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RAW Discussion Thread- March 23, 2009 from Kansas City, MO (#826)


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Sprint Center in Kansas City, MO


(ECW on Sci-Fi for March 24 will be taped prior to RAW in the same venue)


Confirmed Matches/Events


2-on-1 Handicap Match: Non-Title:

Triple H Vs. Randy Orton & Ted DiBiase



Edge Vs. Big Show


Build To The 25th Anniversary of WrestleMania

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I'm almost dreading this show.


Stephanie McMahon returns to either "save the day" or continue the terrible HHH/Orton angle. And apparently a change is afoot in the Jericho amtch at Wrestlemania. Naturally, this will lead to some people calling for Austin, but WWE are idiots if they have him return for his one last match with TWO WEEKS LEFT. Christ knows what's coming.


Wrestlemania should be a happy time for wrestling fans, but I'm not optimistic.

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Guest Nemesis Enforcer
I don't know what is up with WWE this year, normally they are great at the Mania build up but not this time, and reading what Mitch said above is not filling me with confidence things will get better in the last 2 Raw's before the big show
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Guest JamesMXPX
If this starts at 1am, I think I'll be getting in about then, might watch it. As other people have said, I'm not optimistic about tonight's show.
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Wasn't there some story circulating over the last week that Steamboat has some insurance policy or whatever with Lloyds of London and if he were ever to wrestle a match he'd lose all the money? Or something. Also, being that Jimmy Snuka is actually legally dead and they have yet to list the Jericho match as part of the Wrestlemania card on WWE.com, it means that match isn't actually happening and we're getting, I dunno, SID instead, right? RIGHT?!
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I'd happily take Jericho vs. SID, or Jericho vs. Lawler, or Jericho vs. Jericho. Anything is better than Jericho vs. The Handicaps (or is that the Handicapped?)


Also, WWE is near enough giving away it's WM main events tonight:


HHH vs. Orton/Dibiase

Edge vs. Big Show


I'm hoping for shenanigans. I rarely call for Vince McMahon to step down from his role, but he's really lost it over the past two months.

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Oh yeah, nothing better than having the top star and saving grace of the company absent. I hope he does show, since Raw is pretty crap without him.


Thankfully, this opening segment is great. Flair... Jericho... this is what TNA's MEM/Frontline storyline should be. This is pretty awesome thus far.


EDIT: And now it's even better. My only nagging critique is why is Lawler standing around doing nothing? Other than that, this is a tremendous open and suddenly the PPV seems a lot more fun.

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That was one HELL of a video with Shawn Michaels. A little cheesy, but so many shades of awesome. I take back what I said at the start of this thread; this Raw has been exceptional thus far. Suddenly, I care about MITB, JBL/Rey, and Taker/Shawn which I cared about anyway.


Edge/Big Show was kinda meh still, and Cena's promos have been far too cute for a Mania title match. But I'll take the positives over a few minor negatives.

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Guest Drake



I was excited for Taker/Michaels but DAMNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!




If Randy isn't the best thing in Pro Wrestling right now then I don't know who is!


The guy is the best mother****ing heel EVER!!!!!

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Guest HH-Evolution

I concur - that was DAMN good stuff...Now, Next monday needs to blow the hell away out of the audience next week and put the exclamation point on this thing before Wrestlemania.


I REALLY wanna see how this blows out - I haven't anticipated a PPV this much for a while, definately!


Roll on Mania! :D

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Guest Cathal

Good start and a great end. Rest of the show was kinda sh*t.


Cena's poem was f*cking lame, you'd never guess this feud was for the world title at WrestleMania.


At least we got to hear JBL on commentary again, hopefully he reclaims his position once he retires.


I'm looking forward to Jericho vs. Lawler way more than the handicap match at Mania too.

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I've used hyperbole before, overexaggerrated posts to make a point, and said things that may seem outlandish and even false.


However, tonight, I genuinely mean every word that I type:


That end segment of may have been the single greatest segment in the history of Raw.


Seriously! Just everything about it was actually perfect.


-- HHH goes straight for Orton and fights of Dibiase to do it. Great!


-- HHH goes for his trusty sledgehammer and instead finds Cody Rhodes. Really creative spot. Great!


-- The three heels beat him up and handcuff him like cowards. Great!


-- Orton takes control of HHH's trusty sledgehammer. Great!


-- Stephanie comes out to try and save her husband. Great!


-- Stephanie is trapped by the dastardly heels and DDTed despite HHH's please as he begs Orton from a mere foot away, unable to save her. Great!


-- HHH cries. GREAT!


-- Orton makes HHH watch him kiss his wife. GREATER!


-- HHH tries to grab Orton and Orton actually gets close enough to let HHH think he's close to getting him. Orton almost gets off sexually on it. GREATER THAN GREAT!


-- Orton finally puts HHH out of his misery with a sledgehammer shot. GREATEST!


There were no flaws in this segment. Not one. The announcers kept their mouthes shut and let the action speak for itself. The crowd was SUPER-HOT for it and booed Orton to hell and back. Stephanie and HHH played their roles perfectly, particularly in their facial expressions and particularly the bumps. Rhodes and Dibiase did what they had to do and did it just fine. And Orton was just amazing. I can't say enough good things about Orton, other than he is the single best thing in wrestling right now (on a night where even Cena admittedly sucked). The guy is the most believable psychotic heel monster I've ever seen, including Jake Roberts. His facials, his mannorisms, his dribbling, his timing, even the noises he makes. Just incredible.


I actually feel excited to be a wrestling fan, just watching him at work.



Actually, no - there is ONE flaw. Just ONE: For how amazing he is, I don't know that I can boo Randy Orton at Mania. Short of fondling Steph's tits in front of HHH, I don't know what else he can do to be so great.



Strike everything I posted originally; WWE just saved Wrestlemania. I can't praise this entire show any more without seeming OTT. Just perfect. Were this the go-home show, I'd be giving Vince McMahon my credit card on a gold-encrusted plate this very instance. I just hope they can top it next week.

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Guest HH-Evolution

I'm on the 'Orton wins at Mania' Coach...it may be small, it may be mistaken, but I'm following the idea that Orton is gonna pull the win out through whatever means needed at Mania.


As much As I love The Game, tonight proved that Orton isn't out yet...not by a long damn shot!


{ Room for more in the back. :P }

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