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Help! PS3/Wireless Trouble?!?!

Guest Proudy

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My PC and router (wired) are downstairs, PS3 is upstairs. I've had no problem with it connecting wireless until we got a new PC. Ever since having the new PC, I've had to turn it on for the PS3 to connect as the internet seems to go idle when its off, which it never used to. However over the last few days it wont even connect when the PC is turned on.


Just some more info, we're on Sky broadband and our anti-virus is McAfee Total Protection 2009. I've checked the network on that and the PS3 is set to friend.


Edit: Old PC...XP

New PC...Vista


Can anyone help...I miss COD World At War :(

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Are both the PC and the PS3 connected wirelessly?


Do you have to connect to the router via a hard link, and if so, has the new computer changed the settings?


Does the router limit the amount of computers it can communicate to?

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Hard link is the wire.


Only other thing I can think of is that a firewall has gone up somewhere preventing the communication.


You have McCaffee, but I think windows has its own firewall too, so you might want to look there.

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Windows firewall is off. I really cant understand whats been done differently since we've had the vista PC.


This is really depressing me! I might just have to accept defeat and get a massive Ethernet cable and run it up the stairs :lol

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It's nothing to do with the new PC. The netgear/sagem router you've got is all you need for the wireless signal to reach the PS3.


It's technically impossible that you're pc is somehow causing the router to lose sync with the dsl connection..impossible.


So I suggest you check out your router settings page: and try a few different wireless channels etc to see if you get any better luck.


If ultimately you can't think of anything after that, ring Sky BB Technical and if you clearly explain the issue, the only resolution is that somehow the router is not functioning correctly and you need them to send out a new one.


Bottom line, not the PC. Don't get me wrong, Vista sucks but it's not cutting off you're PS3 :D

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