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5 words to describe yourself!

Guest Goldy

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Hi all,can you post 5 positive points about yourself,and also(which is alot harder!)post 5 negative points about yourself!(ask your parents/friends if u cant think of any!:D)and try to be honest!Heres mine!:


1.Optamistic-i always look on the bright side!


3.Generous-probably y ive never got no money!

4.Witty!-even more so after a drink!




2.Forgetful-can never find my keys etc!

3.Fussy-food wise!

4.Unpunctual-unless its a very important interview etc!

5.grumpy in the mornings-but not for too long!

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Guest Nicole





Good Memory


Knows millions of dirty jokes (trust me...its a great trait)




Stingy (I'm so tight I squeak when I walk)


Bad tempered

Likes Jelly Tots too much

Not punctual

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Guest Jess O Mac

1. Always hyped

2. Witty / Sarcastic < usually a good thing

3. Reasonably clever I guess

4. Good at hugging

5. ;) :roll


Bad Points


1. Born Confused

2. Impatient

3. Incredably Disorganised

4. Dumbass like < Have a habit of doing really stupid things and injuring myself :D

5. Incapable of concentrating for long periods of time.

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Good Points:


1. Organised

2. Intelligent

3. Punctual

4. Usually in a good mood

5. Generous


Bad Points:


1. Argumentative

2. Impatient

3. Untidy

4. Short concentration span

5. Lazy

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Guest Latino Reheat

Positives -


1. Big

2. Orange haired

3. Punctual

4. Nice

5. Hilarious


Negatives -


1. Big

2. Orange haired

3. Often lazy

4. Untidy

5. Too hilarious sometimes

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1: Friendly

2: Can laugh at myself when I do stupid stuff

3: Never let myself get down too much

4: Can see things from other peoples point of views

5: Like to think I have a good, wide taste in music




1: Always seem to have some sort of injury, even if I have done nothing for ages.

2: Put things off to the last minute too much

3: Spend money on things I don't need a lot of the time

4: Can be bad tempered, although I have better control over my temper than I used to

5: Way too fussy when it comes to what I eat and drink


Well that was easier than I expected :)

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2)Very outgoing

3)Always up for having a laugh

4)Always on time for everything!

5)Always try to work as hard as I can




1)Spending far too much time online

2)Often Misinterpreted

3)Making stupid mistakes

4)Never get enough sleep

5)Far too trusting

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Guest ......cjr......



1.) Cocky

2.) Funny

3.) Can Get on well with other people

4.) Not very good at thinking of good points about myself as i cant think of anymore.




1.) Get Very Sad Easily

2.) Swear Alot

3.) Like Drav says, shite when it comes to going with girls as im always shy etc...

4.) Not Very Patient

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Guest Joanne

Positive :


Good Listener



Quite Intelligent

Fit (Athletically)



Negative :



Short Patience Level

Too Serious

Get pissed too easy!


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- Alive

- 101% Tee-total

- Not mentally retarded

- Reasonably caring

- Relatively good at listening




- Ugly

- Fat

- Spotty

- Incredibly Pessimistic and putting down myself a lot

- Not enough sleep

- Fall in love too easily

- Known for sudden bursts of uncontrollable agression

- Impatient

- Give up too easily

- Lack of trust for anyone


~Good again~


- At making lists that nobody cares about

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Guest ......cjr......

Hmmm i seem to care about what u wrote... i would definatly agree with the 4th one down in the bad list.


Man have faith in yourself, get abit of self confidence. be happy with yourself... u know life nt about LOL how gay i sound like jeri springer when he says the last words on his shows.


Anyways dont put yourself down so much man. As u seem to always do it. Ill stop talking from my inner side now awww how sad am i.


Very did u say, I SURE AM.


cyaz around

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Guest Jess O Mac
Totally agreeing with what Nicole said, and also strangely enough with CJR. First time for everything I guess :) Anyhoo, CHRISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS topher QUACK... if I stop saying you smell will you have a little more self-confidence and be happy? :P But seriously, you're a good guy. Be Happy, Go Mad!
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*Doffs his hat in CJR's direction* "Good work Fella" :xyx





1) Cheerful

2) Creative

3) Intelligent

4) Good looking

5) Modest (boom-, and indeed, boom!)



1) Untidy

2) A little forgetful

3) Untidy

4) Creative

5) Boomity-boomity!




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