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Predictions and Expectations for 2009?

Guest DarkMatchJobber

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Guest DarkMatchJobber

Quite simply what feuds would you like to see in 2009?




Jeff Hardy (as WWE champion) vs The Undertaker


- I think this would be a great face vs face feud and it would be great to see these two have a rematch of their classic ladder bout in 2002.


Finlay (face) vs Edge


- Although I'm not a big fan of Finlay as a babyface I do like him when he is a tweener and a feud between the Belfast brawler and the cocky,disrespectful Edge would produce some decent in-ring offerings and some spirited promos I'd imagine.


Rey Mysterio and Evan Bourne vs Miz and Morrison


- I have seen enough of Mysterio and Bourne to rate them as a potentially very good tag-team and seeing as Miz and Morrison are going to need decent opposition next year I would put Mysterio with Bourne permenantly so they can steal the show with Miz and Morrison on any card.




Samoe Joe (after defecting to Main Event Mafia) vs AJ Styles


- Powerslam thinks that Joe will turn on the Frontline and I am in agreement because the Samoan just seems too heelish to be a good guy for too long and it would be great to see these two renew their old rivalry that always produced very good matches.


Team 3D vs Beer Money


- A simple feud between two talented teams,is that too much to ask for?

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Guest the HiTman

2009 sound riveting Sports Entertainment fans! The dark ages prevail, and like a putrid rash; it's not getting any better.


Merry Christmas :xyx

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Guest Chriscare

If Christian goes to WWE then there's a few i'd like to see involving him.


Edge and Christian vs DX

Edge and Christian vs The Hardys

Edge vs Christian

Jeff Hardy vs Christian

Triple H vs Christian

Orton vs Christian

Taker vs Christian


all of which would be awesome. Other than that...


The Undertaker vs Triple H

Either Hardy vs The Undertaker

Jeff Hardy vs John Cena


Also i want William Regal and Santino to form an alliance, that'd be comedy gold.

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I would like to see Shawn Michaels vs. The Undertaker, which is rumored to take place at WM 25. Other than that, I would like to see Taker vs HHH and Samoa Joe vs AJ Styles.
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Guest Jimmy Redman
Jeff/Taker is a good call. As of this moment they still have some level of unresolved beef after Psycho Jeff hit him with the chair and then beat him. I think its got potential as a proper feud.
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I thought it would be a good idea to get a range of predictions/expectations for 2009...then we can look back at this thread this time next year.


The following is from the latest newsletter which fits in nicely with this thread...




(1) Who do you think will be the breakout star(s) for 2009?


BlackEyed: Evan Bourne and Jack Swagger.


Darkstar: Colt (Scotty Goldman) and MVP.


dsrchris: I know there's been a lot of back and forth about it, but it appears Ted Dibiase Jr is being groomed to be the next big breakout star. I can easily see them making him babyface to feud with Orton and his group. Probably much in the same way they tried to do with Orton when he first split from Evolution. Except this might actually work out.


Jimmy Redman: Provided they go through with the big main event push, Jeff Hardy will win the World Title and become a full-on main eventer. How long he lasts is up to both Vince and Jeff, but I have faith. Also on a lesser scale, John Morrison and Miz should keep climbing up as long as the office lets them. If the stable with Orton works well enough, Rhodes and DiBiase should be a whole lot better off in 12 months time. On an even lesser scale, Jack Swagger might surprise a few people.


Jung: Honestly I don’t know. I wouldn’t really say there is anybody on the cusp of becoming a regular main eventer. Jeff Hardy always seems to get there or thereabouts and then either through his doing or management’s lack of confidence gets lost again in the shuffle. CM Punk could/should have been, but then his title reign was brought to a screeching halt even though he’d done alright. So those two should be wanting to cement a top card place. So my pick is going to be John Morrison. Excellent bumper, good talker, good luck, could certainly progress this year. Alex Shelley seems an obvious choice for TNA as he’s a great talker and given time and proper encouragement could do alright.


Shane O Mac: Evan Bourne. I was gutted when he got injured. I think he's got so much potential to do well and I'd love to see him do even better in 2009 than 2008.


(2) Who do you think deserves a push in 2009?


BlackEyed: Ted DiBiase Jr., John Morrison and The Brian Kendrick.


Darkstar: Punk, his work ethic and obvious popularity to fans (unless you watch on any TV Mitch watches on :lol) should get him a damn fine spot.


dsrchris: I'd like to see Umaga hold one of the top titles for a little while. The guys been a wrecking machine, and if he can keep momentum when he comes back I don't see why he shouldn't have a title run. He'd probably benefit from having a "handler"/mouthpiece again though in that situation. Although I'd love to see him wreck Kozlov along the way. I'd love to see MCMG get their hands on the tag titles as well...


Jimmy Redman: Miz and Morrison. The two eternal "future main eventers" since they debuted: MVP and Mr Kennedy. Kennedy suffers from being injured all the time, MVP suffers from being buried all the time. But they have bags of potential which needs to be used, and injuries/burial notwithstanding, they really should be pushed. Also, like always, Jeff Hardy should be pushed to the moon.


Jung: Too many people. The reason guys like Mysterio stand out is because they look different and their style is so different. So guys like Evan Bourne, Jeff Hardy, CM Punk (as a heel would be more effective) Morrison & Miz, etc all deserve a bit more focus. So much has been spent on the likes of HHH, Batista, and so on and they haven’t been commercial or critical hits. Nobody is saying fire them or shove them down the card, but certainly trying some new blood and new styles won’t do any harm. Same applies with the TNA topline. It’s re-tread city and I doubt many are clammering to see Kevin Nash win the World Title again are they?


Shane O Mac: Again, Evan. Amazing talent and I think he really can go far.


(3) Who will get a push?


BlackEyed: Mike Knox, DH Smith, Layla, William Regal and MVP.


Darkstar: Jeff, and maybe Morrison. Otherwise same old same old.


dsrchris: Good question. To be honest I don't know. I'm really hoping Kendrick hasn't blown his chance. He's got a great gimmick now that they could do a lot with. From the reports I've read, it looks like DH Smith will be getting a push. Vince reportedly likes him, and the guy took the first bullet for the "name and shame" wellness policy. I reckon he'll get pushed. Dunno if he's gonna be any good, but either way I think he'll be pushed.


Jimmy Redman: I think the most obvious answer is John Morrison, and Miz if they're smart. Morrison's physique and looks are a major asset for him, particularly when it comes to differentiating between the two of them. He has shown a lot of promise this year (Rumble, Mania, generally) and they will push him more. DiBiase and Rhodes, and Manu I guess, will be pushed through this stable. Inexplicably, Kozlov will continue to get pushed.


Jung: Jeff Hardy should win the big belt, providing he doesn’t meet the law again. I expect Kozlov to continue getting pushed. I think though if the crowd still don’t get behind him then Umaga would be an excellent replacement top-line killer heel. I expect Rhodes/Dibiase to also get more exposure with Randy Orton. In TNA, either anyone who leaves WWE to join or another older star (i.e. Scott Hall, Test, Rick Steiner etc.)


Shane O Mac: I think Jack Swagger. Not a huge fan of him myself, but I can see him doing well and perhaps winning the ECW title sometime in 2009.


(4) Are they any feuds/angles that you would like to see?


BlackEyed: Most has been done before, and even though they haven't been doing a job lately, the creative departments have better collective imaginations than mine!


Darkstar: I'd love either an MVP Vs Scotty Goldman fued or something like the old Anlge/Benoit stuff that was based around the in ring product. Though Im aware I'm a minority.


dsrchris: I'm hoping to see Punk/Orton get going. They've laid some good groundwork during the last year, and it think a good fairly lengthy feud between the two could be potentially fantastic. In fact it's gonna be awesome to see where Orton goes with the whole "Legacy" thing?


Jimmy Redman: I cant think of much in the way of feuds, actually. I want Beth and Kelly to have a proper feud over the belt. They've had tonnes of matches already, but no real feud. If her move transpires, Beth v Gail Kim would also be tops. I'd like a Batista/Cena feud only on the condition that one of them have turned heel. I just generally want to see a Cena heel turn.


Jung: Jeff Hardy/Edge has some potential due to their history and them never feuding individually. Cena/Orton should just re-start from September 2007 and we’ll forget anything ever happened imbetween. HBK/Taker have wonderful chemistry and in their twilight they should go at it in a feud just one more time. In TNA, I’d just like to see Sting/Cactus, just to see what they could do 17 years on. Both can still go to an extent, so it may be pretty good.


Shane O Mac: Jeff and Edge. They had some amazing matches back as tag teams and both of them are getting better and better now, can see them having some extremely entertaining and fantastic matches.


(5) What would you like to see happen at the 25th anniversary of WrestleMania?


BlackEyed: The Undertaker FINALLY lose!


Darkstar: Hogan/Austin. Or Austin/Rock. For me thats the best dream match or the best actual match.


dsrchris: You know what? I don't know. Maybe both Hardy's celebrating as World Champions. Jeff finally wins the WWE title. Seeing as how it's only a couple of months away they could have him screwed out of it at Armageddon, have him win the rumble and spend 3 months building him up massively. Maybe making everyone wait a little longer wouldn't be such a bad thing if done correctly. And have Matt as the ECW champion (not the same thing I know). Definitely not Snoop Dogg falling asleep.


Jimmy Redman: Jeff Hardy winning the WWE Title in the end to the fairytale, 15-month quest for the gold, mostly. It could be off Edge, it could be off HHH, it could be off Funaki, I dont care whatsoever, but it would be magnificent. Steve Austin having a match would also rule, as long as he is physically able. I also want a proper Women's Title match. I'm not fussed with the specifics yet, Mania usually turns out pretty OK though.


Jung: HBK/Taker retirement match HIAC to finally prove the better man. After last year’s WM with Flair’s emotional send off, it will be hard to top off that level of grandstand. The majority of their homegrown potential matches don’t come close, so unless they get Austin in to face say Orton or Edge, that would be the best bet for a classic moment.


Shane O Mac: Batista winning the title, and to actually keep it for more than 8 days this time! Would quite like Jeff to win or retain the title (depending on who’s champ by then, so same really applies to Batista). Would love Hogan to be there and would be great to see a final Austin match.


(6) Do you think TNA and WWE can both manage successfully with the 'credit crunch' expected to get worse by many?


BlackEyed: With WWE's considerable worldwide merchandising capabilities, constant world touring and tv deals, they look to be in much better stead compared to TNA. TNA will just about scrape through, however this will depend on how the talent is utilised in 2009.


Darkstar: God yeah. While before it was a 'luxury' thing, now its a more kid based product WWE should keep doing well. TNA will just keep riding the coat-tails.


dsrchris: I think there'll definitely be cutbacks. I'm kinda hoping it'll mean an end to monthly PPV's. But I guess as long as each one turns a profit, that's not gonna happen. Audiences will definitely take a downturn though. Hell I'm all for anything that'll make creative in both promotions have to put some work in to keep/gain viewers.


Jimmy Redman: Manage as well as anyone will manage, I guess. WWE are already making changes due to the economy, so at least they are already on top of the situation. PPV numbers will probably keep dropping, but they are already and its not a life-threatening problem. TNA might fare a bit worse, looking at how they've been going recently (video game bombs, house shows down, self-burial) and they dont have the money making capabilities of WWE. Are they even turning a profit yet?


Jung: Can’t see why not. Neither are creatively on fire yet both are still surviving comfortably. So I can’t see a major change.


Shane O Mac: I don't watch TNA so can't really comment on that, but I can see WWE having a few iffy moments, but in general if they do great shows and PPVs and keep the fans entertained I don't see them having a major problem with it.


(7) Are there any stars you expect to be fired this year?


BlackEyed: Paul Burchill, D-Lo Brown and Scotty Goldman.


Darkstar: Hmmm, yeah. After Kozlov bombs expect to see him gone after jobbing like a bitch...


dsrchris: Hmmm, you know maybe DH Smith. I know I said he'd get pushed, but I didn't say it'd go well. If things don't go well and he fails another test, then he could well be gone. Funaki probably doesn't have much left, but I don't know if they'll let him go. That's another one to file under "depends how bad things get financially".


Jimmy Redman: Curryman. Looking at the roster, some of the dead weight or not-being-used guys that WWE havent cut yet could well go; Deuce, D'Lo Brown, Burchill, Snitsky, Hawkins, Ryder, Braddock, Colt (sadly), Spears, and so forth. TNA dont usually fire guys, just hire more and more. They have guys that could go too though, Rave and Lance Hoyt for two.


Jung: Ha erm not necessarily “expect to be” as even if Jeff Hardy gets caught again because of their relatively dodgy predicament, they’ll just keep him and give him another telling off.


Shane O Mac: I would of said Snitsky, but seeing as that already happened. Wouldn't be surprised if a couple of Divas went, Paul Burchill, Hawkins and Ryder. With all the cuts recently I'm surprised Burchill is still there.


(8) Are there any stars you would like to see get fired?


BlackEyed: JBL, Kevin Nash, Kurt Angle and Manu.


Darkstar: No. I dont care enough about the product from TNA or WWE anymore.


dsrchris: They've got rid of Snitsky now, so I'm a happy bunny.


Jimmy Redman: Kozlov, Kozlov and more Kozlov.


Jung: I’d like to see Kevin Nash not in main events in 2009. He was looking old and rubbish in main events in 2000, god knows how he manages it. The man is a genius.


Shane O Mac: Candice Michelle. It's something about her that I just cannot stand. Don't think she’s that good of a wrestler and she just irritates me every time she’s there, and she needs to stop "smiling" because its just disturbing!


(9) Any predictions for 2009?


BlackEyed: Jeff Hardy to main event at WrestleMania 25.


Darkstar: A big name migration back to WWE from TNA.


dsrchris: Umm, Cena wins? :devil No seriously though, I don't know. Batista or Cena needs to go Heel I reckon. Hardy to win the rumble? TNA finally gets fed up and fires Russo? Just as long as it's something interesting I don't really care.


Jimmy Redman: In short, that nothing much changes. TNA continue with their sh*tty booking and burial of their own guys and going nowhere, while putting on a decent match every once in a while. WWE continue to do some good things along with boring things and crap things. Raw continues to be great only in patches, mostly thanks to Santino and the comedy crew and the main event, Smackdown continues to be a solid show week after week. Jeff Hardy continues to be over with or without a push to match, HHH continues to make hilarious 'shoot' comments and hilarious jokes, Cena continues to be a 'pandering sycophant', Orton and Jericho continue to bring the heelness, Santino, Miz and Morrison continue to be awesome, and we all continue to complain. About everything. All the time. It is wrestling, after all.


Jung: HHH has another boring unproductive reign with the top belt which goes absolutely nowhere and then he tears his quad again.


Shane O Mac: Jeff to finally win the gold, Christian to come back plus HBK and possibly Undertaker to retire.

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Guest DarkMatchJobber

I think that former UFC and MMA fighters who are naturally charismatic and heelish like Tito Ortiz will crossover to TNA or WWE next year.


Okay....probably won't happen but the guy has proven himself in UFC and he'd be a great addition to TNA or WWE and his genuine hardman aora will benefit either roster.

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Guest Chriscare
If John Cena doesnt turn heel, or at the very least change character, by the end of 2009 I will not be happy.


Meh, i'm not too fussed. It's definatley gonna happen eventually, the longer they leave it the better it's going to be.


Also, I wouldn't be too suprised to see Lesnar return at the end of next year (or the start of the year after), with his UFC success he'd be an even bigger draw now than when he left, meaning he could negotiate a perfect contract for himself. I can't imagine he'll wanna keep doing UFC with a family to support due to the risks invovled, if he can get a cushy deal where he doesn't have to work house shows, I'm sure WWE would be ideal for him.

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Guest DarkMatchJobber
Or Lesnar could quite simply retire in a year or two having made an absolute fortune from his UFC career and not need to return to WWE and worry about what's being said about him behind his back.
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Guest Chriscare
Or Lesnar could quite simply retire in a year or two having made an absolute fortune from his UFC career and not need to return to WWE and worry about what's being said about him behind his back.


Perhaps, but you'd have to be pretty lazy and unmotivated to want to retire so young. Lesnar doesn't strike me as that type of guy.


Plus with his UFC success, and his no compete in wrestling clause coming to an end in a couple of years, he'll be a huge assett to either TNA or WWE, huge sums of money and being in a position of power would be very hard for him to turn down.

Edited by Chriscare
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Guest DarkMatchJobber
I wouldn't put it past Lesnar to sign with TNA as a means of sticking it to Vince and also for the opportunity to work with Kurt again.
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Guest Citizen Kane

Brock Lesnar would never, ever sign for TNA. Ever.


I can sorta, kinda see a WWE return someday, but certainly not for a good few years yet.

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Guest HH-Evolution

I really don't know why people hold out for Lesnar.


Guys doing well at what he's doing now, and is clearly getting all the decent exposure he needs. Why would he want to come back to be central in a company that has been seen as clearly struggling to be recognised by the media as a legitimate force in entertainment as a whole but instead mocked and criticised more than what he is doing at the moment...?


If Brocks as smart as all that, he'll steer away clear of both...he doesn't really need the WWE anymore.

And yes, this IS a WWE Fan saying this...sadly. :P

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Why would he want to come back to be central in a company that has been seen as clearly struggling to be recognised by the media as a legitimate force in entertainment as a whole but instead mocked and criticised more than what he is doing at the moment?
That's easy to answer. A (slightly) less dangerous work environment and a sh*tload more money.
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Guest Nemesis Enforcer
If John Cena doesnt turn heel, or at the very least change character, by the end of 2009 I will not be happy.
I wouldn't put my house on Cena changing his character too much in 2009 to be honest
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Guest Jimmy Redman
I wouldn't put my house on Cena changing his character too much in 2009 to be honest


No I know, I dont actually expect it at all. I probably said the exact same thing at the end of last year, so I'm not holding my breath. I just want him to turn heel, and another 12 months of the exact same Cena will bore even me, most probably.

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