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GH5 or Rock band Beatles

Guest Tio

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Ok I fancy one of these games , can any TWO'ers give me a quick overview of which is the preferable choice , I have read so many reviews and both are supposed to be great


Help me choose please.


I will only do the guitar part not the singing bits and probably not the drum bits.

I would like to download extra songs at some stage

I am not a guitar player of any sort but would want to have a laugh (IE which is easier)

I like to create my own characters in a game is this possible in either?

Which , if any , use songs by the original artists?


I fancy it sooner rather than later so any advice is helpful even if its about a previous game Rockband 2 or GH4 just something to help me make my decision.


Thanks :)

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If you're only playing guitar then Guitar Hero will be better, more variety of songs. You can't create anything in Beatles but you can do whatever you want in Guitar Hero, both are all original artist music, but only Beatles will allow you to download Beatles' albums of course where guitar hero has already got a heap of songs for download.
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Thats the thing, like GH Metallica, GH Aerosmith and the upcoming GH Van Halen, you will only really like Rock Band: The Beatles if you are a big Beatles fan.


The whole thing with RB: Beatles is the novelty of being the fab four and playing controller replicas of their instruments etc.


Where as if you are a casual player who wants to mess about, make stuff, DL stuff and play a wide variety of songs on Guitar with a good difficulty curve then GH 5 is for you.

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Thanks guys for the help I went with Guitar Hero, got the set which includes the Guitar all red and shiney and a free copy of Guitar Hero world tour and for 200 or so MS points was able to transfer the songs over to GH:5.


Its been fun so far(although I am a bit rubbish).

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