

Edited by TPIB
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Guest DarkMatchJobber

I think the idea of making it a tournament-based promotion is a good one.


I would book it in a league format with each team (6 enter) facing each other once.


3 points for a victory via pinfall/count-out/dq or submission


2 points for a time-limit draw (say each match has 20 minute time-limit)


Minus 1 point for a defeat.


Then at the end the team with the most points is crowned champions.


(if at the end it is a tie for 1st place then the drawing teams face off in a no time-limit match until there is a winner)

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it would be a promotion based on quality not fame


Oh right, then Miz & Morrison are better wrestlers than them technically, Morrison is a better high flier, they work a more realistic style [especially Miz], can cut a great promo, can be funny, serious, or in any way entertaining, and look a hell of a lot better.


...so yeah, Miz & Morrison are better in just about every way possible.

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