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Xpert Eleven - Football Management Game


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So lads and lasses, I hope this is the right place.


For the last few months I've been playing a sort of football tactic game.




All you do is create of take over a fictional team and manage it. This includes transfers, sponsers and so on. More information on the website.


I thought about setting a TWO League up, so if anyone is interested then sign up on Xpert Eleven and give a shout here. It's really an exciting game and it doesn't take an awful lot of time.


Here is the league: http://www.xperteleven.com/?lid=198984




Shaunj4 - 1. FC Wagon Wheels

Y2James - London Bulldozers

Laffy - Laffys Looneys

John Hancock - Rhineland Vereinigt

Reno - Cthulhu United

Fidel Cashflow - Dynamo Dubai

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Guest Y2James
Have you registered on the site? Probably the reason why you can't get in.


I was already registered on the site before you even posted this.

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Guest John Hancock
You don't need to know anything about football. All the players and teams are fictional, the tactics aren't complicated and the statistics are really concise. It's more an RPG than a true football game. I just signed up and it looks like it'll be a lot of fun.
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Guest John Hancock
J-Rock I am part of the league but where do i go to chose my team?


On the "Team Menu" section on the right, go to "Player Squad" and you can select who's playing, on the bench, or in reserve, or whatever. You can also click on "Next Match/Tactics" where you can choose your captain, your kick takers and your general match tactics.

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Guest Laffy

I must be blind can not see a team menu maybe this isn't for me if i can't even find how to enter a team.


EDIT:Sorted it was the sponsor thingy that through me i thought it was advertising crap and spam.

Edited by Laffy
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Can't access the feature settings as I need more peeps!


I'll get something started before access.


Should we have a 2 league games a week or 1 league game + 1 cup game a week?

We can have 2 Cups during a season, sort of like the Carling and FA Cup. Anyone likes?

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