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***Official SmackDown Report (8/1/03) (Spoilers)***


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Big Show b Rikishi by pin fall.

-A few good spots. Rikishi did a twisting bump off a Show clothesline, and Show did some vicious chops. But nothing special. Not a good way to start the night. Choke slam finished off the phat man. Rikishi had to be helped to the back. Don't know if he was legit hurt or not. If he is, that makes it the second injury tonight. And we're just getting started! Following the match, Heyman said they have a lesson to teach to Brock Lesnar!


Billy Kidman b Matt Hardy (Version 1.0) by pin fall.

-Matt was accompanied by his MFer, Shannon Moore. During the match, Kidman did a Springboard Shooting Star Press to the outside on both Matt and Shannon. Near the end, Kidman went for the SSP again, but Shannon interfered. His interference backfired, however, as Matt ran into him following a reversed Irish whip, and Kidman rolled him up for the pin. Kidman got almost no reaction when he came out, but was very over when he won. Matt ordered Shannon to get in the ring, but instead of punishing him like he did two weeks ago, he forgave him, saying he'd rather Shannon try and fail than not try at all. He then gave Shannon a hug and they walked to the back. Good match.


A promo aired on the Tron with Cena and B-2. As usual, Cena did most of the talking, and B-2 just said, "Indeed!", I mean, 'Booyah!' Kind of an anti-Tucson promo, kind of an anti-Guerrero promo, but mostly an anti-Hispanic promo. Didn't expect that (especially since there were probably just as many Caucasians in the crowd as there were Hispanics), but I guess it did its job. It got them the heel heat.


John Cena (w/ B-2) b Chavo Guerrero (w/ Eddie Guerrero) by pin fall.

-B-2 interfered in the match, causing Eddy to attack him. Both men were ejected from ringside. Cena pinned Chavo using the ropes. Another good match. Two in a row.


The American Gladiators...uh, Team Angle is up next! Haas is scheduled to face Edge tonight, while Benjamin will be fighting Benoit.


Charlie Haas (w/ Shelton Benjamin and Kurt Angle) b Edge by pin fall.

-Angle cut a promo before the match. Just as the match was about to start, Benoit's music played and he came down to ringside. Interference toward the end of the match. Edge hit Haas with the spear, but Angle reached in and pulled him off. Benoit took out Angle, but Benjamin nailed him with a superkick! Hass got the pin after hitting Edge with a modified powerslam. Three good matches in a row!


Angle and Benjamin ran into the ring to beat down Edge some more. Benoit came in and they scattered. Benoit grabbed a mic and cut a short promo about the Royal Rumble. Staredown between Team Angle and Edge and Benoit. The referees came out and got Angle, Haas, and Edge out of there. Once they were gone, Benjamin entered the ring and the next match began!


Benoit b Shelton Benjamin by disqualification.

-Benoit hit Benjamin with the Swandive Headbutt and then locked in the Crossface, but Angle came down and distracted the referee while Benjamin tapped. Benoit tried to go after him, but Angle hit him with his crutch in plain view of the referee, causing the DQ. Despite the DQ ending, still a good match. That's four a row! I love Smackdown. Haas then ran down to assist Team Angle in beating up Benoit. Edge tried to make the save, but was taken out. Benoit held his own for a moment, but was eventually overwhelmed.


A Bill DeMott promo airs on the Tron where he bashes University of Arizona basketball. I hope security escorts him to his car. Crowd starts a 'U of A' chant.


Bill DeMott b Shannon More by pin fall.

-Bill DeMott again!? Why? What did we do to deserve this? Matt Hardy did commentary. This match got a rather loud 'boring' chant, and did it ever deserve it. I'm guessing they'll edit that out in post-production. DeMott won with the same powerbomb he used on Velocity, and had the same reaction after the three-count. After he left, Matt helped Shannon up, and then hit him with the Twist of Fate!


Eddie Guerrero b B-2 by pin fall.

-Cena and B-2 came out and started rapping their way to the ring, much like they did in the earlier match, but this time, Los Guerreros attacked them from behind! Match was okay, but had a couple of blown spots. Latino Heat won with the Frog Splash.


A-Train tells Heyman and Show to stay away from Lesnar until he's through with him. According to the main event graphic on the Tron, Albert weighs 350 lbs. Without the hair, he weighs 275.


Brock Lesnar b A-Train by pin fall.

-Not bad for a hoss match. Lesnar wins with the F5.


Lesnar grabs a mic and challenges Show. Show and Heyman start to come to the ring, but then they decide to head for the parking lot. Lesnar is pissed, and he decides to take his aggression out on A-Train. Here's where our third and final injury of the night occurs. Brock lifts A-Train up for another F5, but when he brings him down, instead of spinning A-Train around and dropping him face down, he accidently flips him over and drops him right on his head! Referees ran down to help him as Brock left. He was down for several minutes, but eventually he got up and walked out of the arena under his own power. The fans cheered him as he left. Tony Chimmel thanked us for coming. Show over.

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Gotta love WWE, absolutely nothing they talked about in the preview happened on SD, nothing with Dawn and Al, no particpants announced. And they wonder why less and less people watch their shows.
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Guest Jerichoholic
Looks like a decent show. But 2 thing im confused about, The Guerreos feuding with B2 and Cena. Are the Guerreros turning face? Cos they're much better as heels.
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8 matches and no long in ring promos makes for a good show, hopefully SD will not dissapoint this week. As for the Dawn/Al footage, they will probably edit in the footage for the airing of SD on Thursday and the Rumble participants could of been announced during commentery, or they might edit in more segements.
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Bit extra:


There were three taped segments involving Dawn Marie and Al Wilson in a hotel room. They got absolutely no reaction from the crowd. It was announced that Torrie Wilson would be taking on Dawn Marie at Royal Rumble.


There was also a Tajiri vs. Jamie Noble match taped last night. For those that are interested, Tajiri won the match against Noble with a kick to the back of the head.


There were a few decent matches on the undercard as well. The first was new diva Gail Kim narrowly losing to Nidia. I gotta say that Gail is stunning and very athletic. I look forward to seeing lots of her in the future.


We saw Red Dogg and Horseshoe vs Doug Basham and some guy who's name I forget in a match that ended with Basham doing some king of flipping neckbreaker off the top rope. I was really impressed with Basham.


Funaki took on a newcomer named Diamondback who was wearing a weird mask. Diamondback was very impressive and picked up the win over Funaki.


On the Velocity tapings, we had Bill Demott absolutely destroy some guy who I never heard of. Nothing exciting there.


Nunzio picked up a win against Crash Holly in a pretty good match between two guys who unfortunately will never amount to much. It's a shame cause these guys were good.


Last and probably least was Chuck Palumbo beating J.T. Sasaki (or something like that) with a real stiff kick to the jaw. Sasaki was down for a while before getting help to the back.


Also there were huge pops for Hogan, Austin, and Rock during the desire videos, and the crowd marked huge for the Undertaker promos as well. The arena was about 75% full, which isn't saying a lot for an arena as small as the Tucson Convention Center. Not a bad show, but nothing real special either.

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Guest Seabass
Originally posted by The Crippler

What the hell is this Bill DeMott push all about?


i'm just guessing Vince loves pushing medium-big to huge men with big mucsles because if he loves watching them type of guys, so do we

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Well they never announced any Rumble partcipants, and the Dawn-Al storyline ended with Al being resucitated after Dawn had worn him out thus, you see Al getting brought back to life, and Dawn cackling in the background. Wow WWE is able to write 2 of the worst storylines in the history of wrestling in a 6 month period.


Whoever wrote this sh!t should be shot, if it gets any worse than this, then seriously, they will be lucky if they are getting 0'4's by 2004, if they are even around by then.

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On Afterburn in the states they announced that Al Wilson is in a coma in Hawai so look for the Dawn/Al angle to even worse in the near furture.
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I thought for a second they were actually going to kill off Al Wilson. That would have made my day :D


Good show apart from Los Guerrerros make better heels, John Cena and B2 smell bad, DeMott is a fat jobber I hate A-Train and Billy Kidman... and thats about it.


Main event scene always nice as usual, although someone really should tell Albert that he should tell the bookers that they keep making mistakes by putting his name on the end of the card... :P

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Smackdown Thoughts


I really enjoyed Smackdown this week, bar all the Dawn/Al shit.


The opener was slow and horrible, the WWE need to realise Rikishis gimmick went stale about a year ago and he is a sluggish wrestler, and Big Show is not the recommended man to carry him to a decent match. I felt like I was watching this in slow motion, it was that bad. Not a good way to kick off the show.


Chavo vs. Cena was surprisingly good, Chavo carried Cena throughout the whole match, but Cena was made to look good and there were some nice near falls near the end. Guerreros are better as heels, but a face run for them isn't a problem with me if they keep producing the great matches.


Billy Kidman vs. Matt Hardy was again good, I loved the spot with the SSP to the outside of the ring. Nicely paced as well, and was given a decent amount of time to build. Billy Kidman desparately needs a personality though, he still generates a small response from the crowd.


Tajiri vs. Noble was excellent, Tajiri looked great despite not wrestling for a few weeks. The roll up seqence looked good, and the finish was very well planned and executed. Top cruiswerweight action here, I liked the three cruiswerweight matches in a row (if you count Cena as a cruiserweight).


Charile Haas vs. Edge was good, with Haas again impressing me. Haas was made to look fairly strong here, and I liked the finishing suplex. It ran a decent length of time too. Benoit vs. Benjamin was even better, with Benoit carrying Benjamin to a fantastic match, I didn't like the DQ finish though. I wouldn't mind seeing another tag match between these four men sometime.


Demott vs. Shannon was too short to be worth commenting on, I just don't understand why Demott is getting such as big push.


Main event was too brief to be that offending, and it wasn't too bad for a big man match. The segment after with Dawn and Al was terrible though, and this angle continues on. Apprantly Al is in a coma, which is ment to build up to Dawn vs. Torrie at Royal Rumble. Whatever. ;)


So overall, bar the stupid Dawn/Al stuff, a wrestling loaded show, with no in ring promos and few backstage skits. Why Raw can't porduce this quality every week is what I don't understand. :roll

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