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Best Create a finisher.

Guest MojoPogo

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Well, I created what is essentially just a modified Jacknife Powerbomb, it starts in the Powerbomb position, my CAW then does the "cut throat" taunt, then lifts the opponent up into the Jacknife Powerbomb position, following a very small delay, he then does the Jacknife Powerbomb. I called it the Destroyer. :)


I also created a finisher in which my CAW continuesly picks up and Powerbombs the opponent, until the final, slightly slowed down Powerbomb at the end. I called it the Royal Mutilation.


I also created a third finisher, but I can't remember what it is right now. :lol

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Poison mist into a kick to the gut, into an upper throat strike into 4 kicks to the nads and then a heel to the nads into a canadian destroyer. I called it the Uber Driver.
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Guest Al Stevens
8 kicks to the nuts, a kick to the gut and a knee to the face.


I take it you was inspired by the scraps which you might have seen in Bloxwich/Walsall then mitch :lol

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Guest Dr. ZERO

Eye Poke - Chokeslam Clutch 01 - 360 Chokeslam Clutch Spin (150% speed) - Battering Ram Bend (125% speed) - Batteing Ram Impact (125% Speed)


The Aneurysm!!!

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Guest Nemesis Enforcer



Oklahoma Cluch 02 (150% spreed), Samoan Clutch 02 (150% speed), Backbreaker Clutch 04 (100% speed), 360 Backbreaker Spin (inverted 150% speed), Single Knee Backbreaker (150% speed), Backbreaker Lift (75% speed), Last Call Bend (100% speed), Swing Bottom Turn (100% speed), Vortex Backbreaker Spin-Out (150% speed) and finally Swing Bottom Impact (150% speed)


Needlessly complicated and long to perform, but I love it just how it is :lol

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