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Re-Cycled Gimmicks Which Could Work In 2009/2010

Guest DarkMatchJobber

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Guest DarkMatchJobber

I think it's fair to say that most gimmicks in pro-wrestling have been re-cycled so much that it's difficult to remember who originally came up with them but if something isn't broken then why fix it?


Some gimmicks can do wonders for an otherwise generic or less then extraordinary wrestler whereas others are the proverbial kiss of death but even so for those wrestlers whose in-ring skills and promo skills are not good enough to get them over on their own merits a gimmick might hide their shortcomings.


With this in mind I had some thoughts as to some gimmicks which might work well in 2009/2010 in WWE or TNA.


The 'Hired Protection' gimmick - Remember when Faarooq and Bradshaw were the A.P.A and they had their own 'office' where various wrestlers would go to and hire the tag-team to help them take their opponents/rivals out?


It required little more from Faarooq and Bradshaw then looking tough,beating other wrestlers up and drinking beer/playing cards in backstage segments yet it got over and fans usually reacted quite well to them appearing (remember when Kaientai hired the APA to take Big Show down?:lol)


Something like this could work for a Matt Morgan or a Mike Knox type where they would avoid regularly wrestling but would rather be able to make run-ins and show off their power moves and look impressive doing it rather then having to work a standard match.


The '3 Count' gimmick - Remember this boyband from the days of WCW? It was a pretty corny act but it did get Helms,Moore and Karagias over and WCW did get behind them quite strongly with their official music videos,song releases and hype behind them plus I believe they had singing lessons too.


So why not take a group of talented but frankly hardly the life of the party wrestlers and transform them into a boyband-type group?


The 'Right To Censor' gimmick - The original group was intended to mock the PTC but in my opinion they were quite entertaining and in this PG era there is no reason why WWE or TNA (especially TNA who could use it to mock WWE) could make it work.


TNA already have the spiritual leader Steven Richards in their employ so why not put Jay Lethal (have him drop the tribute act) and Chris Harris (bring him back as a somebody) in and let them have plenty of promo time to verbally run the roster down and then take to the ring? (I think Lethal and Harris would be a good team)

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Guest Tommate2k9
I think like you mentioned the who "protection" gimmik would be good. Like if cryme tyme were not wrestling much they could get payed off to kick some ones head in or summit... i liked like APA gimmik.
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Guest Horowitz

I would like to see the TL hopper gimmick return, perhaps unclogging the WWE drains after a blown spot/diva's match, or a Khali match.

Maybe give Mike knox the plunger, although i'm open to suggestions....

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Guest Dante Spears

Re use the HBK -mid 90's gimmick. Wait that's already been done. And failed.

Hmm, how about re-inventing the Hart Found- wait, never mind

Or what about the powerhouse silent african American with no personality like Ahmed Johnson - wait we have one of those

Or I know! A foreigner that butchers the English language while trying to be serious- oh wait.

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