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SmackDown vs Raw 2006 Tournament!


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SmackDown vs Raw 2006 (PS2) Tournament!


This game has more match types than LOW, more championships than LOW, and should be much easier to come up with matches for.


The same rules apply as my first tournament, with one small yet significant change: instead of choosing 2 wrestlers, everyone now gets to choose 3!


I'm hoping everyone from the last one will join this one, as well as more.


Anyone who wants to join, choose 3 from the following:


Batista (Springsteen)

Big Show (The Maxx)

Booker T

Carlito (Intercontinental Champion)

Charlie Haas

Chavo Guerrero

Chris Benoit (United States Champion) (Darkstar)

Chris Jericho (The Maxx)

Chris Masters (Y2James)

Christian (Antihero)

Danny Basham

Doug Basham

Eddie Guerrero (WWE Champion) (Matt Denton)

Edge (Antihero)

Eugene (Hardcore Champion)


The Hurricane (Reno)


John Cena (Matt Denton)

Kane (Saz)

Khosrow Daivari (WWE Tag Team Champion w/Muhammed Hassan)

Kurt Angle (DC)

Mark Jindrack

Muhammed Hassan (WWE Tag Team Champion w/Daivari) (TGO)

Orlando Jordan

Paul London

Randy Orton (TGO)

Rene Dupree (World Tag Team Champion w/Robert Conway)

Rey Mysterio (Cruiserweight Champion)

Ric Flair (Darkstar)

Rob Van Dam (Antihero)

Robert Conway (World Tag Team Champion w/Rene Dupree)

Scotty 2 Hotty (Shaunj4)

Shawn Michaels (DC)

Shelton Benjamin (Y2James)


Spike Dudley (Shaunj4)

Steven Richards

Sylvian Grenier

Tajiri (Shaunj4)

Triple H (World Heavyweight Champion) (Springsteen)

Undertaker (Matt Denton)

William Regal




Andre the Giant (Saz)

Bret Hart (Y2James)

British Bulldog (Darkstar)

Hogan 80's

Hollywood Hogan (Reno)

Hulk Hogan (Saz)

Jimmy Hart

Junkyard Dog

Mankind (Reno)

The Rock (The Maxx)

Steve Austin (DC)

Ted DiBiase (Million Dollar Champion) (TGO)




Christy Hemme

Joy Giovanni


Michelle McCool

Stacy Keibler

Torrie Wilson

Trish Stratus (Womens Champion) (Springsteen)

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Here is the first card, it is already locked in and shall take place within the next half an hour.





Chris Masters (Y2James) vs Christian (Antihero)


Tajiri (Shaunj4) vs Bret Hart (Y2James)


Kane (Saz) vs Ric Flair (Darkstar)


Mankind (Reno) vs Trish Stratus (Springsteen)


John Cena (Matt Denton) vs Randy Orton (TGO)


Batista (Springsteen) vs Undertaker (Matt Denton)


Kurt Angle (DC) vs The Rock (The Maxx)


Shawn Michaels (DC) vs Big Show (The Maxx)


Triple Threat Ladder Match:


Rob Van Dam (Antihero) vs Shelton Benjamin (Y2James) vs Scotty 2 Hotty (Shaunj4)


Fatal Four Way Tag Team Match:


Chris Jericho & Big Show (The Maxx) vs Shawn Michaels & Steve Austin (DC) vs The Hurricane & Mankind (Reno) vs Edge & Christian (Antihero)


Million Dollar Championship Match:


Ted DiBiase (Champion) (TGO) vs Andre the Giant (Saz)


United States Championship Triple Threat Match:


Chris Benoit (Champion) (Darkstar) vs Hulk Hogan (Saz) vs Spike Dudley (Shaunj4)


World Heavyweight Championship Match:


Triple H (Champion) (Springsteen) vs Hollywood Hogan (Reno)


WWE Championship Match:


Eddie Guerrero (Champion) (Matt Denton) vs British Bulldog (Darkstar)



Results to be posted later today. :)

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The Fatal Four Way Tag Team Match didn't take place, as it can't be done in this game. So it was split into two normal Tag Team Matches.


And since this game has a timer in the corner of the screen, I've recorded the match times along with the results:




Christian (Antihero) defeated Chris Masters (Y2James) (Christian pinned Masters following the Unprettier finisher, Match Length 7:41) (Antihero 5 points, Y2James 2 points)


Tajiri (Shaunj4) and Bret Hart (Y2James) battled to a draw (Both men were down, and neither could get to his feet by the count of ten, hence a double-KO, Match Length 20:36) (Shaunj4 2 points, Y2James 2 points)


Kane (Saz) defeated Ric Flair (Darkstar) (Kane pinned Flair following the Chokeslam finisher, Match Length 5:41) (Saz 5 points, Darkstar 2 points)


Mankind (Reno) defeated Trish Stratus (Springsteen) (Mankind pinned Stratus following the Double Arm DDT finisher, Match Length 9:33) (Reno 5 points, Springsteen 2 points)


John Cena (Matt Denton) defeated Randy Orton (TGO) (Cena pinned Orton following the FU finisher, Match Length 7:01) (Matt Denton 5 points, TGO 2 points)


Undertaker (Matt Denton) defeated Batista (Springsteen) (Undertaker submitted Batista with an armbar, Match Length 14:00) (Matt Denton 5 points, Springsteen 2 points)


The Rock (The Maxx) defeated Kurt Angle (DC) (The Rock pinned Angle following the Rock Bottom finisher, Match Length 11:26) (The Maxx 5 points, DC 2 points)


Big Show (The Maxx) defeated Shawn Michaels (DC) (Show pinned Michaels following the Chokeslam finisher, Match Length 5:33) (The Maxx 5 points, DC 2 points)


Rob Van Dam (Antihero) defeated Shelton Benjamin (Y2James) and Scotty 2 Hotty (Shaunj4) in a Triple Threat Ladder Match (RVD climbed the ladder, Match Length 4:00) (Antihero 5 points, Y2James 2 points, Shaunj4 2 points)


Chris Jericho & Big Show (The Maxx) defeated Shawn Michaels & Steve Austin (DC) (Michaels was counted out, Match Length 5:00) (The Maxx 5 points, DC 2 points)


The Hurricane & Mankind (Reno) defeated Edge & Christian (Antihero) (Christian got disqualified after hitting Mankind with a chair, Match Length 14:30) (Reno 5 points, Antihero 2 points)


Andre the Giant (Saz) defeated Ted DiBiase (TGO) to become the new Million Dollar Champion (Andre pinned DiBiase following the Elbow Drop finisher, Match Length 3:30) (Saz 10 points, TGO 2 points)


Chris Benoit (Darkstar) retained the United States Championship against Hulk Hogan (Saz) and Spike Dudley (Shaunj4) in a Triple Threat Match (Hogan got disqualified for punching the referee, hence Benoit retained the title, Match Length 14:01) (Darkstar 10 points, Saz 2 points, Shaunj4 2 points)


Triple H (Springsteen) defeated Hollywood Hogan (Reno) to retain the World Heavyweight Championship (Triple H pinned Hollywood following the Pedigree finisher, Match Length 10:05) (Springsteen 10 points, Reno 2 points)


British Bulldog (Darkstar) defeated Eddie Guerrero (Matt Denton) to become the new WWE Champion (Bulldog pinned Guerrero following the Running Powerslam finisher, Match Length 9:27) (Darkstar 10 points, Matt Denton 2 points)


Current Scores shall be figured out tomorrow. :)

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