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WWE Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony Discussion Thread - 4th April 2009

Guest FreeSpirit

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Guest FreeSpirit




The Toyota Center - Houston, Texas


TV Schedule:

USA: Saturday 4th April on USA Network at 10/9c

UK: Sunday 5th April on Sky Sports 3 at 3am


It's time to raise a glass - of beer, naturally - to the most popular WWE Superstar in history, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin.


It's official: The six-time WWE Champion will be inducted into the 2009 WWE Hall of Fame on Saturday 4th April in his home state of Texas at Houston's Toyota Center, the night before WrestleMania XXV. "Stone Cold" is the first Superstar announced for this year's Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony in what promises to be one "Hell Yeah" of an evening.


It's now being reported that promoter "Cowboy" Bill Watts has announced that he is being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2009. In an email sent to friends, Watts said "Got a very surprising call yesterday from the offices of the WWE, and the 'caller' told me 'they' had chosen me to be 'inducted into the WWE Wrestling Hall of Fame"


World Wrestling Entertainment have been looking into constructing or creating a facility for the Hall of Fame. WWE's Executive Vice President of Global Media Shane McMahon, has said that the WWE has been storing wrestling memorabilia in a warehouse for years, and all items are categorized and dated in case a facility is created. McMahon has stated, "I think it's probably still a couple of years away, but we're really anxious to do it




*Stone Cold Steve Austin

~To Be Inducted by Vince McMahon


*The Funks - Terry Funk & Dory Funk, Jr.

~To Be Inducted by Dusty Rhodes


*Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat

~To Be Inducted by Ric Flair


*"Cowboy" Bill Watts

~To Be Inducted by Jim Ross


*Koko B. Ware

~To be Inducted by The Honky Tonk Man


*The Von Erich Family

~To Be Inducted by Michael Hayes

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Guest ScottyB

I think it's a bit early to induct Austin; especially as he's still making sparodic apperances. But, we are in his home state, so it seems fitting.



And a physical HoF would be ace, and would probably be a huge source of income, seeing as there are probably a shit load of people (myself included) that'd want to visit.

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Bill Watts is going in then. Big territorial star as a wrestler, promoter of one of the best ever territories (if not the best), his promotion made a bunch of guys who went on to be big stars in the WWF national names beforehand (JYD, Duggan, DiBiase, Roberts yadda yadda yadda) and helped shape a lot of what their future WWF characters would be, taught Jim Ross a hell of a lot about being a great announcer and remains super, super influential to this day. Jim Ross will be inducting him apparently.


No Funks, no dice though. I want Terry to spot Dusty in the audience, go on a tirade against him and challenge him to a fight in the parking lot, still working a feud 30 years on. Or maybe it ain't no work. One never can tell with The Funker.

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Guest Nemesis Enforcer
PWInsider.com is reporting that Steve Austin has specifically requested that Ric Flair induct him into the 2009 WWE Hall of Fame. While this may not come as much of a surprise to some, it will be interesting to see how WWE handles this situation given the fact that Flair is no longer with the company and left on rather shaky terms.
Credit: Wrestlezone.com


Interesting its not JR who he wants to induct him with them being such good friends

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WWE will probably force him to be inducted by JR.
I don't think they can. As far as I'm aware, all inductees get to chose who inducts them, so if Austin wants Flair, then Austin will get Flair.


Personally, I'd like Bret Hart to return the favour and induct Stone Cold.

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Guest Kanenite

Austin being inducted is amazing. The video package they did was a job well done, sent shivers down my spine so not bad at all :P


I'm with DC actually, would be cool to see him inducted by Bret but equally as awesome would be Flair and seeing as both seem to be for idea it would be cool to see it go ahead.

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Here’s an update on the Hall of Fame. The only person we know added is Ricky Steamboat, who will be inducted by Ric Flair.


From the WON.

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