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Guest emag

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I'm bored so i thought i might aswell start a thread.....didnt know whether to put it in the music forum or this forum...anyway....What ringtone do you have on your phone at the moment? I have the "My Friends over You" by NFG ringtone....it rocks :music
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Guest Jess O Mac
Yeah, my phone is always on silent aswell and set to vibrate and make me jump... dammit! But, I think I have set it so that a different ringtone is set for different people.. gah, I dunno. *Shrugs* Prolly getting a new phone anyway coz this one is bust. :(
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I've filled all my ringtone spots :roll I keep the Sunny Walks as my default one, and put some as specific. The tones I have are Nelly and Kelly - Dilemma(good), Peaches and Cream by 112(good), DJ Sammy - Heaven(Not very good), Alice Deejay - Better off Alone(Not bad), Kelly Llorena - Tell it to my Heart(Decent), P Diddy - I need a girl(ok) and Kurupt - Its Over(good), although it seems Im about the only person here who actually has custom ringtones :(
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Guest MillionLiraMan
Originally posted by Sparky

Mine is Ring Ring. I hate ringtones they are used only by the wankwipes of this generation.


Come off the fence. Say what you really mean! Don't hold back!


I don't have a ringtone because Jesus maybe didn't want it that way.

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My Ringtones consist of


Cafe Del Mar - Energy 52

The Great Escape

Pianoloco - Luck and Neat

Out Of Space - Prodigy

Synths and Strings - Yomanda

The BBC's theme tune for Cricket


I switch between them when i get bored of one particular one which is usually about once every two weeks. I dont see why people hate them so much it makes a change from the generic sounds. If you ask me the people who dont like personalised ringtones are those who have crappy phones that cant get the ringtones :D

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Guest PeteR Richards

Or have the songs on CD. ;)


Oh, and my post was a dig at teenagers, not ringtones.


I do dislike ringtones, though, and I will say why ...not because they waste loads of people's money or because people are forever fiddling with them ...but sheerly because they're CRAP! They rarely even resemble the sound of the actual song. Pff.

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