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The Unwritten Rules of Pro Wrestling


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Guest jim vs shark

If you miss a dropkick, it actually hurts you more


security guards are on a similar level of weakness as referees, which is why it always takes more than 4 security guards to suppress one wrestler


Wrestlers are not allowed to carry weapons that could actually kill the opponent i.e. knives, guns etc. regardless of how personal the feud is. Any weapons carried that could kill the opponent must not be used to the full effect of their power (i.e. how HHH's sledgehammer).


During a Hardcore match any weapon is acceptable (be it a paddle, watermelon or a cake). During ANY other match however, weapons can only be selected from under the ring.


Few more additional ones


He pays your wages, he looks after you when you get injured, but it's still alright to make fun of your boss and sometimes attack him


A promotion will always be stuck at indy status until it has accepted, then gone on to discard the title lineage of the NWA

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Guest jim vs shark
The most successful promotions out there have somewhere along the line been part of the NWA, then left to move on to better things.
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Guest hendrixsummer69

in normal situations weapoons knock youout but in hardcore matches it wont


if its a wrestlers finisher it will be desstating where as if a wrestler uses it as a normal move its such averge affect


if a heel jobber gets offence in on a higher rated wrestler it will be kicks when there down and sulplexs and countless pins

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Guest Y2James

If you piss off Triple H, make sure the week after you check under the ring for a sledgehammer.


If drinking beer with Stone Cold after a match, 9/10 times you will get a stunner.


If in a tag team match with DX, when Shawn Michaels hit you with Sweet Chin Music, you don’t go down, you turn around to be hit with the Pedigree.


If in a ladder match, take forever to get up there and reach for the belt even though your only on the second step.


Do whatever you want to your boss, you will never be fired.


If you are a giant, you will be World champion (Or at least a main event push) within a year of you debut (Undertaker, Kane, Big Show etc.)


Undertaker will win at Wrestlemania.


At the old UK only PPVs (Insurextion, Rebellion etc) championships that matter will change hands.


If you are related to anyone in else who is also a wrestler, YOU WILL END UP FUEDING.


Even the worst moves ever can get over as finishers (Hogan Legdrop, Peoples Elbow and The Worm.)

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Guest The Franchise

Never join a megagroup for too long.(They always fall apart)

If you are a major heel you cannot feud with guys on your side of the fence.

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never... EVER... attempt to subdue an angry Samoan by headbutting them or attempting anything with their heads in general. They have the hardest heads on the planet and feel nothing.
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Guest Fiona

When watching Raw or SD be prepared for 5 minutes of commercials during the main event.


The best match of the night is always a dark match.

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Guest Da Showstoppa

When preparing to take a finisher, you will be rendered immobile for the entire time it takes your opponent to do his warm up for the move. see: Tuning up the band, 5 knuckle shuffle, people's elbow etc.


When a wrestler becomes a referee, his resilliance will automatically diminish to that of a regular referee.


If your favourite superstar never makes it, or you're a wrestler that never made it in WWE blame Triple H - everyone else does. See also: Downturn in wrestling.


If a heel uses a weapon, it's evil - if a babyface smashes someone with a sledgehammer or something, it's justified.


When mentioning WrestleMania, you absolutely must add how mindblowingly important it is - like we don't know.


There is no wrestling outside WWE - If a superstar leaves, stars in another federation and then returns, he MUST have been sitting at home or doing something else in the meantime. See Cage, Christian.


If you come to TNA from WWE, not only will you be guaranteed a main event spot but you MUST keep reminding everyone that you came from WWE. Preferably if you have any issues with WWE, air them constantly.


If you're British you MUST either be a football type thug, display at least ONE Union Flag or wear a suit. Being of nobility is also appreciated. You will also be required to job to any American that needs a quick victory.


If you are in WWE/TNA and are not American (or maybe Canadian) You must be a villain and you WILL be subjected to chants of USA, USA - even if you never actually speak out against the country. See Kozlov, Valdimir.


If you face Finlay, you will have to be humilliated by his midget sidekick.


If you have any connection to Canada and/or the Hart family, you absolutely MUST despise Earl Hebner and Shawn Michaels.

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Guest Da Showstoppa
I tried something vaguely similar to this a while back (JAN '08? REALLY?!) which was going fairly well for a time but it was then closed by some moderator.


There was a really good one on another site once (before I came here) it had about a thousand rules and they were mostly very funny.

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Guest Nemesis Enforcer
You can be beaten to the point of near death with chairs, hammers, tables etc and come back with minimal injuries a week later
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