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Guest Jimmy Redman

In order to help the process for awards at the end of the year, and also just because its lots of FUN, this thread will be stickied, and is for any suggestions you have as we go along for the best and worst matches of the year, as well as the best and worst moments/decisions of the year.


As you can imagine this will help a great deal by the end of the year when its time to nominate for awards, especially when you're trying to rack your brains for all those horrible matches and segments you had so thankfully forgotten about in the first place. Its also a help if you just want to look back on, or maybe look up, some of the best stuff from the year that you might have forgotten about.


So yes, here in this mighty thread we will hold the greatness, and the not-so-greatness, of 2009. Just post in here if you have any suggestions for a match or a moment or a decision, whether best or worst, and I'll add them to the lists.


Keep in mind that this thread is in the larger US Forum, and therefore normal spoiler rules apply. If whatever you're posting is so monumentally good, or so monumentally bad, that you cant possibly wait the three days until the spoilers lift, then be a good sport and spoiler tag it.


Our Almighty Lord and Master (not me, Kam) has started us off:


Best Match


- John Cena v Shawn Michaels (WWE Raw 12/1)

- Kurt Angle v Jeff Jarrett (TNA Genesis 11/1)

- Alex Shelley v Chris Sabin - X Title (TNA Genesis 11/1)

- Alex Shelley v Eric Young - X Title (TNA Against All Odds 8/2)

- Edge v Jeff Hardy v Kozlov v Big Show v Undertaker v HHH - WWE Title, Elimination Chamber (WWE No Way Out 15/2)

- John Cena v Rey Mysterio v Chris Jericho v Mike Knox v Kane v Edge - World Title, Elimination Chamber (WWE No Way Out 15/2)

- Jack Swagger v Christian - ECW Title (WWE ECW 24/2)

- Alex Shelley v Chris Sabin v Consequences Creed v Jay Lethal v Suicide - X Title, Ultimate X (TNA Destination X 15/3)

- Undertaker v Shawn Michaels (WWE Wrestlemania 25 5/4)

- Christian v Punk v Shelton v Kofi v Henry v Kane v Finlay v MVP - Money in the Bank (WWE Wrestlemania 25 5/4)

- Evan Bourne v John Morrison (WWE ECW 14/4)

- Team 3D v Beer Money - TNA & IWGP Tag Titles, Philly Street Fight (TNA Lockdown 19/4)

- John Cena v Chris Jericho (WWE Raw 20/4)

- Jack Swagger v Christian - ECW Title (WWE Backlash 26/4)

- John Cena v Edge - World Title, Last Man Standing (WWE Backlash 26/4)

- Rey Mysterio v Chris Jericho - IC Title (WWE Judgment Day 17/5)

- John Morrison v Shelton Benjamin (WWE Judgment Day 17/4)

- Jeff Jarrett v Scott Steiner - Cactus Jack Wack Attack (TNA Impact 23/4)

- Christian v Tyson Kidd (WWE ECW 2/6)

- Edge v Rey Mysterio (WWE Smackdown 5/6)

- Chris Jericho v John Morrison (WWE Superstars 11/6)

- Edge v John Morrison (WWE Smackdown 19/6)

- CM Punk v John Morrison (WWE Smackdown 26/6)

- Edge & Chris Jericho v Rey Mysterio & Jeff Hardy - Cage (WWE Smackdown 26/6)

- Chris Jericho v Rey Mysterio - Mask v IC Title (WWE Bash 28/6)

- Kurt Angle & Samoa Joe v Jeff Jarrett & AJ Styles - TNA Title (TNA Impact 2/7)

- John Cena v Triple H (WWE Raw 6/7)

- Rey Mysterio v Chris Jericho - IC Title (WWE Smackdown 10/7)

- Jeff Hardy v Chris Jericho (WWE Smackdown 24/7)

- Jeff Hardy v John Morrison - World Title (WWE Smackdown 31/7)

- Rey Mysterio v Dolph Ziggler - IC Title (WWE SummerFest 23/8)

- Jeff Hardy v CM Punk - World Title, TLC (WWE SummerFest 23/8)

- CM Punk v Jeff Hardy - World Title v Career, Cage (WWE Smackdown 28/8)

- Rey Mysterio v John Morrison - IC Title (WWE Smackdown 4/9)

- Randy Orton v John Cena - WWE Title, I Quit (WWE Breaking Point 13/9)

- DX v Legacy - Hell in a Cell (WWE Hell in a Cell 4/10)

- Kurt Angle v AJ Styles (TNA Impact 15/10)

- Kurt Angle v Matt Morgan (TNA Bound for Glory 18/10)

- Randy Orton v John Cena - WWE Title, Ironman (WWE Bragging Rights 25/10)

- Kurt Angle v Desmond Wolfe (TNA Turning Point 15/11)

- AJ Styles v Chris Daniels v Samoa Joe - TNA Title (TNA Turning Point 15/11)


Worst Match


- Awesome Kong v Sojourner Bolt - Knockout's Title (TNA Destination X 15/3)

- Miss Wrestlemania Battle Royal (WWE Wrestlemania 25 5/4)

- Triple H v Randy Orton - WWE Title (WWE Wrestlemania 25 5/4)

- CM Punk v Kane (WWE Raw 20/4)

- Taylor Wilde v Sojourner Bolt - Ladder match (TNA Impact 23/4)

- Santina Marella v Beth Phoenix (WWE Raw 11/5)

- John Cena v Big Show - I Quit (WWE Extreme Rules 8/6)

- John Cena v The Miz (WWE Bash 28/6)

- Sharmell v Jenna Morasca (TNA Victory Road 19/7)

- Kane v The Great Khali (WWE Summerslam 23/8)

- Kane v The Great Khali, Singapore Cane match (WWE Breaking Point 13/9)

- Mick Foley v Abyss - Monster's Ball (TNA Bound for Glory 18/10)


Best Moment or Decision


- Randy Orton punts Vince McMahon in the head (WWE Raw 19/1)

- Jack Swagger wins the ECW Title (WWE ECW 13/1)

- Brother Ray returns to Impact (TNA Impact 15/1)

- Christian returns to WWE (WWE ECW 10/2)

- Edge enters the Raw Elimination Chamber and wins the World Title (WWE No Way Out 15/2)

- Edge cuts a promo after winning the Raw Elimination Chamber (WWE Raw 16/2)

- Randy Orton punts Shane and RKOs Steph, HHH saves (WWE Raw 16/2)

- Roddy Piper cuts a promo on Chris Jericho (WWE Raw 16/2)

- Ricky Steamboat cuts a promo on Chris Jericho (WWE Raw 23/2)

- Randy Orton DDTs Steph, kisses her and sledgehammers HHH (WWE Raw 23/3)

- Chris Jericho assaults Ric Flair and smashes his watch (WWE Raw 23/3)

- Shawn Michaels comes out as the anti-Undertaker (WWE Smackdown 27/3)

- Ricky Steamboat's performances after 15 years out (WWE Wrestlemania 5/4, WWE Raw 6/4 & WWE Backlash 26/4)

- The Miz gets pushed, feuds with John Cena (WWE Raw May & June)

- The Miz & Santino segment (WWE Judgment Day 17/5)

- WWE TV (WWE 1-5 June)

- Vince McMahon does Teddy Long's dance (WWE Bash 28/6)

- Edge & Chris Jericho win the Unified Tag Titles (WWE Bash 28/6)

- Sheamus debuts on ECW (WWE ECW 30/6)

- Undertaker returns, switches with Jeff Hardy and Chokeslams CM Punk after TLC (SummerFest 23/8)

- CM Punk comes out as Jeff Hardy (WWE Smackdown 4/9)

- The Rock cuts a promo (WWE Smackdown 2/10)

- Nigel McGuinness debuts as Demond Wolfe and attacks Kurt Angle (TNA Impact 22/10)

- Batista turns on Rey Mysterio (WWE Bragging Rights 25/10)

- Kofi Kingston destroys Randy Orton's NASCAR (WWE Raw 26/10)

- Kofi Kingston puts Randy Orton through a table after a brawl around MSG (WWE Raw 16/11)

- Sheamus wins Breakthrough Battle Royal and a title shot against John Cena (WWE Raw 23/11)


Worst Moment or Decision


- 'Kute' Kip James replaces Kevin Nash in the main event (TNA Genesis 11/1)

- Shane McMahon takes out Randy Orton, Ted Dibiase and Cody Rhodes (WWE Raw 26/1)

- Christian returns to WWE (WWE ECW 10/2)

- Shawn Michaels ends Kozlov's undefeated streak (WWE Raw 9/3)

- Returning Divas get no entrances at Wrestlemania (WWE Wrestlemania 25 5/4)

- Kid Rock kicks Unifying Tag Title match off the card (WWE Wrestlemania 25 5/4)

- Mick Foley wins the TNA World Title (TNA Lockdown 19/4)

- Santino Marella turns babyface (WWE Raw May)

- Extreme Rules PPV (8/6)

- Batista wins WWE Title 2 days before surgery (WWE Extreme Rules 8/6)

- Vickie Guerrero humiliated by Edge in Raw sendoff (WWE Raw 9/6)

- WWE releases Mr Kennedy and Umaga (June)

- Poor booking of Randy Orton and Legacy (WWE all year)

- Mitsuharu Misawa passes away in the ring (NOAH 13/6)

- Samoa Joe turns heel and joins the Main Event Mafia (TNA Slammiversary 21/6)

- Kane returns to feud with The Great Khali (WWE Bash 28/6)

- Cena beats Miz clean in five minutes after their build up (WWE Bash 28/6)

- HHH hits Randy Orton and stands tall to end the PPV after losing the 3 Stages of Hell (WWE Bash 28/6)

- Abraham Washington debuts talk show on ECW (WWE ECW 30/6)

- Edge is injured at a house show, ruining his tag team title run with Chris Jericho (WWE 3/7)

- Big Show destroys Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne after their match (WWE Raw 6/7)

- Putting Sharmell v Jenna Morasca on PPV (TNA Victory Road 19/7)

- Obvious build & reveal of Taz as Joe's advisor (TNA April-July)

- Jeremy Piven & Dr. Ken are terrible Raw hosts and say 'SummerFest' (WWE Raw 3/8)

- The Miz buried and 'banned' from SummerFest, Staples Center and Raw (WWE Raw 3/8)

- 'Montreal Screwjob' re-created with Teddy, Punk and Undertaker (WWE Breaking Point 13/9)

- Kyle Busch and Joey Logano are terrible Raw hosts and say 'Kofi Johnson' (WWE Raw 26/10)

- Terrible 'comedy' build for Cena v HHH v Michaels (WWE Raw Nov)

- Triple H Pedigrees Horswoggle (WWE Raw 16/11)

- 'Piggy' James segment (WWE Smackdown 20/11)

- Kofi's feud with Orton dies and he jobs at TLC (WWE Dec)



Oh, and a reminder that this is NOT a discussion thread. Any post challenging anyone else's suggestions, or basically any post that isnt a suggestion, will be deleted. If you think that such-and-such match actually sucked, or if you think Kute Kip really belongs in the main event, by all means go post about it in that show's thread or in the Comments thread, but dont post it here.

Edited by Jimmy Redman
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Guest JamesMXPX
I'd like to nominate Christian's return to WWECW as a "best moment", 'cause I really enjoyed it. Edited by Jimmy Redman
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Guest Citizen Kane

Not sure if it needs to be spoilered or whatever but just to be on the safe side...


RAW Spoilers


I think the whole shennanigans at the end of this weeks show deserve a mention for best moment, from Shane getting punted to Steph's RKO and HHH coming out. Not sure what you'd call it though.


Come to think of it, the Piper promo from that show also more than deserves a mention.

Edited by Jimmy Redman
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Guest JamesMXPX

I agree with Citizen Kane.


Also the decision with Edge coming into the Raw Elimination Chamber is one of the better so far this year.

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Guest lilmisselectric

I agree both Elimination Chamber matches and the decision to put Edge in the Raw chamber have to be two of the best so far - definitely unexpected an have shaken things up a little.


I also really enjoyed the title match between Beth and Melina earlier in the year - when Melina won back the title. I thought it was a pretty solid match from the ladies.

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Guest JamesMXPX

Another nomination: The Chris Jericho/Ricky Steamboat stuff from Raw on Monday Night.

All sorts of awesomeness.

Edited by Jimmy Redman
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Guest Dante Spears

Worst Decision:

Spending 2008 building up Kozlov as this inhuman power house powerhouse wrestler with an undefeated streak and then ending it on Monday Night Raw in a match with no real build-up, against an opponent who really didn't need to be put over. March 9th, 2009

Edited by Dante Spears
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Guest Da Showstoppa
I'd like to nominate Christian's return to WWECW as a "best moment", 'cause I really enjoyed it.


I would like to nominate it as exactly the opposite. It was at best a wasted opportunity, the announce team didn't even hype it and pretty soon he was jobbing to Swagger. I agree it was nice to see him back though.



As far as Best matches go, I thought Ultimate X was really good at Destination X.



Best moment would be HBK's excellent Undertaker type entrance on Smackdown

Edited by Jimmy Redman
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Can I make a suggestion of Edge's promo on Raw after he won the Elimination chamber, specifically his "hey little fella? Know what you're gonna be when you grow up? WRONG!" moment :)
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