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Read This – BEFORE Posting anything about Raw/Smackdown/NWA-TNA


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Read This – BEFORE Posting anything about Raw/Smackdown


This forum is used by people from various countries, who watch Raw/Smackdown on different days of the week. The majority of people on this forum are from the UK, who don’t get to see Raw until Friday night, and Smackdown until Saturday night.


To ensure you don’t spoil it for them, ANY posts which relate to something that happens on Raw or Smackdown should have “spoiler” in the title. Also please don’t make the title an obvious spoiler i.e. “Jeff Hardy becomes WWE Champion *spoiler*” something like that should just be “Jeff Hardy – Spoilers”.



If you post anything about the NWA-TNA shows please put *Spoiler* in the title too, as some of the TNA fans dont get to see the shows till a few weeks later.


Also there is a new spoiler feature on the forum. If your making a post which has a spoiler in it, but its not relevant to the whole post, you can now hide it. All you have to do is put:


[spoiler*]your spoiler text here [/spoiler*]


(but without the *)


You can test it below:





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FINALLY I managed to get in here :P



Just a quick note to say that there are threads that are pinned in this forum for the sole purpose of Raw and SmackDown!. I will create the thread for Raw on Tuesday, and the SmackDown! thread on Wednesday. The Raw thread features a report of what happened, and the SmackDown thread will have a report from the Tuesday night Tapings.


We at TWO ask you to keep all Raw/SmackDown related stuff in these threads, as a way of keeping the US Forum nice and tidy :xyx


Thanks :xyx

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