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Will You Be Partaking In The Event Of Purchasing The Royal Rumble?


Well? Will You?  

19 members have voted

  1. 1. Well? Will You?

    • Yes Of Course! Its A WWE PPV!
    • No Way, I Have Better Things To Spend My Money On!
    • I Am Currently Undecided Whether To Buy It, Or Scrounge Results Off Others!
    • Royal What?

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Guest darkarius
Probably not. If it turns out to be a good ppv then I'll probably get it off one of the people who put copies up cheap on ebay. I know I'd rather pay 3 or 4 quid and get it a week late than fork out 14 quid just to see it as its on.
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I was definitely going to, but now I'm really having to consider it... I mean the Rumble has always been my favourite PPV... but with 60 second intervals I really see it sucking now, and Steiner v HHH hardly makes me want to part with cash....


I'll have to think about it and wait til I see the Rumble line-up.

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Yep I’ll be getting it, there's more chance of the BBC providing fair impartial coverage of an England international game taking into account the non-English viewers than Benoit and Angle not having a great match.
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Guest fujiwara
Yep I will be getting it. Looking good if Angle and Benoit are wrestling on it. Also I have quite high hopes for the event overall. I dont know why.......I just do.
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