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the story so far...

Guest ChrisfromBirtley

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Guest ChrisfromBirtley

This chart thing has been doing my head in. So now it`s sorted.


My job: "the top 7 @ 7".


Peter: top 20 from Radio 1 and the following week`s predictions


Nicole: same as peter



could either of the 2 conferr this



Thanks/ ChrisfromBirtley

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Guest ChrisfromBirtley



The top 7 @ 7:


taken from Metro radio.


Mon-Thurs 7.pm



with Wayne


I`ll take them down


and post them in a new thread

peter and niole will then do the top 40 run down


and the following predictions

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Right, we have sorted this out, me and Nicole will be doing the Top 40 Prediction league that has been planned over the past few days, and Chris will be doing his own thing he has been planning.
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Basically this is exactly as we have planned, apart from in the same thread, Chris is going to post the Metro weekly top 10 based on requests or something which may give people a rougher idea on how to vote.
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Metro Radio is a station in the North East of England, although you can listen over at http://www.metroradio.co.uk.


Its a radio station which has different shows such as the breakfast show, evening show, Nightowls etc. Some of the shows have music and stuff like that on, other have people calling up and talking about anything and everything.


Its a good station, I listen regularly, I can see why Chris is such as big fan of it, if you have a spare minute its worth listening online at the link above. :xyx

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