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Guest Chriscare

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Guest Chriscare

Just wondering what games people have downloaded and though were good. I'll keep a list of what everyone thinks so we have place to look em up.


The Good


Super Street Fighter 2 HD - Look lovely, will definitely keep any street fighter or 2d beat em up fan going until Street Fight 4 comes out.


Castle Crashers - Fun and Humorous Multilayer Mayhem, well worth it if you've got a few mates round.


The Bad


Feeding Frenzy - Not much to it, swim around and eat stuff, ridiculously easy and I really don't see the appeal.

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You can't go wrong with the classics Streets of Rage and Sonic (2). Also great if you like poker is Texas hold em. Uno is a lot of fun. I would also like to see more people DL Ninja+, not its actual name but I forgot exactly its name.


"That ninja game" (as all my mates call it) is N+. Awesome game, just really, really fun.


I'm loving Braid too, and more people need to check out Penny Arcade Episodes 1 & 2. Any game where the first line is "Holy f*cking sh*t! Did you see the size of that robot?" is worth a giggle.


But Portal is where its at for me at the minute. I know it's just putting holes in stuff, but I can't put it down!

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Guest Jaycey Baby

Braid - Really cool 2D platformer with some mind-bending time-travelling puzzles. Thumbs up!


N+ - This is cool. And it's on DS! I was gutted when I chose Elite Beat Agents over it.


Geometry Wars 2 - 'Nuff said


Duke Nukem 3D - Has Forever been canned permanently now?


Joust - Waste of time.

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Duke Nukem 3D - Has Forever been canned permanently now?


There was a new screen shot posted on IGN not too long ago, but I doubt it'll be here anytime soon. We can always hope, though.

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Guest Peter K

I'll second Tio recommendation on Rez HD, I loved the original on the Dreamcast and the 'remastered' version on XLA is just superb especially on HD!


Also, I was over the moon when I discovered Duke Nukem 3D, I played that game on the old N64 and absolutely loved it. Only setback was in the XLA version, you couldn't save the 'babes' whilst on the N64 you could! Minor setback aside, it's the same classic game!


Also, check out 'Exit' (think that's the title) it's a strategy game where you have to rescue and lead the trapped victims out of buildings, at first it's easy but later on it's very challenging as some victims can't jump, run fast, etc and will hinder your progress in the game.


EDIT: I also saw the Duke Nukem Forever screenshot on IGN. All we can is hope that 3D Realms manage to get around to finishing the game and soon. It would be great to see Duke in proper 3D.

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