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Guest Dutt

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OK this is massive news for any Fire Pro fans out there like myself..


On September 9th, 2009

For Playstation 3 and XBOX 360

Format: Download only

Region: Japan


Developed by S-Neo and Grasshopper Manufacture

Published by Spike


Fire Pro Wrestling HD

A new installment in the Fire Pro Wrestling series featuring high definition graphics and online functionality to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Fire Pro.


- Full 1080p support

- High resolution 2D sprites (3 times the pixel density of Fire Pro Returns)

- "Rebuilt" game engine

- XBOX Live and Playstation Network support for online play


- Unlockables

- Downloadable content (download moves?!)

- Custom soundtrack support

- Upgraded logo editor featuring "image import".

- Share edits and logos online with friends via PSN and XBOX Live


Confirmed modes


Champion Road

One Night Match

Match Maker

Point Battle

Team Mach


Online Play




Card Shop


Known mode details


Champion Road


A decision driven ‘career mode’ similar to Fighting Road from Fire Pro Wrestling G.

You begin by selecting your starting location. (Japan, America, Mexico, England)

You cannot use any default wrestlers or pre-made edits.

You have to start with a new character that has limited edit points.

Edit points, moves, and ring attire are collected by earning points in matches.

Points are earned based on audience ranking and other factors.

Your starting location also determines your available choices.

Advancing in Champion Road earns tokens that can be spent at the Card Shop.


One Night Match


All exhibition match options are available through One Night Match.


Confirmed match types


1 vs 1

Tag Team

Four Team Match ( 4 teams of 2 ?)

Battle Royale

Title Match

SWA Rules

Gruesome Fighting

Cage Match

Exploding Cage Match

Landmine Death Match

And 2 new match types that haven’t been revealed yet


New match features


Audience ranking for all match types

Captain’s fall rule

Lucha tag rule

Defend titles in any match type

New weapons

Match speed in custom increments (ex: 108%, 122%, etc)


Match Maker


The new version of Match Maker isn’t structured.

There are no objectives or pre-made scenarios.

You can book complete shows with defaults and edits.

All One Night Match and tournament / league options are available within Match Maker


Point Battle


A new mode to Fire Pro Wrestling!

The game randomly selects wrestlers from the roster for a match

You then bet on the outcome of the match

Tokens you earn can be spent at the Card Shop

COM vs COM only


Team Match


The standard 5 vs 5 elimination mode from previous Fire Pro games

1 vs 1 matches only




Wrestle an endless line of opponents until you lose

Earn tokens to spend in the Card Shop


Online Play


Play against friends or random opponents via XBOX Live and Playstation Network

Voice chat support

Online Point Battle where you can bet tokens against other players

"Party Play"



League and Tournament


Titles can be awarded to winners of leagues and tournaments


Edit Mode


Wrestler Edit

Ref Edit

Belt Edit

Organization Edit

Logo Edit

Ring Edit



New edit features


Logo editor allows for ‘image import’

Trade: Online sharing of all edit content

"Advanced ring edit"

Alternate attires for wrestler edits

Correction: Edit space is based on available allocated save space


Card Shop


This is where you spend your earned tokens to purchase in-game content.

Confirmed content: templates, default characters, alternate attires, artwork, videos

You will buy ‘collector cards’ for the unlockable material. The cards will be displayed in your card collection

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Over at Fire Pro Club (which is now officially the biggest Fire Pro community on the net) a guy called SonnyBone has been chosen by the developers as he has contacts there, and this is very cool. Reason being, as a member of the forums, myself and the other members are allowed to post what we would like to see added into the game, then at a chosen date he will pick 10 or so ideas and forward them to the developers and have them put into the game. So this could be really big, it's like Fire Pro: The Players Choice or something, awesome!
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Guest Da Showstoppa

DAMN IT - That stupid, snivelling f*ckhole. I hope someone hurts him.



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Guest MojoPogo
Thing is, certain pranks in the past have been done to try and generate some interest in a new game.......i say lets petition the makers for a new version, after all, it is the creme de la egg, er.....creme of wrestling games.
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Thing is, certain pranks in the past have been done to try and generate some interest in a new game.......i say lets petition the makers for a new version, after all, it is the creme de la egg, er.....creme of wrestling games.


That's fair enough, but there's been more than enough interest on that front for a very long time, what he did was be a complete ******** and crush every fan who actually believed him, including myself.


Fair enough to start a petition and generate interest that way, but really all he did was piss off everyone that's ever wanted a new game in the series, when it's common knowledge that spike have no intentions of ever releasing a sequel. In fact Fire Pro Z on PS2 was supposed to be the final game, hence the Z, but since it was barely an upgrade from D and a shoddy one at that, they opted to let the series go out on a high note.


It's a touchy subject to tease fans with, when it's an extremely unlikely thing to EVER happen, I can't even bring myself to post on Fire Pro Club and have a go at the guy, really don't want to hear his bullsh*t excuses, I wouldn't defend the guy, he was a highly respected member of FPC and why he'd pull a stunt like that, I just don't know.

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