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Favourite Jack? (Tekken)


Favourite Jack? (Tekken)  

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  1. 1. Favourite Jack? (Tekken)

    • Jack (Tekken)
    • Prototype Jack (Tekken)
    • Jack-2 (Tekken 2)
    • Prototype Jack (Tekken 2)
    • Gun Jack (Tekken 3)
    • Jack-4 (Tekken 4, Non-Playable Character)
    • Jack-5 (Tekken 5)
    • Jack-6 (Tekken 6)

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Who is your favourite Jack from the Tekken series?



Jack (Tekken)




Prototype Jack (Tekken)




Jack-2 (Tekken 2)




Prototype Jack (Tekken 2)




Gun Jack (Tekken 3)




Jack-4 (Tekken 4, Non-Playable Character)




Jack-5 (Tekken 5)




Jack-6 (Tekken 6)





I'm going to have to think about it myself, as I like all of them. :)

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Guest Anime Otaku
I don't remember there being much difference between the different models, that might just be because I'm not one for learning the big combos though so I can't really pick one. My favourite victory pose though was when he beat his chest until he fell down while still doing it.
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Guest LadyHotrod

I absolutely hate Jack. I was doing storymode the other night and his stage pissed me off.


Lei Wulong, Lars and Zafina ftw. Lei has been my character for a long time.

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