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WWE TLC Discussion Thread - December 13, 2009 from San Antonio, TX (#1)


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The first edition of WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders, & Chairs will come to you, live on pay-per-view, from the AT&T Center in San Antonio, TX on December 13. The card will feature a Tables Match, a Ladder Match, & Chairs Match in addition to a TLC Match.


The official theme song for WWE TLC is "Bullet Soul" by Switchfoot off of their new album, "Hello Hurricane", which is available now.




Confirmed Matches/Events


WWE Championship: Tables Match:

John Cena © Vs. Sheamus


ECW Championship: Ladder Match:

Christian © Vs. Shelton Benjamin


World Heavyweight Championship: Chairs Match:

The Undertaker © Vs. Batista


Unified WWE Tag Team Championship: TLC Match:

Jeri-Show © Vs. D-Generation X


Intercontinental Championship:

John Morrison © Vs. Drew McIntyre


Randy Orton Vs. Kofi Kingston


Women's Championship:

Michelle McCool © Vs. Mickie James

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Guest Jayfunk
WWE: TLC. really! what a crap name i hate WWE's pointless changing of the PPV to worthless gimmick related names they might as well call it WWE Gimmick match 1 and then 2 etc.
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Guest Tommate2k9

This is going to be REALLY bad or 'alright'. Might see some blood. We love abit of blood.


I must say though the theme of the TLC PPV looks pretty cool.

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Guest Jimmy Redman

Another terrible name, another iffy concept PPV, a bunch of gimmick matches with no blood, only three weeks to build it.


But MAN, I cannot freaking WAIT for Kofi v Orton.

Edited by Jimmy Redman
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Guest Dante Spears

The TLC logo reminds me of the logo for that movie Cars. It's hideous


Also I do like that they are doing it the way where it's not just three TLC matches.

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John Cena Vs. Sheamus (yes, Sheamus) in a Tables Match for the WWE Title has been added to the card, as has Jeri-Show Vs. D-Generation X in a TLC Match for the WWE Unified Tag Team Titles.


I expect to see the World Heavyweight Title Match be a Ladder Match and the ECW Title Match to be a Chair Match.


The promo for tonight's ECW said Christian would appear and discuss the TLC pay-per-view, so I expect the title match to be announced.

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Christian vs Joshi ladder match please.


:lol I hope you mean "Yoshi", even though it would be interesting to see Christian Vs. Josh Mathews in a Ladder Match.


I still say that, given the old chair gimmick of Edge & Christian, that the ECW Title match will be a Chair Match.

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Guest Dante Spears
Well, this sounds just terrible. Sh*t name, sh*t concept, sh*t card.


Wrestling sucks.


You're basing that off two matches. Bravo for jumping the gun?




do they have z shows? i thought not until now. needless to say its underwheming


Again....TWO matches have been announced.


You do all remember Bragging Rights, right? Everyone thought it was going to be the stupidest thing in the world and it turned into one of the best PPV's this year.

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Guest HH-Evolution

It's just a name - the Card itself seems to at least be 'trying' a little harder, even with all the gimmickry involved.

It isn't 100% likely to be an out-and-out diabolical trainwreck, so why deem it so before even seeing how things work out - and yeah, I know...past events MAY seem to be a good indicator, but can you honestly say that the element for surprise, at the VERY least, doesn't exist at all?


I can't, personally.

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Well, this sounds just terrible. Sh*t name, sh*t concept, sh*t card.


Wrestling sucks.


Saying wrestling in general sucks is a stupid comment when you take into account that the last PPV's by both WWE and TNA have been brilliant.

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