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Half Price Call Of Duty Modern Warefare 2

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Asda are doing a no cost pre-order for it, they will hold the game for 3 days.


Chances are they will be one of the cheapest for it but it costs nothing to take a shot.


Fifa10 was £24.97 on day of release

the latest Dan Brown book was £6 on day of release.

the final Harry potter book was dirt cheap also.


the have a habit of being cheap on big releases of things, so worth a go.(yes they will sell it from midnight).


CoD4 may still be playable ,its a class game although I understand the temptation, I think I will hold on to mine.


I am curious to what Game will charge for it.


They were full price for Guitar Hero 5 which I could find cheaper elsewhere but thew in a Guitar hero world tour so made the package worthwhile ( and I got the new (red)guitar).

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Tesco and Asda are always going to be the cheapest. I don't really like buying games from them unless I have to though.


Yeah , I hate the supermarkets also , but if I can save 10-15 pound then I am there...

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This is fast becoming the CoD:MW2 pricewatch thread


Tesco's online is now £35 for preorder


strong rumours are £26 on "day of release ONLY" from Asda (expect Tesco's to match)


This makes a lot of sense as they will make about 4-5 pound on each sale but will expect to shift around 200 thousand units in one day. Also unlike gamestores whose only revenue are the games , the supermarkets will make additional sales as well. Pizza's and softdrink to eat while playing, Beer's , snacks and so on.


As previously said , I can't stand the supermarkets either bit for that price they have my cash.


Just for the record Asda was £24.97 for FIFA10 for 3 days only then reverted to £37.Tesco's matched the price but I believe kept it there for a week.


Both stores offering FREE pre order.

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